Update: Group from West Seattle’s Alki Tours ‘safe and sound,’ out of Egypt

12:33 PM: Late this morning, we updated last night’s story on the Alki Tours group trying to get out of Egypt, after stopping by the local tour company’s offices and learning that their travelers had been able to get on board flights. Moments ago, we got one more update from Alki Tours president/founder Claire Nolan: “The Alki Tours group safely departed Cairo and are now at a hotel in Athens. They are safe and sound and being treated like royalty.” Nolan told WSB last night that 35 of their clients, including 12 from West Seattle, were wrapping up a 10-day tour of Egypt when they got back to Cairo and found themselves disquietingly close to the anti-government unrest that the world’s been watching.

8:42 PM UPDATE: The three tour members who left early are back home in Western Washington tonight – Douglas Prior from Alki Tours says none are from West Seattle.

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  • Silly Goose January 31, 2011 (10:42 pm)

    Whew so glad you are back home safe!! Big hugs to you all.

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