Roxhill Park playground renovations: ‘Community build’ postponed

While work has begun at the Roxhill Skatespot/Playground site, there’s now a change in plan for when community volunteers will be at the site building the new “castle” play structure. Here’s what Mat McBride, who has been coordinating the project, has announced to those already signed up to help:

We just learned from the Seattle Parks Department and playground contractor that the build dates have been moved back due to certain materials being unavailable. We are working with Seattle Parks right now to identify a new build schedule. We are still building a park, but we will not be working October 17-21. The sign-up sheet will be closed and those of you who had the opportunity to confirm your shifts (thank you!) should receive additional notification.

McBride says he’ll have an update when more information is available about new dates, and you can watch the community website at We’ll be checking with Parks on Monday for more specifics on the situation.

2 Replies to "Roxhill Park playground renovations: 'Community build' postponed"

  • Paul September 29, 2012 (7:47 am)

    As a student I helped build the first castle park and was surprised to see it went down… I thought they were jus putting up a skatepark. Sad to see me and my friends work go down… Is he next one going to be similar? What about the old building material? Would’ve been nice to have a souvenir of some sort!

  • mcbride September 29, 2012 (11:57 am)

    Thanks for the work you put in for the last build (was it ’94 or ’95, I’m unsure of the year?). The play structure was determined to be “end of life”, and wasn’t ADA accessible. The good news is, Leathers and Associates won the bid to build the new play structure. So yes, the new structure will be similar. Moreover, it will also be built by volunteers. It would be outstanding to have some alumni on this new project.
    We weren’t able to keep much in the way of lumber during demolition. We did make sure the plaques were kept though, and we’re looking at incorporating them into the new reader board.

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