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Delridge Produce Co-op update: More pitch in; still room for you

February 20, 2009 10:28 pm
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After another meeting this week to get the envisioned Delridge Produce Co-op further down the road to reality, Galena White shares how it went, including word of a possible produce source, and a search for entertainment experts! Read on for Galena’s full report:Read More

Opening weekend for Cafe Revo (dinner only, this Sat.-Sun.)

After a week or so of practicing, tonight an invitation-only benefit gala (proceeds to the West Seattle Food Bank) opened the doors at the long-awaited Luna Park ristorante Cafe Revo. We will have photos back shortly; meantime, we have word from Sofia Zadra Goff – “Signora della Casa” (co-owner with chef husband Sean “Chano” Goff) – that they have decided to be open for dinner only this weekend, and will start lunch service on Monday. (Photos added 8:41 pm – below, in the kitchen, that’s Sofia at right, looking proudly over at Sean and his team cooking, while her dad, known as “Nonno,” smiles for the WSB camera.)

Out in the dining area – abuzz with the voices of a full house – we asked “Nonno” exactly what it is he’ll be doing:

Dinner service this Saturday and Sunday will start at 4 pm. More info at the Cafe Revo website.

West Seattle Weekend Lineup: The envelope, please …

February 20, 2009 4:34 pm
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wswllicon3.pngIt’s Oscars weekend, and yes, we have a West Seattle Oscars party (trivia! prizes!) – along with a poetry reading tonight, two Saturday events that could change your financial future, plus the chance to meet an “American Gladiator,” among more than three dozen events ahead in this edition of the West Seattle Weekend Lineup (sponsored by Skylark Cafe and Club):Read More

Pay parking in The Junction? One way to directly have your say

Almost every time we report on this, it draws a mini-crowd of people worried about the prospect of city-managed pay parking in The Junction. Here’s your big chance to have a say directly in person: The first “walking tour” of the study zone has just been set. And it’s on a weekend, to maximize your chance of participating. Just RSVP, and then show up. Here’s the announcement we just got from Dante Taylor, who’s working on the West Seattle Junction parking study for the city Transportation Department:

SDOT will conduct a walking tour of the West Seattle Junction next Saturday, February 28 from 12 pm to 2 pm. This is an opportunity for you, community members and me, the project manager, to meet and identify parking concerns in the Junction area. We will walk around parts of the Junction that are within the outreach boundary and make note of any areas where you feel the parking study should focus. I will have maps of the outreach area so that you can take notes. Please note that we may not need the full two hours, but it would be helpful if you were available during this time just in case.

Let’s plan to meet at the Cupcake Royale at the northeast corner of Alaska and California. If you have any questions or comments, please let me know.

E-mail Dante at or call him, 206-684-8186. To catch up on the Junction parking-review background, check out our coverage archive (newest to oldest).

Seattle Public Schools enrollment “tour” sets Delridge date

February 20, 2009 3:18 pm
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Just got Seattle Public Schools‘ news release about open enrollment starting March 2. It mentions district reps will be at the Delridge Library to take applications March 11, if you’d rather apply in person instead of by mail (or at an out-of-West Seattle location). Read on:Read More

Update: It’s official, Funky Jane’s moving to ex-vitamin storefront

Thanks to Dawn211 for posting a comment on our report about Natureway closing its Junction shop, noting that Funky Jane’s Consignment would be the new tenant. We subsequently got that confirmed by building co-owner Gina Terrana, and today, we stopped in to talk with Funky Jane’s proprietor Angela Nichols (photo above). Hers is one of several businesses that needed to move anyway because the Conner Homes project is taking down the existing buildings at California/Alaska/42nd; since demolition’s not happening immediately, so she’ll be moving to the new location over the summer, she told us. By the way, Angela also had a note about what’s happening in her business right now – winter’s over and it’s time to think spring, so the current focus is on “spring preview.” (Funky Jane’s is at 4706 California now [map] and the new location in a few months is at 4455 California [map].)

Remembering the founder of West Seattle-based Mary North Travel

February 20, 2009 1:05 pm
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Thanks to the WSB’er who wrote to make sure everyone knew that the founder of a longtime West Seattle business — Mary North Travel in the Triangle, founded more than a half-century ago — has died. According to this obituary, Mary Margaret Finley North was just a few months shy of her 90th birthday. You can sign the online guestbook here.

