New operator for West Seattle’s two Merrill Gardens communities

We’ve confirmed that both local Merrill Gardens (WSB sponsor) senior-living communities – West Seattle and Admiral Heights – are among the 38 MG locations that are being taken over by Emeritus Senior Living. Here’s their announcement:

Seattle-based Emeritus Senior Living is assuming operations of 38 senior living communities from Merrill Gardens, also headquartered in Seattle. These communities are located in eight states across the country, with the majority operating in California (16) and Washington (14). The transaction will add over 4,400 apartments to the Emeritus portfolio. Emeritus intends to retain Merrill Gardens’ community employees in the transaction, which is anticipated to close in the next few months.

The move will build Emeritus’ continuum of care; for Merrill Gardens, it provides greater nimbleness of operations for future innovation and development.

Emeritus is the nation’s largest assisted living and memory care provider, with a workforce of more than 30,000 and the ability to serve nearly 50,000 residents in 45 states. Completion of the Merrill Gardens transaction will increase the number of senior living communities Emeritus operates nationally to more than 500.

Merrill Gardens will then have 26 operating and development communities in six states in their portfolio. The company plans to continue to develop four to five communities per year in select markets. Final closing of this transaction is subject to customary closing conditions for acquisitions of this nature, including regulatory approvals.

A Merrill Gardens spokesperson tells us the transaction is expected to close in 60 days. The names at all 38 communities will eventually change, we’re told by both companies, to reflect the Emeritus branding.

10 Replies to "New operator for West Seattle's two Merrill Gardens communities"

  • Vanessa June 28, 2013 (3:35 pm)

    I wonder how this will affect the current employees, management and administrators. I hope no one loses their jobs with the new boss coming to town.

  • nichole June 28, 2013 (4:29 pm)

    As a former mg employee im not suprised and it could only get better for the current employees.

  • nichole June 28, 2013 (4:31 pm)

    And emeritis has medicaid in their buildings something no current assisted living in west seattle allows

  • PSPS June 28, 2013 (6:16 pm)

    My mother lived at an Emeritus facility for the last two years of her life. The staff was excellent, a very family-like atmosphere. I spent a lot of time there. I was sad when my mother died, but I think the staff at Emeritus was at least as sad as I was. They really doted on her. It would have been nice to have a Medicaid facility like Emeritus here in WS during that time as it would have been easier to spend time with her.

  • Ann June 28, 2013 (6:25 pm)

    The move will build Emeritus’ continuum of care; for Merrill Gardens, it provides greater nimbleness of operations for future innovation and development.

    Can anybody tell me what this means?

  • kgdlg June 28, 2013 (8:41 pm)

    I read that to mean that they will save money on operations thereby freeing up cash to develop more units.

  • LivesInWS June 28, 2013 (10:36 pm)

    @ Ann — typical management gibberish. Of course it doesn’t mean anything.

    Though I did have an image of suits trying to nimbly run an obstacle course!

  • Buddsmom June 29, 2013 (8:34 am)

    AMEN Nicole! At Vanessa..MG came through and wiped out department heads and admin. from the previous owners. One day you had a job, the next you didn’t. No notice.

  • newnative June 29, 2013 (1:06 pm)

    MG is emphasizing real estate development and selling their brand. They have sold their management brand to Chinese businessmen where they are creating retirement communities.

  • nichole June 29, 2013 (8:53 pm)

    Wiped out dept head myself! But I’ve move on to much more compassionate and ethical care company and am happy because i loved my residents so much i would have never left if i wasnt pushed out the door even though my work conditions and pay were horrible.
    2 or so years ago merrill made a deal with reit which gave them cash flow to enter the chinese market. Between the reit deal and now this emeritis deal I imagine there is no real merrill left. Bill pettit the president of company has also stepped down. Big changes.
    Im excited for our aging population to have new options and medicaid has a huge role in proving care for ALL not just the small population of seniors who didn’t lose it all when the housing market crashed.

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