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West Seattle business news: Seattle Logo Pro’s peninsula pride

In a way, Seattle Logo Pro in The Junction is a new business – in a way it’s not.

David Groves has taken over the former Sports Junction space at the west end of the breezeway that’s next to the liquor store (across from Many Moons), after working upstairs for a few years.

And while he and his staff are screenprinting shirts, uniforms and other apparel, as well as making plaques, trophies and signs – as well as other promotional items (keychains, mouse pads, etc.) – there’s one part of the business that really piqued our interest: They’re setting up a retail space toward the front, where they’ll sell some of the only-in-West-Seattle shirts and other apparel they’re printing.

Groves, a fourth-generation West Seattleite, says that’ll be great for those who “miss the days when you could go to Shafrans and buy the West Seattle shirts.” Of course, the imagery’s updated now – if you’re familiar with the WEST SIDE “knuckles” T-shirt (see the image on artist Jason Olcott‘s MySpace page), that’s the kind of thing you’ll find, or maybe something branded with your favorite West Seattle establishment’s logo (West 5 proprietor Dave Montoure was in talking to Groves when we stopped by for a short interview, for example).

Not just the establishments you know and love now – Groves says he found a treasure trove of old printable images for long-gone places like Herfy’s and Snubby’s. The synergy makes sense, since he worked in restaurant and clothing businesses before starting Seattle Logo Pro. He says you’ll be able to count on him for higher-quality materials: “If you get a good shirt, people will actually wear them.”

Seattle Logo Pro is open for business now but the retail spot isn’t up and running yet – look for it by April.

Locally grown: New CSA pickup; West Seattle Garden Tour news

PICK UP PRODUCE AT SOUTH SEATTLE COMMUNITY COLLEGE: Candace Oehler from SSCC (WSB sponsor) sends word that the school’s been chosen as the latest CSA Neighborhood Pickup Site for West Seattle. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, and in this case a system in which you sign up with local growers to buy shares of what they grow. SSCC has signed up with Local Choice Food Box, which has its main farm in Redmond. While the program is at its heart for SSCC staff and students, we’re told it’s open to EVERYONE in West Seattle who wants to take part. You can sign up here. And if you sign up by March 1 – next Monday – put “early signup” in the coupon-code box at checkout, and there’s a 5% discount. Questions?

WEST SEATTLE GARDEN TOUR UPDATES: The South Seattle Community College Arboretum is among the WSGT’s beneficiaries this year. Also on the list of beneficiaries, just announced, are Highland Park Elementary School, the Duwamish Longhouse Rain Garden, Seattle Tilth, and the ArtsWest Theater Education Program. And there’s still time to sign up to be a Garden Tour sponsor – find out how, here.

Today/tonight: Get healthy; get educated; play ball; read in PJs

(Saturday photo from Alki, by Darren Pilon)
FREE MAMMOGRAMS: These health screenings in West Seattle at South Seattle Community College (6000 16th SW), announced by YWCA, 9 am-3 pm – call to make an appointment and see if you qualify (and if there’s drop-in time) (details here)

LITTLE LEAGUE, LAST CALL: One last in-person registration event for West Seattle Little League, 6-9 pm tonight at the library of West Seattle High School (3000 California SW). Registration forms and information can be found at – and if you choose to mail in the form, you have to have it postmarked by today.

CALLING ALL HIGH POINT FAMILIES: : Parent-School Advocacy Night at High Point Neighborhood Center (6400 Sylvan Way), 6:30 pm, following up on previous sessions (including this one) with families putting some tough questions to Seattle Public Schools leaders.

SCHOOL TOUR: Open-house season is winding down, but school tours are ramping up. Today: Highland Park Elementary (1032 SW Trenton), 10 am. Full districtwide tour list here.

PAJAMA STORY TIME: It’s back, at Delridge Branch Library (5423 Delridge Way), 7 pm (details here)

EVEN MORE … like the weekly open turntables at Skylark Café and Club (6 pm) and rock ‘n’ roll trivia at Feedback Lounge (8 pm), both WSB sponsors – here, on the WSB Events calendar page.

