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Southwest Healthy Youth Partnership: Liquor store, and more

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From tonight’s Southwest Healthy Youth Partnership meeting at Madison Middle School: First up on the agenda, the future Westwood Village liquor store, and concerns about its proximity to Seattle Public Schools-owned Southwest Athletic Complex (as shown in Google Street View above – field’s south side at left, back side of future store location at right). Westwood Neighborhood Council‘s Donn DeVore recapped conversations he’s had with State Liquor Control Board reps and said the location seemed to be a done deal before anyone in the community heard about it. If that’s so, a few attendees suggested, perhaps productive next steps would be to work to keep signage off the stadium-facing side of the building and to talk with police about patroling behind that building (also home to medical offices and Staples); Westwood neighbors say they’d been noticing an increase in empty malt-liquor bottles around 26th/Trenton and fear the liquor-store move could increase that. Delridge District Neighborhood Service Coordinator Ron Angeles offered info about other West Seattle meetings addressing such concerns – like the West Seattle Crime Prevention Council (also held tonight – our report is coming up) and the South Delridge/White Center Community Safety Coalition (this Thursday, 6 pm, St. James Place). In other efforts, it’s almost Red Ribbon Week, which will be marked at local high schools, including (as mentioned here this morning) with special decals on helmets during the West Seattle High SchoolChief Sealth High School football game Friday night; next week, students at Madison will make posters about positive choices. The Healthy Youth Partnership also is working on arranging a teen-drinking presentation by West Seattle/Vashon addiction/mental-health expert Stephen Brogan. Want to get involved with SWHYP? Contact Renae

Future of the Triangle: Fairmount Community Association tour

Tomorrow (Wednesday) night, the Fairmount Community Association (not to be confused with Fairmount Springs, which is more than a mile south, with Hansen View inbetween) meets at the facility that anchors its neighborhood – Providence Mount St. Vincent (at the top of the hill in the background of our first photo, looking up 37th SW).

Fairmount residents have been keeping a close eye on development prospects for the area known as the Triangle, and recently got word that the city is ready to move into a new phase of helping the community plan that district’s future. So, looking ahead to tomorrow’s meeting, Fairmount CA president Sharonn Meeks arranged for the city rep on the project, urban designer Robert Scully, to join her and other group reps on a walking tour Monday afternoon. We joined them and walked The Triangle’s perimeter from and to Fire Station 32 (38th/Alaska):

The barbed wire around a parking lot east of the fire station (believed to be a holdover from days as a storage lot) is just one of the signs of a neighborhood in transition. More scenes from the walking tour, and what happens next, ahead:Read More

West Seattle/White Center biznotes: Wins for Full Tilt, ZippyDogs

FULL TILT ICE CREAM WINS “BEST OF WESTERN WASHINGTON”: They’re headquartered in White Center but have been adopted by enough West Seattleites to feel like something of a WS annex, in the nonpolitical sense. As announced in the WSB Forums, Full Tilt Ice Cream has won its category in the KING 5 “Best of Western Washington” voting, and our video shows co-proprietors Justin Cline and Ann Magyar getting interviewed this afternoon by KING 5 producer Eric Riddle for the upcoming broadcast. Full Tilt first opened in White Center less than 2 years ago and has since expanded to Columbia City, with a Ballard location in the works too. (Any other WS/WC businesses win BoWW? Let us know!)

“SHOWMANSHIP” WIN FOR ZIPPYDOGS: Elise Lindborg from ZippyDogs, a West Seattle-based promotional-products company, is howling proud of their win for “Best Booth Showmanship” at this year’s Northwest Event Show, which recently drew thousands to the Washington State Convention and Trade Center. Lindborg, who identifies herself as ZippyDogs’ “Top Dog,” notes, “We try to make every day fun, and we strive to be helpful, professional, friendly, and yes, a little playful!” They’re online at

West Seattle scene: Wondrous webbing

In the fog and mist, Creighton was wowed by the white stuff in his yard – not frost, certainly not snow – and wondered:

Ever see anything like this? My wife and I walked out into our back yard this morning and found the fog deposited dew on what appears to be spider webs covering our entire back yard. I’m impressed at the industriousness of a spider that could do all this overnight. Aside from being a wonderfully spooky Halloween yard is this common around here?

