Mark your calendar: Why November 13th will be a day to remember

statue.jpgWhatever you do on Thursday, November 13th, might just wind up making history. Southwest Seattle Historical Society/Log House Museum director Andrea Mercado has word of a plan that not only will commemorate the anniversary of the Denny Party‘s landing (this year, it’ll be the 157th anniversary), but also will fill the time capsule that is to be buried next year at the new Alki Statue of Liberty Plaza. According to Andrea, SWSHS plans to collect photos and other items nov1308snw.pngfrom all over Seattle — NOT just WS — to create a collection of items showing life in Seattle as it’s lived on November 13, 2008. That could include almost anything – minutes from a meeting that’s held that day, a photo of parents walking to school with their kids, a list from someone’s grocery-shopping trip that day, something a class of schoolchildren works on that day … This plan is the result of brainstorming that included a meeting this past weekend to plan the time-capsule effort. Lots of details remain to be worked out, including exactly how/when the items will be accepted, once November 13, 2008, is in the books. But right now, Andrea adds, they need help in a couple of ways: One, spread the word. We’ve asked some of our fellow neighborhood-news site operators around Seattle to help get the word out; anyone you think might be interested in participating, let them know (you can use the “Share This” link below this post to share this item a variety of ways, including e-mail). Two, Andrea’s looking for more people to be part of a committee to set the guidelines for submissions, and more people to work on outreach to get word of this to schools and others around the city — just e-mail to volunteer. You’ll hear more about this as November 13, 2008, gets closer – we’ll bring you followups – but for starters, think about what might help tell the story of that day to people looking back on it a half-century later, and get ready to be part of the time-capsule creation.
(Above-right photo courtesy David Hutchinson)

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  • herongrrrl October 20, 2008 (11:58 am)

    Wasn’t there already a time capsule there? Was in destroyed in the construction or something? My mom told me she contributed some things to a time capsule there when she was a little girl.

  • Andrea Mercado October 21, 2008 (10:05 am)

    There was a time capsule located under the original statue of liberty that was put in place by the Boy Scout Council in 1952. The contents had been damaged by water so books and papers included were a “soppy mess” (that is not official museum conservation lingo) and had immediate conservation needs. Those are not on exhibit at the museum, but the stable plastic liberty bells are, along with images of where the time capsule was located.
    The one you are thinking of is at the Pioneer Monument located at 63rd and Alki. This marker was placed in 1905 to commemorate the Alki Landing Party. When it was moved across the street from the old Stockade hotel a time capsule was included. Some selected students put their artwork and written words in it… this would have been your mom! Many former students come in and let us know they have something in there. The Alki monument time capsule is due to be opened in 2051. For more information feel free to contact the Log House Museum Thursday – Sunday.

  • KT October 21, 2008 (4:22 pm)

    My friend, a lifelong Seattle area-ite said, ‘Put in a copy of the Last Days column from the Stranger, our last locally owned newspaper.’

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