Vietnamese Cultural Center celebrates New Year, flag recognition

Two flags flew high Sunday afternoon over West Seattle’s Vietnamese Cultural Center (next to Tug Inn): The U.S. Stars and Stripes, and the Vietnamese Heritage and Freedom Flag. Until April 1975, it was the flag of South Vietnam, and while it is banned in modern-day Vietnam, it is cherished by those who left in search of freedom. Earlier this month, the 34th District Democrats passed a resolution recognizing the flag and urging the City of Seattle to do so; that resolution was read and applauded as part of Sunday’s New Year’s celebration at the center. Representing the 34th DDs, state committeewoman Marcee Stone, who also is now running for State House of Representatives:

The event also commemorated the Lunar New Year – with the GDPT Van Hanh Lion Dance Team and hundreds of firecrackers (which you will see and hear about halfway through this minute-and-a-half clip):

The crowd of about 100 also paid tribute to historic heroes:

That artwork commemorating one of the great battles against Chinese invaders was placed at the outdoor altar:

This group of women in traditional costume waited to place flowers at the altar:

Memories of more-recent battles remained fresh, as high-ranking veterans of the South Vietnam military were there, in uniform, as they have been at other events we have covered here:

The VIetnamese Cultural Center is the second-largest such center in our state – after its counterpart in Tacoma. As the 34th DDs’ resolution noted, about 50,000 people of Vietnamese descent live in King County. (We took a closer look at the center in this July 2008 story.) Its distinctive statue – visible to passersby along SW Orchard – pays tribute to the 13th-century hero, General Tran Hung Dao.

West Seattle scenes: You just can’t have too many eagle photos

Or so we think, anyway. Here’s the latest – Chris D snapped it near Me-Kwa-Mooks this afternoon.

Door-to-door alert: Solicitor’s claim didn’t check out

Nancy in Fairmount checked on a solicitor who came to her door last night – and the organization he mentioned says they’re not doing any soliciting. He was in the 4700 block of 38th SW (map), carrying brochures for the Department of Early Learning – which is a state agency, and therefore can’t and doesn’t solicit donations. The description from Nancy: “He was a black male who looked to be in his early 20’s and had a dark blue knitted cap on his head – he mentioned something to me about having his braids tucked under his cap.” She says he claimed to be affiliated with the UW; she checked directly with Early Learning today, and was told flat-out they don’t seek money that way.

Another new baby for Puget Sound’s resident orcas

Tonight’s e-mail update from the Orca Network confirms another baby for Puget Sound’s resident orcas: If you go here, you’ll see a photo of L114, seen with L77 in B.C. waters yesterday. That brings the resident population – J, K, L pods – up to 89. (That page also has photos of half a dozen other babies born to the local orcas since the start of 2009; and you can see yet more here.)

Update: Olympia hearing on “Jason McKissack Act” (and more)

(Photo added 5:20 pm – those here for previous bills have left, public safety folks now seated for 1679)
3:47 PM, ORIGINAL NOTE: We are in Olympia for the State Senate Ways and Means Committee hearing that will include EHB 1679, to remedy the situation that has left former SPD Officer Jason McKissack and his family losing health coverage because a 2008 attack in West Seattle left him unable to work. Public testimony is expected. The state House already passed the bill, but the Senate is where it stalled last year.

4:43 PM: 1679 hasn’t come up yet – 6851, the Clean Water bill, was up first … 39 witnesses. (Added 5:25 pm – among them, speaking in the photo above, West Seattle resident Martha Kongsgaard, on behalf of the Puget Sound Partnership, one of the supporters.) It was preceded by testimony on a few others including one that Sen. Joe McDermott (who is on this committee and here at the hearing) tells us can affect financing for the Fauntleroy Community Services Agency and Fauntleroy Schoolhouse’s future.