Closer look:

West Seattle Crime Watch: 2 double-damage cases

First one comes from North Delridge: Thanks to the anonymous telephone tipster who called to share word that the Cottage Grove Shell store (5400 block of Delridge) had been broken into overnight. We went there to check it out and found boards on damaged doors (the store IS open); a worker told us that the burglar/s stole dozens of phone cards and lottery scratch tickets. Checking with police, we found out from Lt. Norm James at the Southwest Precinct that this store actually has been broken into twice in the past three days. Lt. James says, “Some type of pry tool used on both. There are currently no suspects in custody.” Detectives are investigating. Meantime, in other Crime Watch news, we’ve also heard from someone who’s had two cars vandalized in two days – and we have a followup from a resident in the neighborhood hit by a car-prowl spree last weekend – read on for those:Read More

Election 2009: Is West Seattle “nowhere”?

If you follow @westseattleblog on Twitter, you know the side conversations are numerous. One of them involved a musing (see it here) three days ago about a campaign commercial online (see it here, “cued up” to the reference) in which King County Council Chair/County Executive candidate Dow Constantine is accused of spending money on “ferries going nowhere,” while an image of the King County Water Taxi is shown. We wondered aloud if that was meant to suggest West Seattle is nowhere. The ad apparently subsequently hit the airwaves, which led Joseph Brick to wonder the same thing and send the question to us and The Stranger, which quickly pursued responses and just sent us links to their resulting Slog posts. Short summary, with the links: The person who produced the “ferries going nowhere” ad (whose funding is noted here) notes it’s an “independent” production and that “the (Susan) Hutchison campaign hasn’t seen it” and explains they were referring more to plans to expand the foot ferries; the Constantine campaign contends it’s evidence of an “anti-Seattle campaign” by Hutchison “and her allies.” No published comment from the Hutchison campaign so far, but we are seeking one. (12:47 AM WEDNESDAY: Haven’t received a reply.)

West Seattle Crime Watch: Fairmount Springs fights back

More than 60 people gathered at West Seattle Church of the Nazarene last night to brainstorm, commiserate, and most of all, prepare to fight back against burglaries and car prowls in the greater Fairmount Springs neighborhood – neighborhood organizer and e-mail-list-keeper Paul says his list, approaching 200 members, has grown to include folks in a wide area between The Junction and Morgan Junction. We reported last night on a side discussion at the meeting – how to handle door-to-door solicitors. Now, the main discussion: what can be done to deter crime. Some of it, you’ve heard before; some of it, maybe not. Read on:Read More

H1N1 flu: County opening 4 clinics for those who most need shots

Just in from King County Public Health: The county will open four clinics to provide H1N1 vaccine to people with “significant health problems” and without health insurance. One of them is in White Center. Read on for the official announcement – which also includes info about a county flu hotline for everyone, starting tomorrow (877-903-KING):Read More

Shake things up tonight: Belly dancing returns to Skylark

Double bill at Skylark Cafe and Club (WSB sponsor) again tonight – after “Spin Your Wax” open turntables at 6 (bring your “records” and play them!), the new monthly belly-dancing showcase is back 7:30-8:30 pm. Highland Park dancer/designer/activist Dina Johnson (who shared the photo from September’s show) forwards the announcement:

Come one, come all for another great night of dancing in West Seattle! Brought to you by Angela, Medea and Raqs Steady Eddie and of course the fair folks of Skylark Cafe. All ages welcome! Free! (but if you like the dancing, please tip us at the end) Delicious food and drinks. October’s show will feature Kat, Odori, Keiko, Pandora, Imei, Raqs, Steady Eddie’s students, Najma, and your hosts.

Skylark is at 3803 Delridge (map).

