West Seattle Crime Watch: Know whose car this is?

A crime report this morning from WSB contributing photojournalist Christopher Boffoli in The Junction, who along with neighbors is hoping this car’s owner will come forward fast:

We had a car prowl overnight on 41st between Alaska and Oregon. In the two years I’ve lived here this is the first one I’ve seen on this block. Side window shattered and there’s stuff all over the passenger seat so it looks like someone went through the glovebox. I called it in to the police but there’s nothing they can really do until the owners call and report it and we’re not sure exactly who owns this car.

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  • 100KGSD4WS February 20, 2009 (10:22 am)

    I’m telling you, 100,000 German Shepherds patrolling the streets of West Seattle would have prevented this crime from occurring.

  • Ms Bette February 20, 2009 (10:23 am)

    How come the police can’t look up the owners with the license plate and contact them?

  • WSB February 20, 2009 (10:27 am)

    thank you 100, now I get your “handle.” Do you have a Facebook group yet?

  • sam February 20, 2009 (10:35 am)

    I think it’s so funny that anti-vitamin people argue so vehemently against vitamins. if you don’t like them, don’t take them ! but don’t beat us over the head about it.

  • sam February 20, 2009 (10:36 am)

    wow- that went in the wrong thread- oops nevermind

  • JenV February 20, 2009 (10:38 am)

    yeah, sam – breaking someone’s window because they don’t like Flintstone’s Chewables is just WRONG. ;)

  • Irukandji February 20, 2009 (10:39 am)

    Maybe vitamins prevent this kind of behavior?

  • Maggie February 20, 2009 (10:54 am)

    This is ridiculous! As I reported several weeks ago, there are a couple of girls in West Seattle going around randomly vandalizing cars and specifically targeting a few. Interestingly, one of the girls lives on the street where the above car has been broke into…she drives a white Honda Accord and parks on the same street. I have contacted the police several times, they know who the girls are, what they drive (with license plate # too) These girls (often with a few others in their car) are out most nights, often until 5:00 am…we have been vandalized by them twice and both times it has happened after 3 am and before 6:00 am.
    Please be on the watch for these girls…if they can be caught/stopped, I think we’ll see some decrease in these senseless, expensive acts of vandalism.

  • 100KGSD4WS February 20, 2009 (11:04 am)

    Yes, WSB, we now have a Facebook group:


    Please join us in taking a bite out of crime in our community!

  • Roadking54 February 20, 2009 (11:23 am)

    We had a couple car widows broken on 41st between Oregon and Gennesse last week as well.

  • jsrekd February 20, 2009 (11:42 am)

    DOL records are often out of date and SPD doesn’t have the resources to contact the victims of car prowls – and only the victim can inventory the loss(es). Once the victim calls in, the report can most likely be taken over the phone by an operator – keep the officers on patrol, rather than taking paper on a car prowl – and isn’t that what we want after all?

  • P February 20, 2009 (11:48 am)

    An interesting tid bit, a friend had his wallet stolen out of his car the other day. He went to Social Security, and they could not do a thing for him until he came in with a New Orginal (not the paper copy DMV gives you) license. I thought, wow, government works hard to not help you.

  • AlkiRagdoll February 20, 2009 (12:33 pm)

    100K…. while this would be a great use of GS… they would be off leash and require too large of a poop squad…

  • Brandon February 20, 2009 (12:50 pm)

    How are we so sure that these girls are guilty of what you are suggesting? You seem very certain, but why no arrest from SPD?

  • 100KGSD4WS February 20, 2009 (1:06 pm)

    AlkiRagdoll – Already got this covered. The pack will reside in Lincoln Park and will be trained to “do their business” on the beach during low tide; no human intervention required.

  • Sarah February 20, 2009 (1:12 pm)

    P, I agree that it sounds like the SS office is being inefficient in helping your friend, but it’s a good reminder to keep one’s Social Security card in a secure location, not in one’s wallet. That’s a whole lot of risk to take on for a card that is really very rarely needed.

  • 100KSSD4WS February 20, 2009 (1:29 pm)

    I love 100KGSD4WS. I’m training 100,000 sht shu’s to back up the GS’s for ankle biting purposes.

  • Dude Nulu February 20, 2009 (2:56 pm)

    WSBloggers responses remind me of a scene in “The Big Lebowski” when the Dude’s car gets stolen…a team of crack detectives will be working overtime on this one!
    Even after the owner calls it in, SPD will do nothing more than ask if the owner wishes to file a police report.
    Life in the Big City.

  • Onya February 20, 2009 (3:00 pm)

    I live the next block north and have had my truck window smashed twice in the last and slim jimmed once. Good times. I haven’t lost anything of value and my truck is definately basic transportation. I did call the police and file a report each time. The neighbors have also had their cars broken into numerous times.

  • WSB February 20, 2009 (3:13 pm)

    To add to all this: We just got a call from a nearby resident who said that several mirrors were flipped/broken on cars along 39th/Genesee recently, and a car was vandalized/up on blocks near Buddha Ruksa. And police reports were filed – TR

  • beachdrivegirl February 20, 2009 (3:35 pm)

    P, even with the license. SS really can not do anything. You can not change your SS number. I have been a victim of identity theft and know all too well.

  • cjboffoli February 20, 2009 (8:25 pm)

    Dude Nulu: Exactly. The thieves fortunately left the Credence tapes in the car.
    Not sure I agree with you on the “Life in the Big City” notion though. All too often I hear that used to justify all sorts of things. I lived in New York City before I moved to Seattle and I’m alarmed at how much more crime I encounter close to home here in West Seattle than I did living in Greenwich Village.
    Incidentally, the owners of the Ford Focus that was vandalized/robbed just showed up and are dealing with the aftermath. They are residents of 4518 41st.

  • mar3c February 21, 2009 (11:18 pm)

    cjb: i’m not sure i agree with *you* on publishing the victims’ address. i would think that cross street id would suffice.
    nonetheless, we need to reintroduce the concept of shame in our society.
    if these mental defects are found, they should be sentenced to wear ass-less pink bunny outfits while collecting litter in the gateway during rush hour under a giant banner that reads, “idiots.”

  • Beth February 23, 2009 (2:08 pm)

    Not sure if this is related, but two teenage girls knocked on our door last week and asked if we had a security system installed. Speaking with neighbors and other WS friends same thing happened to them. Upon hearing about other incidences, coupled with the stolen car last night by Ercolini Park, my husband has now called the police to report the girls since he spoke with them.

  • doglover March 2, 2009 (10:50 am)

    i hope beth and maggie gave a decent description to police about these girls who are obviously up to no good. they need to be questioned and observed by someone in law enforcement to thwart any newly conceived schemes they have planned.

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