5:27 PM: 1679 is up. Looks like they are running out of time and may not have any public testimony – Sen. McDermott tells us a Senate floor session is coming up at 5:45 to take up amendments to the bill that suspends I-960, a hot topic at the Town Hall in West Seattle last Saturday. The legislative staffer who is speaking about 1679 now says it would cost the state about $800,000.

5:48 PM: The committee meeting is adjourned. They did wind up hearing very quickly from six people – including Jason McKissack’s wife Kim McKissack, and two Seattle Police Guild leaders, Sgts. Rich O’Neill and Ty Elster. Sgt. Elster read a statement from Jason, who did not feel well enough to be here. Next up – this committee will decide whether to advance the bill to the full Senate.

9:31 PM: Adding video — first, Kim McKissack and Renee Maher, the law-enforcement advocate who is also the widow of Federal Way Officer Patrick Maher, killed in the line of duty in 2003:

And the Seattle Police Guild leaders who spoke before them – Sgt. O’Neill is first, with the “help the officer” message he also gave the House Ways and Means Committee; Sgt. Elster, second.

No one signed up to testify against 1679. If you want to contact Ways and Means members about the bill, their names and contact info can be found here.

Seattle City Council announces 2010 priorities

Some days, the inbox overflows with news releases that we pass on so you can read for yourself … some days, it’s quiet. Today’s one of the overflowing days. Latest one of potential interest, the Seattle City Council announces its 2010 priorities – read on to see if they dovetail with yours:Read More

Fauntleroy e-recycling results: 4 truckloads!

February 22, 2010 12:12 pm
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When we stopped by the Fauntleroy Church electronics/appliances recycling event at midday Sunday, the crew from Issaquah-based 1 Green Planet already had filled one truck with recyclables. We checked with Judy Pickens to see if they had received a grand-total report; here it is – four truckloads (24-foot, two 16-footers, and a 14-footer), totaling between 15 and 20 TONS of recyclables. Judy says they’re talking about doing it again this fall; in the meantime, you can use E-Cycle Washington to find out how to recycle these types of items.

Friends of Lincoln Park need you on March 6!

February 22, 2010 11:35 am
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From the inbox:

On Saturday, 3-6-10 from 9am to noon, the Friends of Lincoln Park will meet to continue our work restoring the forests of this West Seattle treasure. Join us! Meet at 9am in the north parking lot at the kiosk across from Rose St. Dress for weather and wear sturdy shoes. Bring sturdy gardening gloves and hand clippers, if you have them, or we have extras. Contact Sharon at or (206) 464-1068.

Youth and Families Initiative: The mayor wants to hear from you

Tonight’s the first of five public meetings (all listed here) the city’s holding to discuss the new Youth and Families Initiative. The fourth one is in West Seattle, 7 pm March 15 at Denny International Middle School, but in the meantime, Mayor Mike McGinn‘s staff has taken the unusual step of sending code for an embeddable form you can use RIGHT NOW to let them know what you think:

The information you submit, by the way, does NOT go to us – while we’re embedding the form, it’s hosted on another website, and everything goes straight to them (we just tested it to make sure it works).

Date set for third West Seattle (Westcrest) Reservoir Park meeting

February 22, 2010 10:47 am
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Good crowds for the first two public meetings to help plan the new park at West Seattle (Westcrest) Reservoir; today’s there’s word from the city that the date’s been set for the next meeting, 10 am Saturday, April 24, again at Southwest Community Center. (Our reports on the first two: December meeting here; Feb. 6 meeting here.)

West Seattle traffic alert: Beach Drive slide-site work

From SDOT: Crews are working today in the 6000 block of Beach Drive SW, where a slide last month has left the road restricted to one lane. SDOT’s Marybeth Turner tells us, “They are clearing away slide material and will set ecology blocks along the side of the street. The goal is to reopen the street to two lanes (one lane in each direction).” We are checking on the other questions that remained unanswered regarding the slide situation – including plans for permanent stabilization. 2:57 PM UPDATE: Bryan Stevens from DPD has some information on the latter issue. He says they’re working with a property owner in the 6000 block of Atlas Place, over the slide:

The city is working with Mr. Saladino to quickly review an option that stabilizes the slope and protects the public.

