West Seattle businesses: Tony’s Market will reopen on Monday

This Monday, just like every previous Monday after the Super Bowl, the West Seattle produce stand Tony’s Market will reopen after its post-Christmas break. But unlike previous years, its original namesake won’t be there – it’s been two months now since Tony Genzale lost his fight with cancer, at just 61. This afternoon we talked with his son, Joey, as he worked to set up the 35th/Barton market for a new year. He told WSB there was never a question that the market would stay open – his dad said, “Take care of your mother. Take care of the business.” That means not just the produce, but also Christmas trees – like the ones he was back selling right after his dad died. Yes, things will be different – for not-so-obvious reasons, too – in the photo, that’s Joey with a new center-aisle case that will keep produce cooler, and fresher, during summer months. But some things will be the same – Joey promised his dad that you’ll still hear Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra when you stop by – which you’re welcome to do once they’ve reopened at 8 am Monday.

13 Replies to "West Seattle businesses: Tony's Market will reopen on Monday"

  • cclarue February 6, 2011 (1:54 am)

    Oh yay!! It’s always great when they reopen after their break but this is a special post break opening. We will sure miss Tony but I am just grateful to be able to come back and shop there. I always miss the produce when they are on break.

  • CitizenR February 6, 2011 (9:00 am)

    Will miss Tony … but looking forward to opening monday. And I’m happy Frankie and Deano will be back!!

  • Finn Magonegil February 6, 2011 (9:27 am)

    My son Finn (4 years old) loved Tony and the market. He was so happy when I told him that Tony’s market would reopen. He said “I loved Tony” and I believe that he did. So even though we live on Vashon now, we will be making a stop at Tony’s the next time we are in West Seattle.

  • lina rose February 6, 2011 (10:25 am)

    Yay! i saw lights on in there the other day and was hoping that they would be opening soon. I look forward to supporting their business this season!

  • Buannan February 6, 2011 (10:31 am)

    This is the best news I’ve heard in a long time. I am sure Tony will still be there in spirit.

  • Rachel February 6, 2011 (11:29 am)

    way to go guys, we will be there!!!

  • pam || @nerdseyeview February 6, 2011 (2:22 pm)

    I love Frank Sinatra, and that’s why I loved Tony. I was never the only one singing along in there, so I’m glad the music will continue.

  • Norma Berube-Adler February 6, 2011 (4:18 pm)

    Need to add in my 2 Canadians cents. While my husband & I live in Lakewood now, we were delighted to read that the market is re-opening. We were just talking about it yesterday as we were in West Seattle. Sad that Tony will not be there but you have to admire the son & family who are carrying on the tradition of wonderful produce & wonderful music. We will be visiting next Saturday – can hardly wait!

  • Bird February 6, 2011 (4:23 pm)

    YAY! see you there!

  • Lola February 7, 2011 (8:55 am)

    So glad to hear it will be re-opening. Tony would be very proud of his family.

  • MJB February 7, 2011 (12:47 pm)

    so psyched that tony’s is reopening! we have missed this gem of a market and look forward to supporting joey and their always friendly staff. i hope joey keeps the dollar bin–you could really score some great stuff out of there sometimes!

  • Betty February 8, 2011 (12:59 pm)

    Am truly sorry, Joey and Mrs. Tony, for the loss of Tony; my condolences to all of you. But….am very glad that you’re keeping the market tradition going! Will be there for sure, to buy some of the greatest produce around!

  • knm February 10, 2011 (2:11 pm)

    Went in today! Joey was friendly and gracious. It is very sad to walk in there and not see Tony but I am pleased to see his family continue on. Thank you!

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