White Center notes: Evergreen Pool re-opening; bar/grill closing

(August 2009 photo of Evergreen Pool, just before it closed)
From partner site White Center Now and potentially of interest this side of the city-limits line: Seven months after Evergreen Pool in White Center closed because of county budget trouble, it’s on the brink of reopening – the swimming organization that’s been working all along to take it over has finally sealed the deal; here’s the latest.

SECOND WHITE CENTER NOTE: The entrepreneur who took over what was The Wall in the central WC business district and turned it into Hang Around Bar and Grill says they’re being forced out at the end of the week; here’s the story, with a followup in the works. (You can find WCN stories here on WSB anytime by clicking the White Center tab below the sunset header on all pages.)

2 Replies to "White Center notes: Evergreen Pool re-opening; bar/grill closing"

  • foyboy March 25, 2010 (1:30 pm)

    It is a shame that they are closing The Hang around bra and grill. This place was the only place in white center where you could go have a beer and worry about some bumb or drug dealer bugging you for money or to buy thier drugs. The hang around bar started to renew hope in white center about going out in the evening for a beer and feel safe. When it was the Wall bar it full of gang bangers and drugs and drunks.Kind of like the other bars in white center. I have been looking into the local laws on evictions to find out if this move by the landlord [sophie] can do this.So far the only people that will miss the Joe and The Hang Around Bar and Grill will be the drug dealers, gang bagers and the white trash drunks. Good luck Joe and know we will stand be hind you in where ever you end up. White center needs more people like you.

  • Julie D March 25, 2010 (7:06 pm)

    Could the above comment possibly be any more offensive?

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