Rain-shortened Morgan Junction Community Festival, as it happened

(TOPLINE: Festival started in filtered sun, then came hours of rain/wind, and it ended early)

(Plushies are at Pink Gorilla booth; in the background, plants @ Furry Faces Foundation)
ORIGINAL 11:36 AM REPORT: “Filtered sunshine,” dry weather, warm-ish temperature! Turned out to be start off as a fine day for a festival here in Morgan Junction. We’re behind Feedback Lounge/Zeeks Pizza with about 20 other booths – and that’s just part of the festival; there’s live music in Morgan Junction Park just steps away, north of Beveridge Place Pub, and kids’ activities across California SW alongside Washington Federal – featuring Young at Art:

Key festival info:
*The entertainment schedule (mostly live music, but including The Bubbleman at 11:30)

*Bark of Morgan” dog parade and contests, starting at 2 pm

*Here’s the festival site map – the Metro RapidRide bus is here all day; Seattle Fire Engine 37 is due here at 12:30 pm

And we have an update on the “Bite of Morgan.” Five local food/beverage places are offering free samples (stop by the Morgan Community Association booth in the park for your guide) – north to south, it’s Little Prague Bakery with kolach and strudel, Kokoras Greek Grill with stuffed grape leaves, the Feedback with pan-seared barbecue pork chops, Zeeks Pizza with cheese or pepperoni pizza, and Domino’s with mini parmesan bites. You can also visit the West Seattle Thriftway (WSB sponsor) barbecue tent outside the store for a $7 lunch, proceeds benefiting the festival (which is an all-volunteer production).

12:09 PM UPDATE: Showers, off and on. The festival continues. The Bubbleman (who is now a West Seattle resident, by the way!) just performed – video:

12:29 PM UPDATE: Serious rain. Some intrepid festivalgoers are still here in jackets and umbrellas. Here’s hoping it’ll dry out later (about to check the radar).

1:21 PM UPDATE: Some booths are folding up – the rain was one thing, but the chilly wind kicked up too, and that seems to have pushed some over the edge. We’re checking with organizers for the official word.

1:40 PM UPDATE: The rain’s lightening a bit but the booths are down to about half a dozen – organizers gave vendors the option to fold up – our neighbors, selling jewelry, say they don’t mind the weather, but since nobody’s coming to visit, there’s no point. We’re continuing to hang out. The band schedule is going moment-to-moment, depending on the electronics and the weather. The dog parade for 2 pm is still on – depending on who shows! SFD and SPD are here too:

2 PM: Furry Faces Foundation hasn’t folded up its plant sale:

But if you want to buy a plant, you’ll have to go find Teri inside the Feedback.

2:25 PM: Speaking of “furry faces”… yes, there was a dog parade!

(added – two more photos – note that this dog didn’t want to look at the camera when posing with its people but did then have something to say to Morgan Community Association president Deb Barker!)

And even though NOW the rain and wind are lifting … the vendors are almost all gone.

3:10 PM UPDATE: The festival has officially come to an early end. Bands cut short, all festival zones being cleaned up/folded up. Thanks to everybody who came out, even in the downpour! We’re among the last to fold up but we’ll be gone shortly since the Feedback/Zeeks back parking lot has reopened to traffic.

24 Replies to "Rain-shortened Morgan Junction Community Festival, as it happened"

  • Diane June 23, 2012 (12:26 pm)

    are they letting people get up inside the Rapid Ride?

  • Silly Goose June 23, 2012 (12:44 pm)

    This weather stinks for the festival, we are finally in town for this and it is pouring down rain, are they still going to have the dog parade?

    • WSB June 23, 2012 (1:06 pm)

      SG – so far nothing’s been canceled. And us boothers are sticking it out. There are still some brave folks in hoodies coming through … and we’re all hoping it might lighten up later.

  • Orchard June 23, 2012 (1:11 pm)

    We went for bubble man which was fun. The rain right after was torrential but we bravely ventured to crafts area. We loved it despite rain! Young at Art booth was a hit (buttonmaking!) and staff so friendly despite deluge. 4 year old “won” a 50 cent piece at the bank vault. Thanks for the fun time, so disappointing about weather.

  • sam-c June 23, 2012 (1:24 pm)

    Diane- yes, that’s where we dodged the rain.

  • add June 23, 2012 (1:25 pm)

    I hate June in Seattle!

