The Kenney’s Seaview Building becomes an official city landmark

We’re at the Municipal Tower downtown, where the Landmarks Preservation Board has just made its decision: The century-old, cupola-topped Seaview Building at The Kenney will be designated as an official city landmark. Much discussion centered on whether the site itself (with the stipulated exclusion of four other buildings) should be included in the landmark designation, which would mean the Landmarks Board will have more of a role in decisions to be made regarding The Kenney’s redevelopment project. Board members expressed particular interest in the “west gardens” outside The Seaview. In the vote, they decided the site WILL be part of the landmark designation too. (This is the second meeting in a row at which the Landmarks Board has voted to designate a West Seattle facility as a landmark – two weeks ago, The Sanctuary at Admiral, formerly Sixth Church of Christ, Scientist, was designated.)

ADDED 5:17 PM: A few more notes: The Kenney was the work of Graham and Myers; one of the partners, John Graham Sr., is credited with designing many of Seattle’s best-known commercial buildings. The buildings excluded in the site designation were listed as Sunrise, Ballymena, Lincoln Vista and a collection of sheds; some features of the Seaview Building itself also are excluded, including its interior – which is proposed for renovation as part of The Kenney’s redevelopment – and a few other features added in the ’50s and ’60s, including an enclosed exterior staircase.

2 Replies to "The Kenney's Seaview Building becomes an official city landmark"

  • Max August 20, 2009 (8:07 am)

    What does the landmark status bring? Does that mean that any work they do – to the buildings and to the garden – must look the same from the outside? Does this kill their renovation plans?

  • WSB August 20, 2009 (8:15 am)

    No. But it means that if changes are proposed to what’s designated as a landmark, the owner has to get approval from the Landmarks Board. And since the garden area is included in the designation, that does mean that part of the plan would undergo scrutiny. For the Seaview building itself, its interior is NOT included, so work to change it into offices etc. as most recently proposed would not need approval, unless it affects the protected exterior (all of Seaview except for the couple of features we mentioned)- TR

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