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West Seattle restaurants: Pecado Bueno to ex-Wing Dome spot

Thanks to Sean for spotting the liquor-license-application posting and sending the tip our way: The nine-months-vacant Wing Dome spot in The Junction at 4523 California SW is slated to become the home of the second Pecado Bueno. The first one opened in Fremont in 2011. According to this PSBJ story, founder James Schmidt was a co-founder of Taco Del Mar. He told PSBJ that he didn’t want to turn Pecado Bueno into a major chain – maybe just five or six places. The concept is described as order-at-the-counter – here’s the menu – with a full bar (which is the type of liquor license that is being sought). This would be the fifth Mexican eatery in The Junction, after Puerto Vallarta, Taqueria Guaymas, Matador, and Pica Border Grill. We have messages out to see what more we can find out, such as timeframe for opening.

6:28 PM UPDATE: Just spoke by phone with owner James Schmidt, who says they could open as soon as August 1st – he’s expecting the “minor” changes they need to the space to be done before then, so the liquor license is what’s likely to be the biggest factor in the time frame. But he also made it clear, it’s a restaurant with a full bar, NOT “another bar.”

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West Seattle coyotes: Seen at Camp Long & golf course

Early Tuesday, we published a coyote-sighting report for the first time in a while, after some had asked us if they somehow weren’t around any more. Yes, they are, as these photos show – Mark Wangerin photographed the coyote pup above, earlier this week at Camp Long, and not far away, minutes ago, Zane sent us this photo from the West Seattle Golf Course:

Zane saw the coyote and a pup around the 12th hole, fifteen minutes ago. Reminder: It’s best for us and them if they keep their distance – lots of advice here about not providing food, and about scaring them away if they get too close.

Newly proposed microhousing rules go to Council committee Friday

The city’s first take at “microhousing” regulations is scheduled for a special meeting Friday (June 28th) of the City Council’s Planning, Land Use, and Sustainability Committee. That’s the date mentioned by DPD director Diane Sugimura when she visited the Southwest District Council earlier this month; now the agenda’s out, with the draft of what’s being proposed. The map above accompanies the agenda and includes four locations where microhousing is under construction or planned in our area. (See the addresses and unit counts on this list.) Among other things, as laid out in this memo, it sets up new terminology such as “micro dwelling unit” – up to 8 living units sharing a kitchen – and “congregate residences,” 9 or more living units sharing one. But the term “dwelling unit” will still apply to that group of up to 8 living units, for State Environmental Policy Act review purposes, anyway. And for purposes of tracking neighborhood growth, a group of four living units would count as one “unit.”

As for parking:

*Parking minimums are not required or are reduced in certain areas of the city, primarily
urban villages, centers and frequent transit served locations.

*Outside the areas noted above, required vehicle parking for most multi-family residential
uses is 1 required parking space for each dwelling unit (SMC 23.54.015).

*For congregate residences, and for assisted living facilities the vehicle parking requirement
is 1 space for each 4 residents.

*In areas of the city where parking is required, add a parking requirement for micro dwelling units
consistent to that of congregate residences: 1 space for 4 micros

*Currently the amount of required off street bicycle parking required for residential uses is one (1)
bicycle parking space for every 4 dwelling units in multifamily housing, and 1 bicycle parking
space for every twenty (20) residents in congregate residences. (Table E, SMC 23.54.015)

Micro dwelling units appear to have higher demand for bicycle usage than other forms of
development; increase the requirement for off-street bicycle parking for micro dwelling units to
1 bicycle space to 4 micros.

A later section of the memo addresses microhousing built in Residential Parking Zones, and says there should be up to four permits for each “micro dwelling unit.” Meantime, the agenda for Friday’s meeting also includes a memo from the Seattle Planning Commission, which says these types of apartments “fill a unique niche” in the city and should be permitted wherever multifamily development is allowed. But the SPC does think the buildings should be required to have more amenities. Friday’s meeting is at 9:30 am at City Hall.

