West Seattle Crime Watch: 2 burglaries; message for burglars

Two burglary reports tonight from the WSB inbox – first one, from a newlywed couple describing it as a “heartbreaking way to start our lives together,” with a message to the burglar(s) – read on:

From Dave, the newlywed:

Just wanted to let WSB readers know that our home in the 8600 block of 31st Ave SW [map] was burgled Monday between 8:30 am and 4 pm. As a newly married couple, this is a heartbreaking way to start our lives together. Taken was the usual – electronics, jewelry, a little cash and a whole lot of trust in mankind. Someday we will be able to replace the items that were stolen with the exception of a family ring that holds its only real value in sentimentality. The incident has been reported to the SPD. Officers on the scene were fairly convinced the burglars were adults and there were at least two of them, based on what was taken and how they entered the home.

To the burglars, I would like to thank them for not ransacking the house. Surprisingly you left the place rather neat. But you should know that some good fingerprints were lifted. The officers left rather happy. So I guess you were a little sloppy after all. I hope you don’t have a criminal past because that flat-screen TV isn’t likely going with you to Walla Walla. Realistically, we know that our stuff is gone and that we’ll never see any of it again – but it was just stuff. And we know that you will likely never be caught and you’ll thoughtlessly invade someone else – which is sad. You should know that what you really stole was our sense of privacy, tranquility and freedom. Three things that we value greatly, that can’t be replaced easily.

And from Tim, reporting a burglary in Seaview a week ago:

We live on the corner of Raymond & 47th Ave SW [map]. We had our house burglarized Wednesday, September 22nd. Not sure when it happened; my wife found our basement door ajar when she got home around 7 pm. I was out of town at the time. Some of the stolen items are a laptop, camera, watches, some jewelry, etc. A police report was filed Wednesday night. We have homeowner’s insurance and hope they come through for us.

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  • Trevor September 29, 2010 (6:16 am)

    Could very well be the same perps that broke into our house last month. Small electronics (iPod, laptop, 23′ flatscreen, etc). I’ve searched in vain on Craigslist and a few pawn shops but nothing stolen was readily identifiable. My biggest loss was a cheap netbook with priceless photos and info on it – another reminder to backup, backup, backup. Maybe these guys/gals will get sloppy and get caught evenutally.

  • Laurie September 29, 2010 (8:53 am)

    Dave, I’m so sorry you got ripped off. Your attitude is fantastic, and if your bride shares that ability to see the big picture (no pun on the lost TV intended), the two of you will go a long way together. Best wishes, congratulations, and karma will get those losers.

  • Jeff September 29, 2010 (9:52 am)

    I don’t know why people make these “open statements” or whatever to “the burglars”. They will never see it, unless you get it posted at pawnshops or scrap metal buyers somehow. Furthermore even if they saw it by some miracle, they will never care. If it isn’t getting them their next hit, they don’t care about anything. At least you realize your stuff is gone forever.

  • madashell September 29, 2010 (1:17 pm)

    Jeff, it’s a legitimate way to vent.

  • Lynne September 29, 2010 (3:02 pm)

    I’m guessing Jeff is not a crisis counselor.

    Thanks for sharing your story, Dave. Heart goes out to you and the Mrs.

  • ctizz September 29, 2010 (4:38 pm)

    Here are a couple of links that might be of interest to people. An IT buddy of mine uses them on all the laptops at his work.


    And there’s this one that will take a picture of anyone who tries to login on your computer using an incorrect password. It’s for Mac’s but I bet there is something similar for PC’s.


  • Mary September 29, 2010 (8:01 pm)

    People should learn from you.
    Great way of viewing things.
    As a recommendation is very good idea to meet the neighbors.
    If they have not welcome you to the neighborhood. I suggest you introduce your selves.
    Can be good, you will meet good and bad neighbors but, in general always there is a person who watches everything and can call or at list can give a good description of burglars.
    Burglars do not like people around and look for places where nobody is watching
    Best of luck to you

  • Angelina September 29, 2010 (9:08 pm)

    Sounds similar to a break in on 49th and Juneau less than a month ago. Our friends home was also broken into and the friend commented to me on how neat they left everything. I say “they” because the liklihood of one person carrying 3-4 large tv’s out is pretty slim. She even noted that they took all the tv’s but left the cables neatly laid out. If it is the same people; hopefully their criminal spree will end soon.

  • k2 September 30, 2010 (10:22 am)

    Great attitude for sure, and this is exactly why i’ve given away, sold, or removed all ‘stuff’ from my life…

    live simple, live happy.

  • madashell September 30, 2010 (2:27 pm)

    Grew up a block from there. Neighbors are friendly and good people.

  • Keith October 15, 2010 (9:03 pm)

    Sorry to hear about the break-ins. I just wanted to point out that we’ve helped several people in west Seattle with their security needs and we are a WSB sponsor. Please contact me if you have any questions about alarm systems or video surveillance. The cost is less than you might think. ksawka@freedomsystemsinc.com

  • Becky October 29, 2010 (12:33 am)

    We came home tonight to find the same story: door ajar, small electronics and jewelry taken. We also just got married and amazingly they didn’t take many of our gifts, but did take the camcorder with our wedding on it. Feels lousy. We’re in townhome complex near Thriftway.

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