What the SDOT crew was – and will be – doing by Walking On Logs

Heading out of West Seattle for a story-related interview yesterday, we noticed a sizable crew working by Walking On Logs; Anne at WSB sponsor Ventana Construction noticed too, including the detail that they appeared to be pouring concrete, and wondered what’s up. We checked with SDOT to see what project this is related to, and Marybeth Turner replied today that this is more work related to one of West Seattle’s new traffic cameras: “SDOT crews are pouring the foundation for a new pole on which the traffic camera will be mounted and also pouring the foundation for a new control cabinet. You will likely be seeing crews out during the next month or two completing the work at this location–installing a pole and mast arm, installing the cabinet, etc. The new ‘ITS’ items being installed at various locations in the city will not be operational until the fiber optics system that connects all of them is completed.” As reported here last month, the new traffic cameras – which are also going up in The Junction and near the Fauntleroy ferry dock – aren’t scheduled for activation before March. (ITS is the “Intelligent Transportation System,” explained by SDOT in this WSB story from March, in which we had first word of the new traffic cameras.)

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  • Karl Sutter January 3, 2010 (7:28 pm)

    The work crew is very community oriented….not! They went up on the curb and wiped out a vinyl sign denoting our Kiwanis pancake breakfast. Then they said they would fix it. To my delight when I passed the dancing with logs, there was our sign. Just like they said ……. they fixed the sign…..only it was upside down and totally ruined …….nice work crew…….very funny

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