Youngstown Cultural Arts Center seeking more ‘Civic Partnerships’

(2012 WSB photo of Youngtown Cultural Arts Center)
There’s a new opportunity for more arts/cultural organizations to get involved with West Seattle’s Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, without having to commit to something longterm: Youngstown is starting a new push to get the word out about its Civic Partnerships Program, in which it’s an “incubating hub” for start-up arts programs. The push was announced earlier this week at an event celebrating the success of performance-art group Saint Genet, whose director Ryan Mitchell is at left in our photo below with Youngstown director David Bestock:

At a Monday night reception at Youngstown, they talked about the Civic Partnerships Program, which offers the use of Youngstown space and “some gear or equipment” for “dance, theater, visual art, music production, culinary arts, or any creative endeavor that offers a good fit,” on a quarterly agreement, instead of requiring tenancy. Saint Genet used Youngstown space for choreography in one of its recent works, “Paradisiacal Rites.” If you’re interested in applying for a Civic Partnership at Youngstown, you can contact Bestock at

Marriage-equality rulings: West Seattle notes; downtown rally

Side notes to the U.S. Supreme Court rulings today on marriage equality:

OVERTURNED DONUTS: This photo is being shared by West Seattle’s King County Councilmember Joe McDermott – whose note on the box declares them to be “Overturned Donuts to Celebrate Overturning DOMA” (the Defense of Marriage Act, struck down in one of today’s rulings). (added) His official statement on today’s rulings:

“I am filled with simply overwhelming pride today as the US Supreme Court overturns DOMA!

“King County has been a leader in equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people, so it was with sheer joy that my fiancé Michael and I celebrated with hundreds of couples as King County issued the first marriage licenses to same sex couples in the state last December. Now the federal government will treat those couples equally as well! This equality extends from military couples to seniors on Social Security, reaching so many hardworking families and providing them the security they deserve.

“This will indeed be a happy Pride Weekend!”

KING COUNTY EXECUTIVE’S STATEMENT: County Executive Dow Constantine is also among the local leaders who have issued statements today:

“I am pleased and proud that the Supreme Court has officially recognized the civil rights of same-sex couples, rights that Washington State voters embraced last year.

Being able to issue the first marriage licenses to happy same-sex couples was one of the highlights of my career. Thankfully, it appears that there will be many more such joyful moments as our nation moves, sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly, ever closer to the ideals announced at our founding. I am proud of King County and Washington State for helping to nudge the nation toward justice.”

PRIDE PARADE GRAND MARSHALS: This Sunday is the Seattle Pride Parade, and West Seattle’s trailblazing couple Jane Lighty and Pete-e Petersen – first to get a marriage license when they became available last December, one month after the statewide marriage-equality vote – are among the grand marshals, as is another West Seattleite, Sarah Toce, founder and editor-in-chief of online publication The Seattle Lesbian. Her site is where we found out about …

RALLY TONIGHT DOWNTOWN: There’s a 5 pm rally to celebrate the Supreme Court rulings, outside the U.S. Court of Appeals, 1010 Fifth Avenue downtown.

ADDED WEDNESDAY NIGHT: A photo from Steph Brusig‘s gallery of scenes from that rally, with a turnout estimated by organizers at more than 300:

Steph’s gallery is on Facebook, here.

Remembering Linnea Long, ‘Erik’s mom,’ steadfast friend, & more

The family of Linnea Long, gone too soon at 60, shares this remembrance with the community:

On May 9, 2013, Linnea opened the door to yesterday, walked through, and the door closed behind her.

Linnea was born in Inglewood, California, in December 1952, to a WWII veteran father and a mother who was often mistaken for Doris Day. She was the middle child in a family of two girls and a boy. Linnea grew up in the South Bay of Los Angeles and loved to ride her bike along the Strand. When she moved north with her husband David Benton in the 1980s, they eventually settled in Alki, after a short stay on 38th Ave SW east of Jefferson Square. Linnea would often jog along the beach, quickly becoming a nodding acquaintance of many. She would ride her bike to the Water Taxi and then to work. At lunch she would ride up to Interbay and after work, ride home along Alki.

Linnea was a strong and protective mom who made sure that her son Erik knew he was both wanted and loved. Erik attended Schmitz Park, Explorer West, and Seattle Lutheran High School before he moved onto Western Washington University. Many may know her as “Erik’s Mom,” Linnea was also a steadfast friend to many over the years and she was both loyal and supportive. Linnea helped sponsor and serve on the Cormorant Cove and Constellation Park Steering Committees, and encouraged her family to do so as well. Linnea loved living in Alki, and named the house “Close Enough,” meaning that it was close enough to a beach for her and her family. Many beaches she enjoyed in addition to Alki were Manhattan Beach, Newport Beach, and Cannon Beach.

