Today/tonight: From “Dump the Pump” to “goodbye, grads”

“DUMP THE PUMP DAY”: Area transit agencies say today’s the day to take a bus, ride a bike, walk, carpool, anything but drive alone. Side note: Just looked up our D-the-P Day item from last year. It notes that gas at a certain station was about $4.33, while on the same date in 2007, it was more like what it is now, just under $3. (P.S. We just might see you today on the King County Water Taxi.)

SOUNDWAY “VACATION” TO DESIGN COMMISSION: Why the Water Taxi, you ask? We’re expecting to head downtown for a Seattle Design Commission review at 11 this morning at City Hall – seems terribly appropriate this one’s happening on “Dump the Pump Day,” because it involves greenbelt once targeted for roadbuilding that never happened, the “Soundway” property in the West Duwamish Greenbelt. For this to officially be preserved as greenbelt, its once-planned streets/alleys have to be officially “vacated,” and the SDC has to off on those. (Here’s the agenda.)

ALSO AT CITY HALL: The next big campaign forum is at 5 pm tonight, presented by the City Neighborhood Council. City Council candidates are in the spotlight this time.

SOUTH SEATTLE COMMUNITY COLLEGE STUDENTS MAKE HISTORY: Tonight’s SSCC graduation at Brockey Center, 7:30 pm, includes the first 4-year graduates from its Hospitality Management program.

2 Replies to "Today/tonight: From "Dump the Pump" to "goodbye, grads""

  • Val Vashon June 18, 2009 (7:38 am)

    How does a street grid and project on that side of West Seattle include a bridge that connects to Vashon Island?


  • WSB June 18, 2009 (3:58 pm)

    I’m not familiar with all the details and am still trying to rustle ’em up online, but see some links in our followup story. It wasn’t just a bridge to Vashon, but also apparently a link to 509 and some other interties in the system, meant to be a car connection all the way from the Duwamish River industrial area to … Vashon. Maybe beyond? I do remember more than 1 cross-Sound bridge proposal in our early years here, including one that would have continued over to the Kitsap Peninsula. Memories stick with me because it’s one of the distinctions central Puget Sound has compared to San Francisco Bay – you can look up or down the waterway and NOT have a bridge interrupting the view … As beautiful as a few of the Bay’s bridges are, I would have loved to have seen what for example the Golden Gate area looked like when it was a direct view out to sea … TR

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