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Monday morning site notes

checkbox.jpg2 quick notes as the week begins: With Election Day just five weeks from tomorrow, we’ve added the WSB Election page, featuring links to info on ballot measures (pop quiz! do you know what I-1029’s about?) and candidates, plus continuously updated digests of area political headlines and political blog updates (like the automated twitter.jpgdigests on our Blogs and More pages). Find the Election page here (or from the tabs on any WSB page). Also, the Twitter box is back in the right sidebar – it’s one way to track what we’re saying on Twitter without signing up for it (as explained here) yourself – it’s been gone a few days, since some systemwide technical instability on Thursday, but seems OK now.

Update: Pier fire on Harbor Island

September 28, 2008 11:34 pm
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We’ve received a few notes from live 911 log-watchers about the “fire in building” callout on Harbor Island, listed as 16th/Lander (map). We heard it was tapped sometime back and didn’t go; there’s no official Fire Department update so far but a P-I blog says it was a pier fire at the former Fisher mill site.

Homeless encampment update: Deciding what to do next

September 28, 2008 9:59 pm
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We’re checking on the West Marginal/Highland Park Way encampment daily TFN. Tonight’s bottom line: A few dozen tents are still there (photo above is from just after 5 pm). We stopped by early this evening after reading a note on the “Nickelsville” announcement site saying that campers planned a meeting to talk about what to do on Wednesday, since that’s how long the state has said – so far – they’d be allowed to stay on the state land adjacent to the city plot from which they were booted Friday afternoon. Their meeting hadn’t happened by the time we stopped by, and things were pretty quiet, no TV trucks or rabblerousers in view. We’ll check again tomorrow, and we’re keeping an eye on various related websites too; the organizer who was the first person arrested on Friday, Anitra Freeman, put a short post on her blog today, pointing to an Associated Press article about an increase in tent cities around the country.

Alki Statue of Liberty vandalism, but not all what it seems


Just three weeks after the plaza dedication, we’ve received a couple reports of vandalism on the new Alki Statue of Liberty pedestal – a missing plaque – but David Hutchinson of the Statue of Liberty Plaza Project Committee reports it’s not exactly what it seems: What’s missing off the pedestal is a placeholder plaque, with the real thing scheduled to be installed sometime soon. He adds that he “noticed over the past 3 weeks as the corners of the fake plaque were gradually peeled back and finally someone simply ripped the whole outer layer off. There have also been a few other acts of minor vandalism – scratching graffiti on an armrest and on some of the blank bricks.” (Thanks to David for the pedestal photo; he also sent photos of the armrest and bricks but since we don’t want to publicize the actual tags, we’re not using them.) MONDAY MORNING UPDATE: More information from Libby Carr of the plaza committee:

The plaque on the street side of the Statue was a temporary until
the new bronze plaque, containing the background story of our Statue, was
cast. It’s now done and will be permanently mounted very soon on the street
side of the pedestal.
We also wanted to let folks now about our concerns about some of the
bricks in the plaza floor. We are having a meeting this week with the brick
engraving company to determine what the problem is with about 100 of the
bricks having what looks like faded lettering. We are not sure what the
cause is, so we are having a meeting to discuss it and find an acceptable
solution. We want brick owners (and potential brick buyers for the
remaining) to know that we are addressing this problem and will be fixing
Also, since many people didn’t have a chance to see Ken Burns
documentary “The Statue of Liberty” on the day of the Celebration event, we
are showing it again at the Log House Museum (61st & Stevens) on Saturday
October 11 (at 1:00 & 3:00 PM) and again on Sunday at 2:00 PM. We will send
in more info as the time approaches, but people may want to put that on
their calendar. People who have seen this thought provoking and informative
historical film have been very impressed with it.

Huge turnout for Northwest Hope and Healing’s Alki Beach Run

(if you’re looking for someone in the crowd, here’s a slightly larger version of that clip)
Last night, we told you West Seattle-based Northwest Hope and Healing had 750-plus people signed up for today’s Alki Beach Run 5K run-walk to raise money for its mission of helping breast-cancer patients. Today – just take a look at that first video clip atop this report; we had a great eagle’s-eye view of the start of the race, and in our video, you can see all ONE THOUSAND-PLUS participants stream by – huge turnout! We talked to Northwest Hope and Healing director Shari Sewell during the run/walk, and she told us they had printed up 900-plus bibs, but ran out during registration this morning! Now – did you notice the flag in the video clip? Read on to see what it symbolizes, see a clip of what the flagbearers did just before the run, and hear from the person they walked in honor of – oh, plus, see the first finisher, all ahead:Read More