After her family, at the heart of Linnea’s life were books; whether seated on a kitchen stool or relaxing in a beach chair, Linnea would read. After becoming a “recovering attorney” after many years employed in private practice and at Time Oil as corporate counsel, she went back to the UW and obtained a second graduate degree in Information Sciences and reincarnated her second career as a Special Librarian while still remaining a member of the Bar. She joined Avvo in early 2007 and served as Content Acquisition Manager, helping the company grow to become the leading web-based source for information about legal matters and lawyer qualifications.

Linnea continued working while her cancer spread, determined not to be a victim, but to keep on being a mom to Erik and wife to David. Her family and her good friend Laurie D’Allesandro aided her in her fight. She managed the struggle until early May 2013. She is survived by her husband, her son, her brother, John Long, and her sister Colleen Campbell.

There will be no formal religious service, and in lieu of flowers, her family asks that donations in her name be made to the Global Resource for Advancing Cancer Education at

West Seattle Weather Watch: Thunderstorms possible again today

The thunderstorms that led to a big West Seattle power outage seemed to come out of nowhere yesterday – but today, the National Weather Service is issuing early warning that similar storm bursts are possible; here’s the Special Weather Statement that’s in effect. If nothing else, make sure your phone’s charged! On the truly bright side, the Special Weather Statement also says warm, sunny weather is on the way for the weekend.


June 26, 2013 6:03 am
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(Live view from the east-facing WS Bridge camera; other cameras are on the WSB Traffic page)
And the commute is on. Heads up for later today – the National Weather Service says there’s a chance of more thunderstorms this afternoon/evening. Here’s hoping anything that happens won’t be as intense as Tuesday!

MIDDAY UPDATE: Thanks to the person who tipped us to a bus stalled in the outside lane on the bridge. Turned out not to be a traffic problem – we drove by it shortly afterward – but it really helps to know.

West Seattle sports: WSHS basketball camp for 4th-9th graders

June 26, 2013 5:15 am
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Coach Keffrey Fazio from West Seattle High School has announced that WSHS is offering a two-day basketball camp next month, no advance registration required – you can sign up at the door. It’s for 4th through 9th graders, girls and boys, 9 am-4 pm on Friday, July 19th, and 10 am-2 pm on Saturday, July 20th. More details on the official flyer, and online at

Update: WSB Forums technical trouble

9:46 PM: If you are a WSB Forums user, you have likely noticed that section of our site is unusable right now. Trouble hit during this evening’s storm coverage, and while the rest of the site has recovered, the Forums haven’t. At some point later tonight, the entire site will be down for maintenance/repairs in hopes of getting that fixed. We’re sorry for the trouble and appreciate your patience.

3:54 AM: As noted in a “sticky” post in the Forum, we have restored the database to a backup that is a few days old. We are still investigating to see if there is any way to get those days’ content back too and hope to have an opinion on that by mid-morning. The threads that had been updated in those ensuing days are still displaying on the forum index page as authored by “anonymous,” but if you click on any one of them, you will see the authors and posts – up to that several-days-old backup. Again, our apologies for this problem, which was internal to the server, NOT caused by anything/anyone external such as hackers or spammers (though spam was displaying on the index for a while until deleted).

West Seattle Weather Watch: Rainbow(s) after the storm

(UPDATED with more photos late Tuesday/early Wednesday)

Thanks to everyone who’s sending beautiful rainbow photos (and other spectacular sky shots from the storm’s aftermath)! Here’s a double rainbow for starters, in unsigned mail from Arbor Heights. Next, looking east to the stadium zone, Carolyn shared this:

Back to Arbor Heights for a panorama from Kane:

The sky to the west, from JayDee:

Another view of the full-half-circle and its companion, this one from Andy Cote:

ADDED EARLY WEDNESDAY: Beth Anderson shared this sunset view via the WSB Facebook page:

She says the view was from Me-Kwa-Mooks Park on Beach Drive. Back to rainbows – Joe says his view showed them over White Center:

And from Dave, looking south:

Thanks to everyone who shared theirs!

