West Seattle Summer Fest postscripts: Can-tastic donation! Plus, Good Samaritan story

A couple post-West Seattle Summer Fest notes tonight:

The photo is from Prudential Northwest Realty‘s Don Bereiter, who explains the cans in their WSSF booth were part of a game that will help keep a lot of people from going hungry:

I just wanted to point out the HUGE success that Summer Fest was this year. We tried a new approach this year by involving as many kids that would participate. We set up some empty cans to be knocked down with foam rubber Prudential rocks. Each kid received a piece of licorice and we agreed to donate one can of food to the West Seattle Food Bank for each participant. We ended up with 756 kids (some adults, too)!

In lieu of physically donating canned food, we are going to write a check for $378 (756 divided by 2) to the food bank. This way they can use their buying power to purchase more than the 756 cans. My guess would be well over 2000.

Just wanted to share with the neighborhood the good news. I am sure the participants will be happy to hear how much good they did by playing!

We also received a note from James, who wanted to offer this public “thank you”:

I just wanted to thank the Good Samaritan that returned my 8-year-old daughter’s coin purse (Sunday) at the West Seattle Street Fair. My daughter was carrying around $40 in her purse for the fair. We didn’t realize it was lost until we were almost home. We rushed back to the fair, which was shutting down for the year. I backtracked our steps (to no avail). I then went to the event center’s lost and found, happily discovering someone turned it in with every cent accounted for. I am proud to be born and raised here in this community of West Seattle where great people reside!

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  • miws July 17, 2012 (10:28 am)

    I would just like to compliment Prudential, for being in business for so many Millenia, and their optimism for continuing to do so for many more.


    Going back as far as selling caves, onto modern day houses, and into to the future with houses in the sky! ;-)



  • Oliver Little July 17, 2012 (4:32 pm)

    I LOVE these stories! Please keep them coming.

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