At this point, we have not received a permit application from Mr. Saladino to stabilize the property. Mr. Saladino has not yet provided the city with a geotechnical report that provides sufficient information to evaluate the options and the appropriate design. Our engineers need this information for their review to assess whether the proposed options do indeed stabilize the slope and protect the public.

At this time, we are waiting for Mr. Saladino to respond to our request for additional information.

SDOT is taking advantage of the unseasonably dry weather to remove slope debris from the Beach Drive right-of-way and place a temporary ecology block catchment wall in the parking lane on Beach Drive. This work is underway and should take one to two days. Upon completion, SDOT will reopen Beach Drive to two-way traffic at this location.

5:56 PM UPDATE: SDOT now says the work will continue tomorrow (Tuesday) instead of taking a break till Wednesday.

Today/tonight: Jason McKissack bill, road closure, Preschool Fair …

February 22, 2010 7:45 am
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IN THE LEGISLATURE: At left, those are your 34th District state legislators – Sen. Joe McDermott, Rep. Sharon Nelson, Rep. Eileen Cody – during their Town Hall at High Point Community Center on Saturday. Today, they are back to work in Olympia – as they explained on Saturday, they’re now at the stage where more deadlines loom for bills to either advance or be declared officially dead for the year. Today the Senate Ways and Means Committee (of which McDermott’s a member) has a public hearing on one bill of particular West Seattle interest – HB 1679, to make sure catastrophically injured public safety personnel like former West Seattle police officer Jason McKissack don’t lose their medical benefits. Advocates are asking for a show of support like the one received in the House Ways and Means Committee last month (WSB coverage here); the hearing’s in Room 4 of the Cherberg Building on the Capitol campus, 3:30 pm.

ROAD CLOSURE REMINDER: East/southeast of Youngstown Arts Center in North Delridge, work is scheduled to start on the project that will close 23rd/22nd SW for up to six weeks – see our previous story for the latest.

WEST SEATTLE PRESCHOOL FAIR: School-choice season is now in full swing and more than a dozen of West Seattle’s preschools are hoping to meet prospective families and answer tonight at the first-ever West Seattle Preschool Fair, 5:30-8:30 pm at St. John the Baptist Church‘s community hall (3050 California SW).

AND IF YOUR LITTLE ONE’S TOO LITTLE FOR PRESCHOOL … maybe you’ll be interested in the debut of Baby Story Time at the Southwest Branch Library (9010 35th SW). 11:30 am today; details here.

SPEAKING OF SCHOOL: A reminder, midwinter break’s over and everybody’s back today.

PARKS AND GREEN SPACES LEVY OVERSIGHT COMMITTEE: Want to find out how the money you’re paying because of the 2008 levy is being spent? Got something to suggest to the citizen volunteers who are reviewing that spending? Be at the committee’s regular meeting, 7 tonight, Parks HQ downtown (100 Dexter Ave. N.). Among the agenda items – an overview of the letters of intent received so far.

EVEN MORE … like regular bingo and trivia events … on the WSB Events page. Have a great day (it’s off to a great start, as this sunrise photo from John LaSpina shows) …