West Seattle Weather Watch: Thunderstorm; power outage

5:28 PM UPDATE: After lightning which one WSB crew member happened to see from downtown, we have reports of power out in some parts of West Seattle, including Alki and Seaview. You?

5:36 PM UPDATE: Perhaps we should rephrase the question – who still HAS power?

5:41 PM UPDATE: The City Light map now shows the outage. 4,800 homes and businesses. Screengrab from their site:

The National Weather Service says that heavy rain will continue and that the temperature has dropped six degrees in a matter of minutes.

5:56 PM UPDATE: No estimate yet from City Light on when they’ll be able to restore the power (please let us know via comments or when you get yours back!) – the storm clouds look to be easing up a bit. And in Upper Fauntleroy, we’re seeing light mist and some ground fog. The Weather Service now says the storm’s moving eastward.

6:29 PM UPDATE: Thanks for the updates on power returning. City Light says about a third of the original outage is fixed – still more than 3,000 homes/businesses with no power.

7:09 PM UPDATE: And more people report they have power back. As of about quarter till 7, City Light spokesperson Mark Van Oss said, they still had at least six transformers to fix, and crews were traveling the length of the feeder involved in the outage.

7:47 PM UPDATE: Down to a relative handful of homes/businesses affected – about 70 per the SCL map. Meantime, we have had one lingering problem as our server buckled under heavy traffic a few times – the WSB Forums are experiencing a database error right now; topic titles are showing but not the posts within them. Got somebody working on it.

7:53 PM UPDATE: As another heavy rain squall moves through, checking out a crash at 42nd/100th that initially brought a “rescue” response but has been downgraded.

10:13 PM UPDATE: City Light confirms about 75 homes/businesses remain without power, and is hoping to have them back somewhere around midnight.

$75,000 bail also set for 17th/Cambridge crash suspect

This afternoon’s other bail hearing of West Seattle note was for the 26-year-old Seatac woman who police say was driving the van that hit a car in South Delridge early Sunday, sending two people to the hospital with serious injuries. Until today, her name wasn’t on the jail register because, police said, she did not have ID and they had trouble verifying who she was; she is listed as having two aliases (we aren’t identifying her until and unless she is charged). The police narrative says she was one of two people seen running across Delridge by police arriving at the scene; nearby residents told them she was the driver. While one officer was trying to get identification from her, the documents say, she started screaming, “I killed him! I killed him! I’ve never killed anyone before.” Police later were told that, before the crash, she was seen and heard “at a gas station just across the county line … in White Center … physically fighting with two males,” and that when those two drove away, northbound into Seattle, the van driver “drove after them at a high rate of speed in an attempt to continue the fight.” Driving northbound on 17th SW, police say, she ran a stop sign and smashed into the smaller car. One of the officers who talked with her reported “a strong odor of alcoholic intoxicants” on her breath, and that she “was also slurring her speech.” Her bail was set today at $75,000, and she is due back in court tomorrow.

West Seattle Crime Watch followup: $75,000 bail for Alan Polevia

Just in from the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office: One day after his arrest less than 24 hours after he was released from jail, Alan Polevia has just appeared at a bail hearing. His bail was set at $75,000. And we’ve confirmed that he was the person arrested in the Seola/Shorewood area at midday yesterday. We received some details of the incident from King County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Sgt. Kathleen Larson. She says the break-in was in the 10000 block of 28th SW – a vacant home whose owner was checking the property and discovered a door had been pried open, and a bag “filled with property” was in the back yard. He then saw a man come out of the hedge; the property owner followed him, while calling 911. Deputies brought a K-9 team and set up containment; eventually they found him in the woods, she said – up in a tree. He’s due back in court tomorrow.

Seattle World Cruiser christening Saturday: Your invitation!