  • K. T June 23, 2012 (1:33 pm)

    We had to leave early due to downpour. Didn’t have a chance to go back to the booth featuring framed art, including a wall of vintage inspired cards. Wondering if you can include the name of that vendor? I believe it was vendor slot 1 or e. I really would love to check out their website and purchase some of their products.

    • WSB June 23, 2012 (2:41 pm)

      K T – was that right behind the north corner of the Feedback? If so, that’s Fred Madrid. I got too caught up in all the weather drama to get a close look at everything and everyone but they were right across from us and it looked like he had some historic stuff hanging before they folded … TR

  • miws June 23, 2012 (1:45 pm)

    So sorry the weather didn’t co-operate.


    I had wanted to come out there, but between the forecast, and knowing how much the Rock & Roll Marathon affects traffic, I decided to stay Downtown today, and just venture out to the Central Library…



  • sabrina June 23, 2012 (1:52 pm)

    Sadly, our little Pup could not stay for the dog parade as we forgot his life jacket. However, Young at Art gals helped cheer up and inspire our 7 year old and a good time was indeed had. Thanks MJCF!

  • miws June 23, 2012 (3:22 pm)

    “WSB: The Jim Foremans of Hyperlocal News!” ;-)



  • Christine June 23, 2012 (3:31 pm)

    Any other doggie photos? How about the cute puppy, Laddie with the two girls?

    • WSB June 23, 2012 (3:34 pm)

      I’ll be adding a few more. Wrapping up right now and have to close the laptop! – TR

  • Mary McNeight June 23, 2012 (3:37 pm)

    I have a photo of one of the two girls with their dog. Email me and I can send it to you.

    I sent a photo of all the contestants lined up.

  • Christine June 23, 2012 (3:38 pm)

    Thank you so much!

  • Anne with Ventana Construction June 23, 2012 (4:48 pm)

    Thanks so much to Cindi Barker and the rest of the folks at MOCA for putting this on every year. This is the first we have been there and truly rained out.. We look forward to being vendors again next year!

  • G June 23, 2012 (5:24 pm)

    Can’t plan anything until July here, what a drag.

    Went down to the Central Library to spend a rainy afternoon, soon left after getting tired of the all the homeless and the cops rousting them. A confrontation erupted and I heard a cop call to security to put a cameras on the guy who was creating the scene. Felt like a prison, not a library.

  • chas redmond June 23, 2012 (5:54 pm)

    Super sorry folks – the pouring rain was the final exclamation point – when the electricity cut off because of ground-fault on stage we thought it was truly the better part of valor to stand down and let the musicians yet to play know. This was the first time the Morgan Festival has had this level of inclement – and impactful – weather.

  • Woodsman June 23, 2012 (6:00 pm)

    This weather is perfect if your a tree!

  • Theresa Anderson June 23, 2012 (6:34 pm)

    So we had watercolor flower crafts…we had no idea a downpour would be had and bring new meaning to watercolor:) Thank you everyone who showed up and made this happen. We stayed as long as we could, sadly we had to pack it up and head out. Join us for the West Seattle Street Fair and the Alki Art Fair in July…bring your umbrellas just in case:)

  • timh2o June 23, 2012 (7:30 pm)

    Chas,that’s shocking!!

  • furryfaces June 24, 2012 (12:03 pm)

    We second Anne’s (of Ventana Construction), thanks to Cindi ‘n’ Company. Your team does a great job putting on a fun, down-to-earth fair. It is our favorite Fair and look forward to being back next year.

    The diagonal rain was miserable and many of us ‘booth people’ went into Feedback for lunch and hot drinks during the worst of it. Will say that since we had plants to sell, they were quite happy with the rain, ;0) , so once it cleared up we stayed and sold more plants!

    Thanks again MOCA!

  • Ray West June 24, 2012 (3:34 pm)

    Too bad, but it should just be assumed that it will rain most days in June.

  • Sigrid June 24, 2012 (8:36 pm)

    So sorry that this great Morgan fest was shut down half way thru the day. Cindi, Chas and all the ‘Morgan org’ company do such a great job and a lot of work to produce this festival. Loved the ‘Rapid Ride bus tour’ and look forward to another “Bark of Morgan”. What are the odds…next year should be better than ever. Thank you Morgan Org for putting on such a great community festival.
    Thanks also to Thirftway for cooking burgers during and even after the rain storm!

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