Election 2011: 5 days till School Board candidates face off here

Organizers of next week’s School Board candidates’ forum in West Seattle – presented and sponsored by local PTAs and PTSAs – just locked in a topnotch moderator, KUOW education reporter Phyllis Fletcher. So says organizer Carla Rogers, who shares more information about the 6:30 pm Tuesday forum at Madison Middle School (day before ballots go out):

Though school-board reps serve by district, in the general election, each is voted on by the entire city. All eight candidates have have confirmed, Rogers says. The night will start with a chance to meet-and-greet them at 6:30 pm; at 6:55, reps from both sides of the Seattle Families and Education Levy will speak, followed by the school-board forum.

Question #1 is scheduled to be: “Given the sacrifice of time, energy, and money, what compels you to run for the school board?” Then, candidates will answer written questions from the audience, moderated by Phyllis Fletcher.

Alki Elementary PTA and Madison Middle School PTSA are hosting the forum; co-sponsors are .Arbor Heights Elementary PTA, Concord Elementary PTA, Gatewood Elementary PTA, Lafayette Elementary PTA, Schmitz Park Elementary PTA, and Denny Middle School PTSA. Questions? carlasrogers@gmail.com. The forum site, Madison MS, is at 45th/Spokane.

3 Replies to "Election 2011: 5 days till School Board candidates face off here"

  • Forest October 13, 2011 (5:18 pm)

    Question #1 (“…what compels you to run for the school board?) sounds about as tough as asking Miss America whether she likes to help people. Let’s hope some questions to the candidates actually deal with specific policy decisions.

  • Carla Rogers October 13, 2011 (6:43 pm)

    I know, I know… It’s really just a warm up to get them comfortable before we give them the tough questions. Trust me, we’ve got a bunch of great questions ready and certainly hope to get other probes from the audience.

    Having said that – given that many of these folks will be balancing a ‘regular’ job with their SB responsibilities, along with not really having a ton of support to do the work, and compound that with the pitance that they get paid – this question is relevant.

  • AH2Mom October 18, 2011 (11:14 pm)

    Phyllis Fletcher is not a “top notch” moderator. She is a lazy journalist who does little or no research on her stories, especially with SPS. I switched to KPLU.

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