Happening now: Chaco Canyon Café West Seattle open house

Chaco Canyon Café opens in Link (38th/Alaska) next Friday – but tonight, you can get a sneak preview by coming to the open house that’s under way right now. Some of Chaco Canyon’s food and beverage vendors – this is their second location, after #1 in the University District – are on hand, like Jay from Tiny’s Organic:

Chaco Canyon owner Chris Maykut says this will be a CSA pickup spot for Tiny’s produce – as they do with their U-District location. It’s also a family-friendly place, with a play area that’s already in action tonight:

You have till 11 pm to come down, have food and beverage samples (wine, beer, coffee), take a look around the restaurant space – there are still finishing touches to be put in before the grand-opening day on Friday. And say hi to Chris, whose proud parents are here – we managed to get him to pause for a second to pose with mom Naydene (photo right). You can also sneak a peek outside the rest of Link, which is now officially open, with its first tenants having moved in just in the past day or so (as we reported here last night).

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  • Bruce Henne March 27, 2011 (4:50 am)

    Chris, Sarah, Lois, and Chaco Family, Congratulations on your
    New Chaco West Restaurant from all of us at ECO, Earth Conscious Organics. Great Party Saturday night! Thank you so much for your outstanding loyal support of us and many other family farms.

    You are a bright beacon of health and positive energy for West Seattle, and continuing to shine at your U-District cafe.

    Your untold efforts to launch Chaco West and application of your talents and energy providing a healthy food choice, will make a difference for many people. You sure make a difference for our farm family.

    Bruce Henne, ECO

  • Mark K March 27, 2011 (7:36 am)

    Wonderful open house last night. Thank you to the entire crew at Chaco who made this happen, and to the residents of West Seattle for being so enthusiastic for them to expand out hear when they began the process nearly a year ago.
    WSB – you left out (or maybe they didn’t tell you) that Tonnemaker’s will be using Chaco as a drop point for their CSA program this year. According to Stacey with whom we were talking last night, that was finalized just before the open house started.
    Again, wonderful evening. Thank you Chaco. We’ll see you next weekend!

    • WSB March 27, 2011 (7:42 am)

      Mark, we asked Chris upon arrival who was there; he mentioned TIny’s and their CSA, so we hadn’t heard about the other one, and mentioned Tiny’s since we photographed Jay. More coverage to come in the days ahead, so that’s great to hear – TR

  • Diane March 27, 2011 (12:10 pm)

    Tonnemaker’s had a big sign above their table, next to Tiny’s; I asked how to pronounce Tonnemaker; she also said they are at our WS Farmer’s Market, so you can go see them right now
    Stumptown Coffee Roaster was offering not only coffee, also espressos, lattes, full service; maybe best coffee ever; I usually can’t drink coffee without mucho scoops sugar, but I tasted without any; it was incredible; they also gifted folks with sample good sized bags of roasted organic coffee beans; the aroma kept wafting out of my bag, mmmmmm good
    I was also interested in the interior design, to see how they used recycled materials, reclaimed wood for tables, reclaimed mix-match dishes, etc, and got tour of kitchen; locally glass blown light fixtures (those were still packed away in a box); dual low flow flush toilets, just some of the touches
    I got there few mins prior to 7, and stayed til end; the party peaked around 8ish, packed house, and it’s a big place; lots of new faces that many of us locals who frequent events have never seen; also got to connect with many familiar faces in community; the party was a blast; everyone was super nice, had a great time, very fun evening
    there were also reps from LINK giving tours of their new lobby, community room, Twilight Art throughout, and huge rooftop deck, most spectacular views you can imagine, nearly 360; gorgeous perfect night; some folks gathered around the fire pit on the roof; herb gardens growing in containers; lots of chairs for lounging on the roof; amazing
    Thank you to Chris, Sarah and all the crew and vendors for bringing your restaurant to our community and for the wonderful party; welcome!!!
    Thank you to Harbor Properties (Emi, Denny) for building the Link, so these wonderful new businesses could come to our neighborhood

  • S M March 27, 2011 (11:03 pm)

    It was a great party! So many new, friendly faces. My husband and I loved the tasty dips, breads, vegies and Luna Weizen beer.
    We enjoyed a tour of the Link building with Diane (above) and one of Chaco’s new employees. We’re looking forward to seeing Chaco West fully furnished on Friday.
    Today I continued the vegan/vegetarian experience by spending EIGHT hours enjoying the Veg Fest [www.Vegfest2011.org] at the Seattle Center. Wow — so many food samples, seminars and cooking demos. Will try to use more whole grains and legumes at home, even though my husband tends to favor meat. What a FUN vegetarian-themed weekend this was!!!

  • george March 30, 2011 (12:59 pm)

    You need to move the sign inside your store that faces 38th. The frame of the window blocks the words and you can’t read it completely from a vehicle.

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