Speaking of trash pickup … Big changes are 1 month away

On the heels of the solid-waste-pickup discussion during this morning’s storm-aftermath report at the Seattle City Council, we just got a news release from Seattle Public Utilities saying they want to be SURE you know that trash pickup days are changing (for “most” households) and recycling rules are changing too. March 30th is the date, and while that’s been reported before, it’s now only a month away. Read on for the official reminder:Read More

Seattle snow aftermath: The $3.5 million storm, and what’s next

(added 12:25 pm – here’s a link to the full “after-action report” discussed today)

(12/18/08 photo from Chris, taken on Delridge ramp to West Seattle Bridge)
Members of three Seattle City Council committees just got an hourlong update from three city department heads, and one of their own analysts, on more hindsight regarding the December ’08 snowstorm woes, and what’ll be done to improve city response next time. The highlights: Emergency Management director Barb Graff says the storm was overall a “$3.5 million hit” to the city budget (Councilmember Jan Drago said she wished there’d been a report on the private-sector “hit” too), though there’s hope that federal disaster-relief dollars could help cover some of that, if a presidential proclamation is made (word is expected within a week). SDOT director Grace Crunican says the city now has two more snowplows: 29 total, up from 27. The two additions cost $40,000 each.

(12/18/08 photo from Saney, taken at California/Hanford)
With that equipment, and with up to 13 more pieces of equipment available from private contractors – who are now on a retainer that will cost $30,000 (plus actual usage fees) the first year, $15,000 the second, and no additional fee after that – she says the city will be able to commit to keeping 744 “arterial lane-miles” of key streets clear no matter what, for buses and cars to use. (Using West Seattle – where she lives – as an example, Crunican said that would include California, Delridge, and 35th. No specific cross-streets, we will be looking into whether the specifics are in writing somewhere.) More highlights from the discussion, just ahead (we’ll be adding links in the next half-hour or so but wanted to get out the gist of what was said):Read More

Metro bus riders, listen up: Some routing changes start Monday

Metro is trying to get the word out that road work in Sodo will change some bus routes as soon as Monday – if you use Metro buses that run through that area, here’s the news release you should read.

Orca update: They’ve gone by (but there’s online video)

(added 1:32 pm, the whale-watching crowd south of Alki Point earlier this afternoon)
ORIGINAL 10:28 AM POST: Quick update from Jeff Hogan – those orcas (see previous item) may be heading this way – northbound in Colvos Passage (west side of Vashon) at last report. We’ll update this item when/if there’s more info, and we’ll also post to Twitter (even if you don’t use Twitter, you can see our updates here). 11:15 AM UPDATE: Update from Jeff, now they’ve been spotted off Alki Point. 12:11 PM UPDATE: TV station says it’s streaming online (here’s the link – we’re checking it now). 12:28 PM UPDATE: Looks like they’re now refeeding video shot earlier. 1:03 PM UPDATE: And here’s the direct link to the aerial video now archived on KING5’s site.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Know whose car this is?

A crime report this morning from WSB contributing photojournalist Christopher Boffoli in The Junction, who along with neighbors is hoping this car’s owner will come forward fast:

We had a car prowl overnight on 41st between Alaska and Oregon. In the two years I’ve lived here this is the first one I’ve seen on this block. Side window shattered and there’s stuff all over the passenger seat so it looks like someone went through the glovebox. I called it in to the police but there’s nothing they can really do until the owners call and report it and we’re not sure exactly who owns this car.

Seattle snowstorm aftermath: Next round of city reports

After a series of briefings and hearings focusing on how the city dealt with the challenges of Snowstorm ’08, this morning we will hear about the “after-action reports” that key departments were ordered to prepare. Three Seattle City Council committees are meeting jointly at 9 am to get the lowdown from three department heads: Barb Graff, Director of the Office of Emergency Management; Grace Crunican, Director of the Department of Transportation; and Ray Hoffman, Acting Director of Seattle Public Utilities (previous director Chuck Clarke has moved on to his new job with Cascade Water Alliance). Here’s the agenda; you can watch live online at or on cable Channel 21. 10:01 AM UPDATE: This discussion is just starting now, after the meeting’s first hour was spent on the Mercer Corridor project.