West Seattle wildlife: Coyote sighting in Gatewood

It’s been a while since we added to the coyote-sighting archive (which you can browse here). But it’s a good occasion for a reminder that authorities urge education/coexistence – don’t call in a coyote and expect to have animal control come chase after it. But do consider keeping your pets inside. This morning’s report is from Sherrideth:

Just wanted to alert the neighborhood that there is a coyote in Gatewood. Saw it
run across SW Austin as I drove to work this morning at 6:10 (10/20).

She says the cross-street was 39th SW (here’s a map). If you haven’t seen the state’s Living With Wildlife coyote info page before – check it out here.

Tonight: Healthy Youth Partnership; Crime Prevention Council

Tonight’s highlights from the WSB West Seattle Events calendar page:

SOUTHWEST HEALTHY YOUTH PARTNERSHIP: As noted in a much-discussed WSB report last week, this group will talk about neighborhood concerns regarding the plan for a state liquor store to move into the side of Westwood Village closest to Southwest Athletic Complex. SWHYP’s fight against underage drinking also will get a big showcase this Friday night at the West Seattle High SchoolChief Sealth High School football game, when coordinator Renae Gaines says the players’ helmets all will display red ribbons. Plus – can you help the SWHYP? Here are ways to pitch in. Meeting’s at Madison Middle School (map), 6 pm.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME PREVENTION COUNCIL: Get the latest crime-trend toplines directly from Southwest Precinct leadership; ask questions, voice concerns, and/or just listen to what’s being done to make the peninsula safer. 7 pm, Southwest Precinct (parking lot’s on Webster just west of Delridge, meeting room entrance is right off the parking lot).

Election 2009, City Council Position 6 closeup: Jessie Israel

We took a look at them all before the primary election; now, with two weeks till the general election, we’re checking back in with the finalists in five city races – mayor and council. First – Council Position 6.

By Jack Mayne
Reporting for West Seattle Blog

Seattle City Council candidate Jessie Israel is critical of the current way transit works here and critical of how her opponent, Nick Licata, operates after 12 years as a council member.

Transit can work, she contends, but is so dysfunctional because several separate agencies with no common bond operate its various parts.

“The trick to transit is to have many options that all work together,” says the newcomer to electoral politics. “You have buses, you have bus rapid transit, you have streetcars and all of those things are coordinated and some of them serve as spokes coming out from a wheel and some act as circulators getting you around neighborhoods and some as a spine like light rail so you can move the
mountain to Muhammad.”

Read More

Election 2009, City Council Position 6 closeup: Nick Licata

We took a look at them all before the primary election; now, with two weeks till the general election, we’re checking back in with the finalists in five city races – mayor and council. First – Council Position 6.

By Jack Mayne
Reporting for West Seattle Blog

Often on the short end of Seattle City Council votes, and often questioning matters others support, Councilmember Nick Licata gets hung with the “Councilmember No” description.

Licata rejects out of hand his opponent’s comments that he often votes against something without positive suggestions.

“My response is, show me,” he says. “My record is one of the most productive on the City Council. I was elected by my fellow members as president of the Council. While I was president of the Council we had two major initiatives. One was adding more police officers and the other was pedestrian safety when we started and finished the pedestrian master plan. I have a track record of passing legislation and affecting legislation. Everything from getting new park space in different parts of the city, support for the arts and basic transportation service including Bus Rapid Transit [RapidRide] up to West Seattle.”

Read More

Election 2009: Candidates on transit; WSB profile plan

October 20, 2009 1:13 am
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checkbox.jpgCANDIDATES ON TRANSIT: Want to know more about where the candidates stand regarding where and how you stand — or sit, and ride (aka on the bus, light rail, etc.)? The relatively new group Transit Riders Union of Metropolitan Puget Sound has published the questionnaires it received back from candidates in key races. Chas Redmond shares the link; note that one candidate in each of the two top races failed to respond.

WSB PROFILE PLAN: Over the next five late night/early mornings, we plan to publish West Seattle-focused stories on the key city races – two stories a night, one about each candidate in a given race, reported and written by veteran West Seattle journalist Jack Mayne. If you happen to see this item shortly after we publish it, we’re starting, in the next two WSB stories, with Jessie Israel and Nick Licata.