Design Review date set (and reset) for 2 south-of-Admiral projects

New date on the Southwest Design Review Board‘s schedule: Two projects, both along California SW south of Admiral, are now planned for reviews on April 11th. First up, at 6:30 that night, it’s the second meeting for 3829 California SW, a three-story, 29-apartment building that had its first review back in June of last year (here is the city’s official report). Second (starting around 8 pm), it’s the rescheduled meeting for 3210 California SW, the 166-apartment project proposed for part of the upzoned block between Hinds and Hanford; as reported here last week, this Early Design Guidance session was originally set for last Thursday, but neighbors discovered an error in the city notification, and it was postponed at the last minute. Formal word of these two meetings is likely to go out with Thursday’s Land Use Information Bulletin, but here’s where you can see them now. The two-project meeting will be at what’s become the SWDRB’s usual location, Senior Center of West Seattle (California/Oregon).

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  • Resident of 42nd March 19, 2013 (8:38 am)

    I wonder when the corrected notice will be posted/mailed. As of this morning, the old one is still on the telephone poles.

  • Blog Reader March 19, 2013 (3:51 pm)

    Why is the city continuing to allow large apartment projects to be built in West Seattle? How many apartment units does any reasonable urban developer think are needed in a small community? Why does no one insist that RESIDENTIAL building take place when so many people want to buy housing, and there is little to no inventory available?

    • WSB March 19, 2013 (4:04 pm)

      BR, your questions might be rhetorical, but while I’m here:
      (a) Zoning. WS is zoned for a whole lot more than what’s on the drawing board now. Not saying that’s right or wrong, but it is a fact.
      (b) I don’t know, but “small” is certainly subjective. We have 85,000 people here now.
      (c) There ARE single-family homes being built – and townhouses – we have covered that trend recently as well. Most on small parcels, though – one house being replaced by three (or more), for example.

  • WS Friend March 19, 2013 (4:39 pm)

    The number of single family homes or townhomes pales in comparison to the overbuilding of apartment units in W Seattle. Nice to see the blog has little to no concern that W Seattle is turning into apartment central!

    • WSB March 19, 2013 (4:44 pm)

      We don’t take positions on anything – we seek and report news and information. So I was trying to answer your questions – TR

  • La neta March 19, 2013 (5:17 pm)

    As always, thanks Tracy!
    You are a true professional. Please continue to keep us poated

  • T March 20, 2013 (5:43 am)

    Welcome to the new Ballard folks! So glad I don’t live on California Ave. Who the heck is going to rent these grossly overpriced, shoddy built apartments?

  • homesweethome March 20, 2013 (6:58 am)

    Not everyone wants or needs a single family home with a yard. And all these new restaurants need patrons if we want them to stay open, so we need development (places to live) if we want development (cool stuff).

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