West Seattle schools: Moving day at Denny, pre-demolition

The big move is on for Denny International Middle School. Those truck trailers we showed you the other night – when they were parked at Boren – are now busy helping move boxes, furniture, and more out of the old Denny and into destinations including the new. More photos after the jump:

At the project-information meeting a week and a half ago, some community members wanted to be sure whatever could be reused/salvaged, would be. Looks like this sink is on its way to a school in another part of the city:

The halls that were filled with students (between classes) till yesterday afternoon, are now full of boxes…

… and furniture:

The actual demolition isn’t expected to happen till next month, since “abatement” work has to be done first, to address asbestos and other potentially hazardous materials you’d expect to find in a 60-year-old school. Then construction will start on the tennis courts, softball field, and other components of the site (including play equipment and paths). The site of the main school building, fronting 30th SW, will be a big grassy field – to be seeded in October – and possibly the site of a future elementary school (no plans or funding in the works at the moment). What’s up at the new Denny site (adjacent to Chief Sealth International High School), you ask? New photos have been added to this district website.

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  • pigeon hill jim June 24, 2011 (8:13 pm)

    As big an eyesore as Denny is, (it really is “Early American Penitentiary” in design) and as troubled it has been in it’s history ( real and/or just perceived to be ) this building is truly is a fine example of how the American education system has succeeded. I think of the kids that have gone through it’s doors and sat it it’s rooms over 60 years, and I am very, very thankful that it was there. As ugly and dilapidated as it became, it helped give my son an education by being a place of learning. Thanks ugly old Denny: I hope your successor down the road does as well.

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