That’s the Seattle World Cruiser – whose co-pilot, a former West Seattleite, sent this invitation for us to share with you (and any other aviation/history fans, and dreamers!, with whom you care to share it):

Dr. Diane Weglin Dempster, Seattle World Cruiser co-pilot, educator, and graduate of West Seattle High School Class of 1972, invites YOU–her West Seattle Community, to join in the Fun of Making History at TWO Very Special Events:

Event Number One, FREE and Open to the Public–The Rollout and Christening Ceremony of Seattle II, a full-scale, flying reproduction of the 1924 Douglas World Cruiser aircraft, first airplane to fly around the world. MEET friends, families, and Special VIP Guests at the event! THRILL to the rousing music of The Ballard Sedentary Sousa Band! FOLLOW THE PROGRESS of the 1920’s Model T Truck, proudly towing The Seattle World Cruiser along the taxiway to the ceremony! SIGH with the wistful drone of bagpipes!

REJOICE in the spirit of Chief Seattle and his namesake City and Aeroplane in a special Duwamish Blessing of “Thunder Canoe!”

APPLAUD as World Cruiser Pilot Bob Dempster [pictured above with the plane and below with Dr. Diane Dempster] presents a bottle of Lake Washington water to christen the Seattle World Cruiser, Seattle II, and DANCE with joy for what’s to come! And…If conditions are favorable, there might even be the ROAR of the Mighty 400hp Lincoln Motor Company Liberty V-12 engine and a HOP down the runway…We shall see….

Saturday, June 29th between 10 am and 2 pm, with the ceremony commencing at 10:45, outdoors, airport side, at the Museum of Flight, 9404 East Marginal Way South (info link here)

Also visit the Museum of Flight’s Lobby to see the Rickenbacker coupe automobile and the 10-foot Douglas World Cruiser model airplane…AND the Museum’s newly-installed, Special Exhibit (along the Lobby’s north glass wall) on the Seattle World Cruiser Project.

Backstory from Dr. Dempster, ahead:

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West Seattle Crime Watch: Custom drum set among loot in apartment-building break-in

That’s Caleb‘s drum set- stolen from the storage unit of his apartment building in the 5000 block of California SW (just south of The Junction) sometime Monday. He and one of his neighbors, Yolanda, e-mailed us early today about the break-in with multiple victims. She said storage units had been broken into and ransacked, with “random valuables” taken. Among the stolen items, Caleb lost his “C&C custom Mahogany drum set, my cymbals, and all my hardware.” He believes it happened between noon and 1:30 pm Monday: “My downstairs neighbor went for a walk around that time and came back to (find the) storage-room door broken open. I’m pretty sure they moved it though the back alley behind my building because I found one of my drum pads back there. Maybe somebody saw something?” The door was locked, Yolanda said, but apparently yielded to being kicked in, and then the burglar(s) broke the locks off the storage units. If you have any information about this, or other crimes, contact SPD.

West Seattle sea scene: M2SO Adventure Campers’ cleanup

Thanks to Heidi for sharing the photo and word of what Mountain to Sound Outfitters‘ Adventure Day Campers are up to, out on the water: She says they “haul(ed) in a derelict rope from Puget Sound onto Alki Beach.” The camp, by the way, is for 11- to 15-year-olds.

Reminder: Sex offender/kidnap detectives tonight @ West Seattle Block Watch Captains Network

June 25, 2013 12:07 pm
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The news of the day has already swept past our time for the daily preview, so please take a look at our ongoing calendar if you haven’t already. But there is a one-time-only event tonight we did want to remind you about: The West Seattle Block Watch Captains’ Network will host detectives from the SPD Sex Offender & Kidnapping Detail, to talk about both how they monitor offenders, and how to stay safe. Here’s the full preview on the WSBWCN site; all are welcome at the meeting, 6:30 pm, Southwest Precinct (Webster/Delridge).

West Seattle Summer Fest music lineup update: Caspar Babypants on Saturday, not Friday

A followup to our report Monday afternoon about the announcement of the West Seattle Summer Fest music lineup: Susan Melrose from the West Seattle Junction Association says the originally published schedule has a big error – Caspar Babypants is actually performing on SATURDAY, not Friday. His show will be at 11 am Saturday, July 13th, in Junction Plaza Park. While Susan says the website will be fixed, a “pocket guide” that’s already been printed will include the error – so please make a note on your personal calendar and/or anywhere else you can – CB’s on Day 2, not Day 1. (Meantime, as also noted in our Monday report, the Summer Fest website now has the vendor list and map too – we’re not on the list because, as always, you’ll find us helping out in the information booth – see the big question mark on the map above at California/Alaska – we look forward to seeing you there!)

