West Seattle Crime Watch: Another hit-and-run

(Photos by Katie Meyer for WSB)
A neighbor heard this crash and called 911, not even knowing exactly where it had happened. Soon enough, police found this car up against a garage in the 4800 block of SW Lander (map) in the Admiral District – nobody hurt, unless injuries were suffered by one or both of the two men who reportedly got out of the car after it crashed and ran. WSB contributor Katie Meyer checked out the scene about half an hour ago and says it appears the car, a Toyota Corolla with Alabama plates, ” came up Admiral eastbound, did not make the curve for some reason. Sailed through a sign bolted on the sidewalk, then continued up that side street and rammed into/alongside the garage.”

Katie reports that photo was taken right after a tow-truck operator pulled the trash/recycling container out from under the car. No word of arrests.

17 Replies to "West Seattle Crime Watch: Another hit-and-run"

  • TheJoker August 27, 2011 (1:43 am)

    This town needs an enema!

  • KristinaNoir August 27, 2011 (1:58 am)

    or DUI checkpoints on Friday nights

  • conlux August 27, 2011 (2:38 am)

    Issue that joker a ticket for careless driving at once!

    • WSB August 27, 2011 (2:48 am)

      If they hadn’t run off, I’m sure someone would have been ticketed…

  • JanS August 27, 2011 (4:25 am)

    anybody wanna bet it was stolen?

  • JunctionMonkey August 27, 2011 (7:35 am)

    Bo and Luke musta hightailed it to Uncle Jessie’s to hide out.

  • wowzer August 27, 2011 (7:50 am)


  • bestbets August 27, 2011 (9:31 am)

    Whoever was in the car is likely not unscathed, both airbags went off. I heard it and ran to see if anyone was hurt; luckily they didn’t hit someone else. Hope they catch the jerks.

  • Been There August 27, 2011 (9:43 am)

    I love the garage that was plowed into. Always have been impressed how they designed the roof to clear the power lines. Idiot drivers!

  • Jiggers August 27, 2011 (10:21 am)

    Yeah..Its summertime alright.

  • Todd_ August 27, 2011 (10:44 am)

    LOL Jiggers and JunctionMonkey!

  • Neighbor August 27, 2011 (1:20 pm)

    I saw that car coming up Admiral last week so my guess is they live in the area. I noticed it because of the Alabama plates. Too bad the folks can’t stand up and be responsible for their actions, Grandpa would’ve had their hides.

  • Sonoma August 27, 2011 (2:47 pm)

    “Sweet Home Alabama!”

  • Paul August 27, 2011 (11:48 pm)

    Is this this is how they park down in Alabambi

  • Zach August 28, 2011 (1:50 pm)

    I dont see what DUI checkpoints would accomplish, drunks drink on weekdays too and then we would have people avoiding them by going through the neighborhoods. Unfortunately this is the world we live in it is filled with stupid people, drunks and drug addicts. I say we need a way to keep an eye on the really drunk people leaving bars and getting behind the wheel.

  • K August 28, 2011 (3:54 pm)

    It was a stolen car.

  • Dave August 29, 2011 (10:04 am)

    hay you can’t park there

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