Another traffic heads-up: Underground work ahead on Spokane @ Beach Dr.

Though King County says the timeline’s not set yet, it’s circulating an alert about work that will dig up a section of road south of Alki Point soon. The alert begins:

Beginning later this month, a contractor working for King County will be making repairs to the County’s Alki Regulator Gate. This below-ground structure is located in Southwest Spokane St., near the corner of Beach Dr. Southwest. (see attached map). This facility is part of the County’s regional wastewater system; it helps to regulate wastewater flows going to the County’s West Seattle tunnel and pump station. These repairs are important to help avoid wastewater overflows into Puget Sound during times of high wastewater flows in the system.

See the full alert here (PDF, including a map). It says the work will last up to two weeks, with traffic-flagging for the duration, and that other projects are ahead, including improvements to the pump station in the area and installation of a “flow meter” near Spokane/62nd.

2 Replies to "Another traffic heads-up: Underground work ahead on Spokane @ Beach Dr."

  • Betty at Alki July 25, 2014 (12:11 pm)

    I spoke with David Freed, King Cty Wastewater Treatment Div. yesterday to inquire about more details & specifics. He said the actual work will be 2-3 days, but spread out over time which is why he estimated the 2-week timeframe. It’s a subcontracted project & they are somewhat dependent on dry weather & availability of the contractor.

    I don’t know why they have to do these projects at the height of summer (incl. nighttime generator noise), when many in Alki are home on vacation trying to enjoy a peaceful 2 wks of sunshine & quiet, with windows open. I suggested Sept. is also generally a dry month in Seattle!!!!! URGH. ps: he had no other specific dates about the 2nd project regarding the flow meter, referred to as “later this summer.”

  • Betty at Alki July 25, 2014 (12:13 pm)

    Oh, and FYI, he informed me HE will be on vacation now and not available for info.!!!!!! Someone named Heidi will field his calls.

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