South Park Bridge: Study results out; county says, no surprises

(Photo courtesy King County Department of Transportation)
As reported in previous coverage of the King County plan to close the South Park Bridge on June 30th, they’ve been awaiting one last consultant analysis to confirm their assessment that the bridge is too unsafe to keep open. This afternoon, that report is complete, and the county says it indeed underscores their decision. According to a news release from the county (read it here), the bridge “is in such poor condition it can no longer be safely used by the public.” The county also has posted the full report – you can see it here. Still no funding to replace the bridge, but logistical planning for its closure continues, with two meetings ahead May 11 and 25, as noted in our coverage of last week’s meeting about the “draft closure plan.”

18 Replies to "South Park Bridge: Study results out; county says, no surprises"

  • onceachef May 5, 2010 (4:28 pm)

    So, if it’s not safe enough to keep open in the long run how dangerous is it right now? The closure is 2 months away…it has to be replaced or it’s going to devastate the South Park community.

  • JimClark May 5, 2010 (4:58 pm)

    I bet it could stay open with load restrictions to keep the big trucks off of it.

  • JBL May 5, 2010 (5:07 pm)

    Horrible news for the businesses and residents of South Park.

  • Eaglewatch May 5, 2010 (5:08 pm)

    This bridge closure has been discussed for years. There has been lots of opportunity to find funding for a replacement, but none has been forthcoming. While this closure will have an impact on the local community, perhaps there may be some opportunities to take the business district in a different direction–say a friendly pedestrian boulevard instead of a truck route. Who knows? It may improve the neighborhood in the long term. For those of us that work here, we will continue to support the local businesses.

  • JR May 5, 2010 (5:10 pm)


  • rob May 5, 2010 (5:17 pm)

    won’t it need to be opened permanently so the boats can still go through after it is “closed”?

    • WSB May 5, 2010 (5:23 pm)

      Yes, the leaves will be locked in “up” position, and then will be removed, long before the rest of the bridge is demolished.

  • JBL May 5, 2010 (5:33 pm)

    It may have already been mentioned, but how would one get to South Park’s business district from the south end of downtown once the bridge is gone?

  • toddinwestwood May 5, 2010 (5:41 pm)

    It is really sad for South Park. My other question is: where will all the drug dealers and prostitutes move to? I pray that they will not take over White Center.

  • aunteesocial May 5, 2010 (6:02 pm)

    I had breakfast at Loretta’s Northwesterner on Saturday and noticed quite a few small groups of bicyclists cruising by- going both directions on 14th, over the bridge. I can’t imagine bicyclists or pedestrians wanting to take it up to the First Ave. Bridge- or all the way up to Marginal and West Seattle Bridge to get back down to Georgetown. I don’t recall if there is even a sidewalk on First Ave Bridge.
    There is so much traffic on this bridge (I drive over it at least twice a day for work). It’s always crowded. I think it’s ridiculous to not have a replacement in the works, at least designed and ready for when the funds come rolling in (as if).
    During breakfast Saturday, there was a steady stream of vehicles going by. I imagined the bridge being closed and with that no traffic, with that no customers, no way to walk or bike across to Georgetown/Airport Way, no consideration for the taxpayers, businesses, homeowners, commuters, recreational bicyclists, etc. etc.
    It’s a sweet little community, and the closed bridge is just going to cut it’s legs off, but who cares, right?? It’s only South Park. They are being sent a pretty strong message from the City, no money for YOUR neighborhood.

  • aunteesocial May 5, 2010 (6:10 pm)

    todd….South Park will be a HAVEN for all that crap because there will be no regular traffic there. They can just have the whole place. If Mayor Nickels was still around, he’d purchase 20 red light bulbs for the 14th Ave. streetlights and call it good!

  • toddinwestwood May 5, 2010 (7:32 pm)

    aunteesocial, I really dont think so. These people thrive off of the traffic coming and going to the manufacturing on the other side of the river, once its gone, they need to find a new clientele.

    South Park will become a quiet little peninsula, one without city services and real representation in the city of Seattle.

    RIP South Park.

  • JumboJim May 5, 2010 (9:11 pm)

    Can you imagine no politicians leading a fight to get funding if the Magnolia bridge or some other bridge to an upper middle-class area? I guess the people in South Park don’t deserve representation??

  • rob May 5, 2010 (11:10 pm)

    JBL: 1st ave S bridge will be the easiest way to get there. take the first exit and then stay to the left. take a left at the stop sign at the end of the ramp and then take a left at cloverdale.
    aunteesocial: there is a bike/pedestrian path over the 1st ave S bridge. starts under the west marginal way underpass on the south side, on front st on the north side.

  • dsa May 5, 2010 (11:37 pm)

    The county transportation department sucks for failing to get replacement funds secured. The deserve to be fired.

  • Brandon May 6, 2010 (9:07 am)

    @JumboJim You mean politicians elected by the people of Magnolia or Ballard? Yes they would put up a fight because thats their job. Where are the officials elected by the people of South Park? If they are not putting up a fight maybe they elected the wrong officials.

  • Rick May 7, 2010 (1:13 pm)

    Just get Paul Allen to buy up a bunch of local properties and the city will bend over backwards to accomodate him and help improve his property values with taxpayer money. Maybe they’ll even throw in a useless street car or two.

  • aunteesocial May 7, 2010 (5:54 pm)

    @todd, good point about the clientele. I still wonder if South Park will become a ‘destination’ spot for that stuff. At least there are no motels there.
    @rob, thanks- had no idea about the bike/pedestrian path. I’ll have to take a better look.

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