First Lutheran Church of West Seattle celebrates 90th anniversary

September 28, 2008 1:02 pm
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Just north of The Junction, quite a sight this morning outside one of West Seattle’s historic churches: First Lutheran Church of West Seattle marked its 90th anniversary with a bagpipe-led procession, beginning from the original 1918 church site (photo here) behind the current one, heading along Dakota to the 1950-opened sanctuarydesigned by a member of the Seattle-founding Denny family — front. The video clip above shows the start of the procession (which FLCWS’s pastor, the Rev. Ronald Marshall, previewed in this article we published earlier this week), led by Tyron Heade, Pipe Major from St. James Cathedral downtown; just ahead, three more clips as the ceremony moved to the church’s door:Read More

West Seattle Crime Watch: Chill bench pinched

September 28, 2008 11:32 am
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From the “when bad things happen to good people” file: We last heard from massage/aromatherapy purveyors Chill, in Gatewood/south Morgan Junction, when they were raising money this summer to help Jan’s Salon next door recover from this eyepopping crash. Now, Nicole at Chill just e-mailed bad news of their own:

Last night 9/27/2008, someone stole the bench (wrought iron and wood) from out front of Chill at 6969 California Ave SW. It’s a shame – people in the neighborhood really seemed to like having it there. Any sight of it, contact Nicole at Chill 206-724-9555 – thanks.

12:02 PM ADDITION: We asked Nicole for a photo of the bench:


West Seattle weekend scenes, 1st Sunday morning of fall

September 28, 2008 11:22 am
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Thanks to David Hutchinson for that photo of the Alki Beach Run 5K this morning to raise money for West Seattle-based Northwest Hope and Healing. More than 900 people participated – not even counting those who lined the route to cheer. We have a full report coming up with video and more photos, plus an interview with the breast-cancer patient for whom the Seattle Lutheran cheerleaders were marching (note the flag in David’s photo). Also this morning:


That’s the end of a ceremony this morning outside First Lutheran Church of West Seattle, celebrating its 90th anniversary. We also will bring you a full report on that, including video of the bagpipe-led procession and rededication ceremony. On the way back to WSB HQ after both those events, we stopped for this solemn scene:


Fresh hydrangeas rest at the bottom of the utility pole at 35th/Graham, two years and one day after the crash that killed bicyclist Susanne Scaringi. We also photographed the pole on the anniversary last year. Next year, those who want to pay tribute to Susanne on the anniversary probably won’t be able to do this, as this will likely be a construction site – proposed for three mixed-use buildings (next Design Review session coming up October 9). On the back of the pole, by the way, an artwork – we don’t know if it’s related to the memorial, or just there for whomever passes by:


West Seattle Farmers’ Market today: First fall session

September 28, 2008 6:30 am
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 |   West Seattle Farmers' Market

What’s an aprium? Find out at the West Seattle Farmers’ Market today (44th/Alaska, 10 am-2 pm); it’s one of the items on this week’s Ripe ‘n’ Ready “fresh sheet.”

Election: Parks Levy campaign stops in Delridge


Some people just get involved in politics young. That little girl seemed determined to get the day off to a running start, along with one of three groups that toured the city today to campaign for Seattle Proposition 2, the $145 million, six-year parks levy (text/pros/cons/$ impact here) that’s going before voters just as the old Pro Parks Levy expires. This group started its day with a stop at Delridge Playfield, one of the West Seattle spots that stands to benefit if the levy passes, according to West Seattle-residing City Councilmember Tom Rasmussen: (who chairs the council’s Parks Committee):

Specifically, Delridge Playfield would get $3-plus million to replace its sand fields with artificial turf; the fields were hosting games when the levy campaign stopped by today:


The official pro-Prop 2 website has a map of other projects in West Seattle (and around the city). This is one of three local money-raising measures you’ll be considering on the November 4 ballot – the others are Seattle Proposition 1, the Pike Place Market levy (text/pros/cons/$ impact here), and Sound Transit Proposition 1 (text/pros/cons/$ impact here), which would expand light rail and includes money to study a potential future expansion into West Seattle.

Alki Beach Run tomorrow: Record turnout expected

We’ve been telling you about West Seattle-based Northwest Hope and Healing‘s Alki Beach Run tomorrow, to raise money to help local women diagnosed with breast cancer. Should be a busy morning at the beach – we got word tonight that more than 700 participants are expected, more than triple last year’s turnout (the race format and location were different), for the 5K run/walk. But there’s still room for you to join in – register starting at 8 am at Alki Bathhouse; get details on the official website.

