Remembering Officer Brenton: Memorial service concludes

(Photo by Cliff DesPeaux/THE SEATTLE TIMES)
The emotional, inspiring, and at times humorous memorial service for Seattle Police Officer Tim Brenton has just ended at KeyArena. We have photos from inside courtesy of The Seattle Times, this time not because of our partnership with them but because SPD designated them as part of the “pool” to take and share photos with other news organizations. At top, the crowd as Mayor Greg Nickels spoke; he referred to Officer Brenton’s years here, saying, “I’m proud that he grew up in my neighborhood, West Seattle. He graduated from West Seattle High School. If my numbers are correct, we moved into his neighborhood when he was a junior.” Governor Gregoire paid tribute too. But the event was truly about the solemn and dangerous work of serving and protecting, as Officer Brenton – also a U.S. Army veteran – had done for most of his adult life. For SPD, Deputy Chief Clark Kimerer opened the memorial and introduced each speaker:

(Photo by Alan Berner/THE SEATTLE TIMES)
It was of course noted during the memorial that Officer Brenton’s killer has not yet been caught. Mayor Nickels called the murder “a despicable and evil act”; regarding the quest to catch the killer/s, Acting Chief John Diaz said, “in that mission we will not fail.” We expect a few more photos later this afternoon and will add them here; our story with photos and video from this morning’s procession of law-enforcement vehicles is here. 6:03 PM: A few more pool photos from this afternoon’s memorial:

(Photo by Alan Berner/THE SEATTLE TIMES)

(Photo by Alan Berner/THE SEATTLE TIMES)

4 Replies to "Remembering Officer Brenton: Memorial service concludes"

  • miracles November 6, 2009 (4:09 pm)

    When I woke early today to head to the procession on Capitol Hill there were showers. I thought to myself “Am I really going to do this?” Amazingly, right before the procession came up 23rd Ave. the sun was out. When I was driving home as I was perched on top of the hill ready to descend into the valley to return to West Seattle there was no sun left on the Hill – but looking in the distance I could see it shining over Key Arena. Miracles happen.

    I have just gotten word that the shooter has been found!!! check the news!

  • WSB November 6, 2009 (4:15 pm)

    WELL. Thanks for that, I hadn’t seen it on Twitter yet. TV’s being very cautious. But obviously SOMETHING big …

  • miws November 6, 2009 (4:18 pm)

    KOMO 4 News, is now reporting that a person, who is a person of interest, has been taken into custody at an apartment complex in Tukwila.


    When the Officers confronted him, he drew a gun, and Police fired upon him, injuring him. No Police Officers were injured, according to a Tukwila PD spokesperson KOMO interviewed, on-air.


    Apparently, the shots were fired around 3:30. KOMO is reporting, they expect a Press Release, within the hour.


    They have also shown, a car in the complex’s parking lot, that has a car cover on it, and is blocked in by a Police vehicle. The shape of the car cover, indicates it may be a hatchback, in the style of the car of interest.


  • WSB November 6, 2009 (4:26 pm)

    KING has much better info – that’s who I’m watching – also our partners at the Times have reported it’s a suspect. We’re reporting this in a separate item atop the main page – TR

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