23rd/22nd SW road closure/no-parking update: Monday is Day 1

View West Seattle road closure in a larger map

Many who live on Pigeon Point have had this top-of-mind all weekend, but for those who live elsewhere and drive 23rd/22nd SW between Pigeon Point/Puget Ridge/elsewhere and North Delridge – remember that tomorrow’s the day the road closes, along the route shown above (as first reported here February 10th), for up to six weeks. A few new developments today, according to Pigeon Point’s Pete Spalding, one of the neighborhood leaders who’s been in close contact with the city and the developer whose project’s closing the road for sewer-line work: He says the no-parking zones have been reduced somewhat, but they’re hopeful of getting even more parking back by convincing Metro to run the Route 125 bus down 21st SW instead of the currently planned reroute. Any decision on that isn’t expected before tomorrow. Spalding says Councilmember Tom Rasmussen – who chairs the Transportation Committee – returned to the neighborhood for the second afternoon in a row, this time with five SDOT reps, who thought the revised bus re-route would make sense, and promised to request it. Spalding also met with developer Jon Riser this morning, and reports he’s “totally concerned” about the neighborhood impacts. As Riser told us in a conversation last night (last element in this story), he’s been working with the city since November on the “traffic plan” for the project – but city rules don’t require early notification, nor do they require community consultation, which is why no one knew about this until the signs went up a week and a half ago. Many hope this might lead to a change in the rules so that neighborhoods would get earlier warning, in order to participate in the planning process and avoid frantic last-minute maneuvering like this. NOTE: Channel 13 did a story on the situation last night – first TV story that we know of:


More West Seattle weekend scenes: Sunshine-mania edition

It’s been ALL about the sunshine this weekend. From the hummingbird that JayDee caught in action at a feeder … to the Admiral tree in full bloom, photographed by Eric Bell from

…to West Seattle as seen from West Point (Magnolia/Discovery Park) by Chas Redmond, via iPhone:

and finally, indoors but in a bit of sun: Wes shared this scene:

Wes explains, “This is Cooper, a 4-year-old Brittney, and Maximillion, a 6-month-old Irish Setter who is Cooper’s new best friend.” For all those who love to nap on Sunday afternoons when possible, that pic seemed to say it all. (Thanks for the photos! Breaking news or just cool pix, share ’em any time)

West Seattle weekend scenes: Trouble on wheels

Not many details on these incidents, but witnesses took the trouble to share photos (and the 911 log has the time/place info) – Above, Ed photographed the car fire that brought Engine 29 and crew to 60th and Admiral (map) just after 3 pm; no injuries, Ed says, and the car was eventually towed. Below — One week after the hit-run truck-vs-multiple-car crash along 35th SW north of Myrtle Reservoir, neighbors heard the crunch of a collision yet again, just after 6 tonight; this is described as a chain-reaction crash, no injuries:

Thanks to Jake for the photo. This was near 35th and Willow (map), south of the closest cross-street to last week’s crash, Holly.

Video: Music and mentoring at Denny midwinter break music camp

Tomorrow, it’s back to school for Seattle Public Schools students (among others) after a week of midwinter break. About 100 students spent four days of the no-classes week at Denny International Middle School in West Seattle, which offered a music camp for 4th through 8th graders again this year. Our video clips are from the week-ending recital at Denny on Friday afternoon. Music director Marcus Pimpleton told the audience that a hallmark of the camp was having the young musicians – who numbered more than 70 – mentored by high-school volunteers (more than 30!). You can see a few of the mentors in this clip of the steel drummers:

The high-school volunteers were from Chief Sealth and Roosevelt High Schools. Click ahead for two more clips from the Friday afternoon recital, including one student group with a ’70s classic:Read More

West Seattle weekend scene: “The boys are back”

That’s how Gary Jones captioned this photo he shared of two juvenile bald eagles spotted in the Alki sunshine this morning. (Got a photo to share? Here’s how to send it!)

Happening now: Electronics recycling at Fauntleroy Church

February 21, 2010 12:11 pm
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An hour and a half into the five-hour recycling event at Fauntleroy Church, the 1 Green Planet crew already had filled a truck! We caught them during a brief lull before a couple more cars pulled up:

They are a relatively new, nonprofit operation, based on the Eastside. They recycle electronics and appliances for free – while some other recyclers still charge fees. They tell us that some aspects of the operation (taking apart old computers, which have myriad recyclable components) subsidize the others. If you miss this event, they say you can take recyclables to their facility in Issaquah – full info on what they take and where they are is on their website. But in the meantime, they’re scheduled to be at Fauntleroy Church (9140 California SW) till 2 pm – and they had big props for West Seattleites’ obvious recycling zeal.

