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Denny school site’s future: The meeting that almost wasn’t


Loved that bumper sticker the first time we saw it, on a car along a Fauntlee Hills street. Might have been the same car on which we photographed it Saturday morning, after the Democratic Get Out the Vote rally at The Hall at Fauntleroy. Anyway, it certainly applied to this afternoon’s third meeting — a meeting that almost wasn’t — of the Design Team that’s helping shape what will happen to the Denny Middle School site, once the current school is demolished after the new Denny is built at the Chief Sealth High School campus – read on:Read More

Economic optimism, anyone?

Several people have called our attention to this new article from Smart Money magazine, so we’re sharing it — West Seattle real estate gets a sunny shoutout.

59th/Admiral shooting trial update: Jury seated

gavel.jpgAs mentioned last week, WSB is covering the trial of the Alki 18-year-old charged with second-degree murder in the only 2007 West Seattle killing to go to trial, the deadly shooting in a car at 59th/Admiral on 10/13/07. WSB courtroom correspondent Rachel Gabrielle reports that a full jury was finally seated by the end of the day today in King County Superior Court, 8 women and 6 men (counting the two alternates). Opening statements are expected tomorrow in Judge Richard Eadie‘s courtroom, and we will have daily reports throughout the trial, estimated to last up to 3 weeks.

Lesbian and Gay Film Festival countdown: Ticket giveaway update

October 20, 2008 9:13 pm
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logolgff.jpgThis Friday and Saturday, the Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival (WSB sponsor) includes screenings in West Seattle, for the very first time. Friday night begins with “Tough Girls: Shorts at 6 pm, followed by “The Sensei” at 7:30 pm and “A Nightmare on Elm Street 2” at 10 pm; on Saturday, the first showing is the documentary “Equality U” at noon, followed by “The New World” at 2:30 pm, the documentary “The Kinsey Sicks: Almost Infamous” at 4:30, “Dogtags” at 7 pm, “Camp Blood: Shorts” at 9 pm, then a special “Rocky Horror Picture Show” presentation at 11:30. OK, so now – the giveaway. Tonight, tomorrow, and Wednesday, courtesy of SLGFF, each night we’re giving away two pairs of tickets – one pair per winner per night – to the movie of your choice (with the exception of “The Sensei” and “Rocky Horror,” which are expected to be hot tickets). We’re making this mondo easy – first two people to e-mail us are the winners. Use this e-mailbox: – include the name under which you want the tickets to be held at “will call” at the Admiral on the date/time of the showing you choose, as well as which movie you want the tickets for. We’ll add an update to the post as soon as we can once tonight’s tickets have been won – then, two more pairs tomorrow. Good luck! 9:31 PM UPDATE: Tickets given away for tonight – be here again tomorrow night, when we’ll have two more to give away!

Follow-up: Why the Viaduct warning lights weren’t on

notflashing.jpgAs promised, we asked SDOT to explain why the “Alaskan Way Viaduct Closed When Flashing” warning lights didn’t go on till mid-afternoon Saturday, long after the long-planned shutdown began early Saturday morning. The answer, e-mailed by SDOT spokesperson Marybeth Turner — the lights didn’t malfunction, they just weren’t turned on:

In response to your inquiry, the “Viaduct Closed When Flashing” signs were mistakenly turned on late on Saturday. Although the road barricades and street closure signs were in place on time, the flashing lights warning drivers of the need to use other routes were not activated. We now have a procedure in place to ensure it won’t happen again.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Assorted follow-ups

October 20, 2008 3:53 pm
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Quick followups on three incidents we’ve posted about here in the past few days: Friday night High Point stabbing – no arrest yet (no condition update on the victim, either, but as reported that night, her wounds were not life-threatening); last night’s Money Tree break-in — the suspect’s indeed in custody, and Southwest Precinct Lt. Steve Paulsen confirms it was indeed a break-in through the roof (Nichole reports in comments that an alert neighbor spotted the burglar and called 911); last night’s report of an assault victim at 29th/Thistle, turned out not to have been an assault after all – police had to sort through the story told by a woman who was dropped off there by some people she had reportedly met on Beacon Hill, but ultimately it was determined there was not a crime to report. Reminder, if you’re concerned about crime and safety in West Seattle, the Denny Middle School library is the place to be tomorrow night, 7 pm, for the monthly West Seattle Crime Prevention Council meeting (here’s our report from last month).

Speed-cam van shown off in Gatewood, with an election underscore


That white van parked outside Gatewood Elementary School this morning did triple duty — helping bust speeders along Fauntleroy a few hours earlier, helping city leaders put drivers on notice, and underscoring a political point about a statewide ballot initiative you’ll be deciding between now and November 4th. Full details (including how the van works, plus video from this morning’s event, at which Gatewood Elementary’s principal spoke too), just ahead:Read More

Viaduct traffic alert, courtesy of the mayor


Just back from the big Gatewood Elementary event about the speed-camera van (photo above; much more on the van show-and-tell shortly, including the ballot-initiative underscore to the whole thing) – while speaking at the news conference, the mayor announced that the Seneca offramp from the northbound Alaskan Way Viaduct is currently closed because a “20-foot chunk of concrete fell.” TV report says it was a guardrail section, knocked down by a truck. (Speaking of The Viaduct, SDOT is still checking for us on why the closure-warning lights didn’t work for hours on Saturday morning.) 1:17 PM UPDATE: SDOT’s Rick Sheridan clarifies, the Seneca ramp “is soon to be closed. SDOT will need to close it for 6-8 hours to safely conduct the repair work.” We’ll let you know when we get the exact time frame. 4:25 PM UPDATE: The ramp’s open again, says SDOT.

