West Seattle Halloween: 1 more pumpkin parade – and a spider

Since pumpkins are part of the photo, we’re kicking off this final roundup of West Seattle pumpkins with this photo, and “news alert!” explanation, from Chris Henggeler:

Admiral family awakes to enormous spider in house. Local scientists believe the spider originally hitched a ride in a container from southeast Asia and disembarked at the Port of Seattle. It’s thought that the insect was exposed to toxic waste at the Aluminum Plant and has now taken up residence at the corner of 39th and Lander. The family is trapped in the house waiting for emergency services and animal control to arrive.

Will they escape? Only time will tell. In the meantime, more West Seattleites’ pumpkins for all to enjoy, trapped or not. First, from Kate, Pat, and Neil:

Next, a brainy pumpkin from Carl:

From SeaChanty51:

Adam carved this howling-wolf pumpkin:

Vanessa shares this, explaining that’s Elmo on the right:

Dan and Heidi shared their pumpkin group:

Finally, this pumpkin pic’s from EE:

One more round of BIG THANKS to all the pumpkin-photo-sharing WSB’ers – scroll through our Holidays archive to see the others shared over the past week-plus. ADDED 11:34 PM: To bookend this with spiders – one more, from Todd, who says it’s at 38th/Lander in the Admiral District:

5 Replies to "West Seattle Halloween: 1 more pumpkin parade - and a spider"

  • David Koresh October 31, 2010 (10:48 pm)

    I love the Boognish pumpkin in the last picture. Ween fans unite!

  • voodoo November 1, 2010 (8:16 am)

    All hail the Boognish!

  • TK November 1, 2010 (11:15 am)

    3rd to last pic, aren’t those store bought pumpkins?

  • emilyWS November 1, 2010 (11:58 am)

    @David Koresh and voodoo, that’s my Boog pumpkin. We should totally have a WS Ween fans meetup or something.

  • RJB November 1, 2010 (7:28 pm)

    Bow to the boognish! Love it! Glad I don’t live near Lander…too many spiders.

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