West Seattle restaurant news: Reasons, and ways, to celebrate

February 21, 2010 9:54 am
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ANNIVERSARY #1: As of this past Friday, Café Revo (WSB sponsor) in the Luna Park business district has begun its second year in operations. Five months ago, when husband/chef/restaurant co-founder Sean “Chano” Goff died at 43, Sofia Zadra Goff (right) and her team vowed “Café Revo will go on” – and it has. Their spring menu will debut soon, and as the weather warms, they’ll open up the patio again; they’re continuing with Wine Wednesdays (15% off bottled wines), and next Thursday, it’s a wine dinner with Reverdito Winery and Gioia Wines, 4 courses plus Puccini arias sung by West Seattle soprano Maria Johnson. More info at Café Revo’s at 2940 SW Avalon Way (map).

ANNIVERSARY #2: Tomorrow, Circa in the Admiral District marks its 12th anniversary. Via Facebook, Circa invites you to “Come celebrate the beginning of our tween years Monday, Feb 22nd – a night filled with balloons, burgers, cake and a fabulous Birthday Belgian Brown Beer specially brewed for us by Big Al Brewery!” Circa’s at 2605 California SW (map).

CONGRATULATIONS: The news reverberated around the food circuit a few days ago but in case you haven’t heard, Spring Hill‘s Mark Fuller is now a semifinalist for one of the food world’s most prestigious awards, the James Beard Awards. Here’s the writeup from our citywide-news partners at the Seattle Times (the five finalists will be announced in a month). If you haven’t been to Spring Hill (4437 California SW) on Monday nights, the menu (see it here) now includes a by-reservation-only fried chicken dinner for 4.

IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO CELEBRATE … Or maybe the sunshine alone is a reason. Skylark Café and Club (WSB sponsor) has confirmed that the mimosa carafe, which made its debut for Valentine’s Day, is now a permanent fixture on the brunch menu. That’s OJ and “an entire bottle of champagne.” Skylark’s at 3803 Delridge Way (map).

Today: New Year celebration, electronics recycling, Haiti fundraiser

(Saturday sunset photo by Philippe Bishop)
Looks like yet another sunny day (maybe 2nd to last) … here are some of your options:

VIETNAMESE NEW YEAR: West Seattle’s Vietnamese Cultural Center invites you to its celebration at 1:30 this afternoon, 2236 SW Orchard (map).

ELECTRONICS/APPLIANCES RECYCLING: 9 am-2 pm, Fauntleroy Church (9140 California SW) parking lot is where to bring recyclables including electronics and appliances; details at This is in partnership with 1 Green Planet.

ALSO IN FAUNTLEROY: Little Pilgrim School, which is at Fauntleroy Church, has an open house for 2-5-year-olds and their parents, 11 am-1 pm.

WEST SEATTLE FARMERS’ MARKET: 10 am-2 pm as always, 44th/Alaska. The online Ripe and Ready list is still in last weekend’s Valentine mode but still gives you an idea of some of what’s fresh.

(some of what was on sale Saturday)
ALSO IN THE JUNCTION: The office-furniture (etc.) sale to raise money for Haiti relief continues 10 am-2 pm today, outside Olympic Court (home to WSB sponsor Westside Dermatology), 4740 44th SW (just north of the Chase drive-thru).

CAMPAIGN KICKOFF: 5-7 pm at the ILWU Hall on Pigeon Point (2414 SW Andover), it’s Marcee Stone‘s campaign kickoff for State House, Position 2 (currently held by Rep. Sharon Nelson, who has said she’ll be running for the Senate seat currently held by Sen. Joe McDermott, who is running for King County Council). Stone is State Committeewoman for the 34th District Democrats and announced her campaign at their February meeting (WSB coverage here).