Global Reading Challenge @ Arbor Heights goes to a tiebreaker!

By Keri DeTore
Reporting for West Seattle Blog

Moving toward the citywide semifinals in two weeks, Global Reading Challenge events continue at participating Seattle Public Schools, and today, it was Arbor Heights Elementary School‘s turn to gather its teams to compete, share their reading knowledge, and decide who’s moving to the next level.

This time, it took what was described as an “unprecedented” tiebreaker!

Moderated by librarian Jan Hogan of Seattle Public Library’s Southwest Branch, 4th and 5th graders gathered, along with parents and supporters holding team signs, to answer questions about the books that all students who are participating have been reading. And the competition was intense!

One parent noted that this group of students had collectively read more than 357 books, and approximately 30 percent of them had read all ten books on the reading list.

Arbor Heights principal Christy Collins is a huge supporter of the Global Reading Challenge. She told WSB, “This is so exciting, it exemplifies everything that’s right about public education. We have a diverse group of students, and there is challenge in rigor in the books they’re reading — some above their grade level — and it’s teaching them teamwork and collaboration.” She adds, “This is not something that’s just fun or fluffy, students are forced to work as a team. It’s competitive but not a sport, though we do have some jocks in there!”

These kids were clearly up to the challenge. During the third round, Jan Hogan asked, “Is everyone having fun?” to which a resounding “YEAH!” erupted. She followed up with, “Did you have fun reading the books?” again resulting in a happy shout of “YEAH!” They not only had fun, they clearly paid attention to what they were reading; an unprecedented four teams got perfect scores and tied for first place, resulting in a lightning-round tiebreaker.

After three more questions, it was down to two teams: “Da Peeps” and “Rebel Readers.”

(Da Peeps – Dylan, Ayden, Steph, Chase, Stone, Ruby; Siobhan in front)
In the end, it was “Da Peeps” — a group of 5th graders participating in their first-ever Global Reading Challenge – who answered all their questions correctly and will be going on to the semi-finals at the Downtown Library in mid-March.

EARLIER COVERAGE: 2 weeks ago, we covered the Sanislo GRC finals, also by invitation – that story’s here.

5 Replies to "Global Reading Challenge @ Arbor Heights goes to a tiebreaker!"

  • happy February 29, 2012 (10:21 pm)

    Great work by all the participants, and also the teachers and librarians.

    Congratulations to Da Peeps — good luck in the semi-finals!

  • gypsyhippie March 1, 2012 (7:21 am)

    love my elementary school! class of 01 whoop.Whoop

  • bluerose March 1, 2012 (11:46 am)

    Way to go Da Peeps!

  • Mark Ahlness March 1, 2012 (6:50 pm)

    Congrats to all, what an exceptional event! I ushered my third grade class in to observe an event that left them in awe as spectators. Hopefully, they will be inspired to participate next year.

    I offer a special tip of my hat to the runner-up team – 4th graders! They did so well, and came so close. They should be proud, and ready to go for it next year!

    Good luck, Da Peeps!

    A couple more pics of the event are on the school’s Facebook page:

  • Proud Mama March 1, 2012 (10:18 pm)

    Great job readers! It was great to see everyone’s participation. Special shout out to the team putting their heads together in the first picture: Captain Bubble Gum and the Yum Yum Drops!

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