At Alki Statue of Liberty Plaza: First the eagle, then the guy with the hatchet, now …

… a hatchet:

If you are just coming in on this – weekend stories: Saturday and Sunday.

While we were checking this out at Alki about 45 minutes ago, we spoke with a Parks Department crew member who was working nearby. He didn’t know about it until he saw it; he tried calling the local maintenance office but hadn’t reached anyone by the time he had to move on. So we’re checking on their plans, and also the larger question: Is it illegal to place something in a park?

11:16 AM UPDATE: Sandra DeMeritt from Parks tells WSB, “We posted a sign on the object a little while ago stating we will remove the item tomorrow. We like to give the public some notice. We also will have to bring the truck and front loader in to remove it. We won’t save it at the Parks Headquarters this time as it is so big. We will break it up and take it to the Transfer Station. We will also make sure the paint is cleaned up as well. I assume it is acrylic paint and not enamel (hopefully). One of our crew members is supposed to put some spill pads down to keep any paint from running down to the beach.”

12:42 PM UPDATE: And to the big-picture question, Parks spokesperson Joelle Hammerstad replies:

It is not actually illegal to place guerrilla art in a park, unless you consider it litter…in which case it is illegal. We don’t really consider it litter. We consider it guerrilla art, which is sometimes fun, sometimes thought-provoking, sometimes beautiful, sometimes not. What we generally do with guerrilla art is post it to let the artist know they have a certain amount of time to remove it. When that time is up, and if the art is still there, we take it away. Guerrilla art is ephemeral, and the artists know that. They don’t have an expectation that the art will stay for the long term.

In this particular case, the guerrilla art is leaning against legitimate and permanent art. The Alki Community Council and the individual donors who raised money for the Alki Statue of Liberty worked closely with Seattle Parks and Recreation to develop the proposal for the redevelopment of the plaza. They also raised funds ($47,000) for its long-term maintenance. It would be unfair to them to allow the art to remain.


June 25, 2013 7:41 am
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(Live view from the east-facing WS Bridge camera; other cameras are on the WSB Traffic page)
Still raining – drive safely!

West Seattle coyotes: 2 seen in Highland Park

We’ve been asked a few times lately, what happened to all the coyotes? We haven’t heard of any sightings for a while, but that by no means suggests they’re not still out there. And in fact, Tiann just reported moments ago:

Just saw 2 coyotes between Webster and Holden on 14th. … They must be lost. That’s a very odd area for coyotes to be seen.

Not that unusual, actually – coyotes have been discussed before at the Highland Park Action Committee‘s meetings, just a couple blocks from Tiann’s sighting, with a brief appearance this spring by the federal hunter whose rounds made a stir last year (his advice about ensuring we and they keep away from each other was the same you’ll find here).

West Seattle 4th of July Kids’ Parade updates: 10 days away!

Just a week and a half till the 4th of July – and West Seattle’s one and only Independence Day parade is looking good! You’ll recall that longtime coordinator Sherri Chun has passed the baton to new co-coordinators, and we have updates from one of them, Jackie Clough of Alki Party Treasures (WSB sponsor), who tells WSB:

*Sponsors are enabling the Hamilton Viewpoint event after the parade to be a lively kid-friendly event as always, with games and concessions.

*West Seattle politicians will help get things going as usual – Admiral resident and former Mayor Greg Nickels at the start, West Seattle resident and County Councilmember Joe McDermott at the kickoff of the post-parade games.

*You’ll see a few days of parade promotion at Walking on Logs, courtesy of WestSide Baby, which will be promoting the Stuff the Bus diaper drive there by then. Speaking of which … Jackie says there’ll be a diaper drive at the parade to benefit WS Baby. She suggests it’s a “kids helping kids opportunity.”

*Janelle Maroney, recent Chief Sealth International High School graduate, will sing the national anthem.

*The parade has a Facebook event page to which you can RSVP (or at least “join” it for a reminder) – find it here.

The parade starts same time, same place as always – 10 am, 44th/Sunset in North Admiral (map) – come be part of it!