Election ’08: Hours left to register to vote, and other notes

October 20, 2008 11:56 am
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When King County Elections HQ closes today at 6 pm, that’s it, checkbox.jpgabsolute end of your chance to register to vote, if you’re not already registered in this state. You have to go there to do it in person; Elections HQ is in Renton – here’s a map. If you are registered and you’ve received a vote-by-mail ballot, two notes: 1. Info on key state/local races and candidates is all in one place on our Election page; 2. If you feel a little hinky about putting your ballot in the mail, you can drop it off in person any time, around the clock, between now and 8 pm Nov. 4, at the Delridge Neighborhood Service Center, 5405 Delridge; here’s a map.

Mark your calendar: Why November 13th will be a day to remember

statue.jpgWhatever you do on Thursday, November 13th, might just wind up making history. Southwest Seattle Historical Society/Log House Museum director Andrea Mercado has word of a plan that not only will commemorate the anniversary of the Denny Party‘s landing (this year, it’ll be the 157th anniversary), but also will fill the time capsule that is to be buried next year at the new Alki Statue of Liberty Plaza. According to Andrea, SWSHS plans to collect photos and other items nov1308snw.pngfrom all over Seattle — NOT just WS — to create a collection of items showing life in Seattle as it’s lived on November 13, 2008. That could include almost anything – minutes from a meeting that’s held that day, a photo of parents walking to school with their kids, a list from someone’s grocery-shopping trip that day, something a class of schoolchildren works on that day … This plan is the result of brainstorming that included a meeting this past weekend to plan the time-capsule effort. Lots of details remain to be worked out, including exactly how/when the items will be accepted, once November 13, 2008, is in the books. But right now, Andrea adds, they need help in a couple of ways: One, spread the word. We’ve asked some of our fellow neighborhood-news site operators around Seattle to help get the word out; anyone you think might be interested in participating, let them know (you can use the “Share This” link below this post to share this item a variety of ways, including e-mail). Two, Andrea’s looking for more people to be part of a committee to set the guidelines for submissions, and more people to work on outreach to get word of this to schools and others around the city — just e-mail to volunteer. You’ll hear more about this as November 13, 2008, gets closer – we’ll bring you followups – but for starters, think about what might help tell the story of that day to people looking back on it a half-century later, and get ready to be part of the time-capsule creation.
(Above-right photo courtesy David Hutchinson)

Happening today/tonight: Denny site design; Transit Prop 1 talk

Two quick previews: The Design Team (with school and community reps) helping shape the future of the Denny Middle School site (once the new Denny is built on the Chief Sealth HS campus nearby) meets at 3 pm today, Denny library (map). All welcome; here’s our report on the last meeting. Then tonight at 7, Sustainable West Seattle meets at the Camp Long Lodge – with the agenda including a look at both sides of Sound Transit Proposition 1. ADDED MONDAY AFTERNOON: We are also reminded that the Departure Advisory Committee for the Denny/Sealth project, which is reviewing the district’s request for less parking and more building height than zoning would allow, meets at the Denny library at 7 tonight.

West Seattle Gas Price Watch: Steep slide

ruxprice.jpgLooks like we resumed the end-of-weekend gas-price survey runs just in time – driving around West Seattle lincpark.jpga few hours ago, we discovered some stations had dropped prices for regular gas by 30 cents (or more) in the past week. At left, you see the lowest price we found (at the station that made news this past week for a different reason); at right, the highest. The full list, with April and June prices for comparison, ahead:Read More

West Seattle Crime Watch: Busy early morning for police

Two incidents under way right now: Thanks to Brad and Brian for the tip about police at the Money Tree at 41st/Alaska; scanner traffic points to a search for an intruder. Police also are in the 29th/Thistle vicinity, with scanner traffic reporting a medic crew responding to assist with a report of an assault victim. 1 AM UPDATE: Fire truck L(adder)-11 is at the 41st/Alaska scene to help. 1:21 AM ADDITION: Still monitoring the scanner … now, somewhere on 45th SW, police have been called after three people broke a car window and took off running. Missed the block #. 1:36 AM UPDATE: Sounds like the 41st/Alaska intruder may be in custody; police were reported to be talking to him, and then searching to be sure no one else was in the building. 1:53 AM UPDATE: Now officers are checking out a report of shots heard in 19th/Thistle vicinity. RELEVANT SIDE NOTE: This month’s meeting of the West Seattle Crime Prevention Council is at 7 pm Tuesday night — different location — Denny Middle School (30th/Thistle; map).