WS Democratic Women endorse Carr after barb-laden debate

It may have been most noteworthy because so many other Seattle political forums/debates seem rather tame and pleasant, seldom much discernible disagreement, and when disagreement is voiced, it’s voiced relatively softly. But not in the Seattle City Attorney debate that just wrapped up before the West Seattle Democratic Women. This event frequently erupted with disagreement and accusations – with challenger Pete Holmes‘ criticism of incumbent Tom Carr (photo left) often meeting with Carr retorting that what Holmes had just said was wrong or distorted. Points on which they disagreed included the fate of domestic-violence advocates in the City Attorney’s Office – Carr alleged that Holmes wants to cut the jobs, Holmes says they should be “independent” and separate from the office so they can better advocate for the victims; he also expressed concern about “no-contact” orders in potential misdemeanor domestic-violence cases, where he suggested things might be blown out of proportion – after that, Carr said Holmes’ answer “scared (him).” They also disagreed over the need for a new jail to handle city misdemeanor offenders — Carr isn’t sure it can be avoided (but says his office has worked hard to reduce the need for one), Holmes believes it can. We’ll add more details later – you’ll also see stories elsewhere, as reporters from the Seattle Times (WSB partner), Seattle Weekly, and The Stranger were here as well. Meantime, WSDW members voted on endorsements after the debate, and in the City Attorney’s race, they backed Carr; they didn’t issue endorsements in all races, but in the ones where they did – for County Executive, Dow Constantine; Sally Bagshaw for council position 4; Rob Holland for Port Commission; and they’d already endorsed Jessie Israel for council position 6. ADDED: Video from the closing statements by Pete Holmes and Tom Carr – including some of the aforementioned tension (Carr begins his clip by saying he’s “flabbergasted” at what you’ll hear Holmes say in the first clip):

The Weekly has published its story here, with more on the domestic-violence advocate issue we mentioned above. ADDED SATURDAY: Holmes alleged during the debate that Carr’s office had sent someone to jail for stealing a can of tuna. Carr just sent us a note saying he’d checked into the claim and has published his side of the story on his website.

3 Replies to "WS Democratic Women endorse Carr after barb-laden debate"

  • AceMotel September 24, 2009 (11:27 pm)

    Tom Carr FTW! But I would part company with the WSDW on council position #6. Nick Licata has done a fine job in his time on the council. The council would be greatly diminished if his independent and feisty voice were lost.

  • GAL September 25, 2009 (1:09 pm)

    Well done WSDW! Tom Carr is outstanding and should be re-elected.

  • election watcher September 28, 2009 (9:18 am)

    Great endorsement and the right one! Glad to see that the perfect man is being backed up by the West Seattle Democratic Women.

    Carr is the right man for the job given that Holmes has no prosecutorial experience and has spent his legal carrier just getting people off and believes that everyone should have a get-out-of-jail-free-card. Seattle should be very afraid of Holmes ideas: no jail needed (so where are we going to put DV perpetrators?); legalize marijuana (oh yes, why don’t we so that our kids can become addicted to this gateway drug and move on to better ones that will ruin their lives?); no advocates for DV victims (yes that’s a smart idea as if Dv victims don’t have enough to worry about on their plates without having someone strongly advocate for their rights and safety); and other stupid and ignorant ideas.

    Carr, you have my vote and the votes of all my friends and family.

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