From partner site White Center Now: Hicks Lake cleanup

We’d never visited Hicks Lake, in White Center’s Lakewood Park, till we dropped by today to cover the annual cleanup there. We found the park and the 4-acre lake so lovely, we wanted to share the story with you, if you’re interested in checking out more of the green spaces that lie just beyond West Seattle; read the story here. (Also new on WCN, a short update on the White Center Swap Meet, debuting next week in the old roller rink.)

Worried about saving history before it’s … history? Learn how

With so much development in West Seattle, many people have asked what can be done to keep historic buildings from being lost. One step: Get educated and find out what’s possible (what’s not). Historic Seattle offers a chance to do just that, just a few weeks from now, and preservation advocate Christine Palmer sent this announcement specifically for you, calling the event a “training opportunity for neighborhood residents to protect what’s left of West Seattle’s heritage” (and other neighborhoods whose residents may choose to participate):


Struggling to understand Seattle’s historic preservation ordinance?
Disturbed by insensitive new construction in your neighborhood?
Seeking procedures for dealing with local historic properties?
Who is on the landmarks board anyway?


Good Shepherd Center
4649 Sunnyside Avenue N., Room 202 (map)
Saturday, October 18, 2008, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Reservations required
$30 admission includes lunch

Historic Seattle will provide the answers to these questions and more at a full-day workshop featuring presentations by local historic preservation experts. Advance reservations are required! Workshop fees are $25 for Historic Seattle members and $30 for the general public. Please register online at:

Workshop participants will enjoy a lunch delivered to the Good Shepherd Center and receive an extensive packet of useful information about local, state, and national preservation issues and opportunities. The agenda will cover the following topics:

WHAT ARE HISTORIC PROPERTIES? Presenters will provide an overview of Seattle’s diverse and unique historic resources including the distinctions between “eligible” and “designated” sites.

NEIGHBORHOOD SUPPORT AND OPPOSITION. Want to know more about rallying local residents for preservation issues? What should you do if the owner opposes the landmark designation? What are the alternatives to designated historic buildings and neighborhoods? Would a conservation district provide enough protection?


COUNTY, NATIONAL AND STATE PRESERVATION PROGRAMS. Seattle and King County preservation legislation is different, but how? What are the advantages of listing on the Washington Heritage Register or the National Register of Historic Places?

FINANCIAL INCENTIVES. Help is out there, but you need to find out if your historic building qualifies.

Presenters will include:

Staff for the Seattle Landmarks Preservation Board in the Seattle
Department of Neighborhoods
Local Consulting Historians and Architects
Former members of the City Landmarks Preservation Board
Staff from the Washington Trust for Historic Preservation
Staff for the King County Landmarks Commission
Staff from 4Culture
And more!

Deadline for registration at the workshop: Wednesday, October 15, 5:00 pm (online registration link)

By the way, if you’re wondering what West Seattle has on the list of official city landmarks – all 14 are shown here.

Homeless encampment update: Still at Highland/W Marginal

Just drove through West Marginal/Highland Park Way intersection on the way back from somewhere else, and noted that dozens of pink tents are still on the site to which they moved after yesterday’s city sweep of “Nickelsville.” The “new” site on state property isn’t “across the street” as some describe it; it’s an adjacent parking-lot-type clearing just over a berm from the city land (left side of the start of the first video clip in last night’s report; photo at the bottom of the official “Nickelsville” web page). One unmarked TV-news truck, mast up (likely for a 5 pm report), was visible as we passed. Organizers’ official e-mail group says 23 people (police had said 22) were arrested in yesterday afternoon’s sweep and claims all “were back on site … by 3:30.”

Click! Design That Fits birthday party tonight, and you’re invited

September 27, 2008 4:05 pm
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John and Frances Smersh posted that photo on the Facebook page (find it here) for their Admiral shop, Click! Design That Fits (one of WSB’s first sponsors), and noted it was from October 1, 2004, opening night. Tonight – another party – their fourth anniversary, with champagne, cupcakes, a jewelry sale, and more, 6-9 pm (full details on the Click! blog). 6:10 PM UPDATE: The Smershes just sent this photo of the custom Sugar Rush Baking Company cupcakes baked for the party, complete with Click! logo:


P.S. To see the official Click! news release about the anniversary – “click” ahead:Read More

West Seattle weekend scenes: Walk ‘n’ Roll; mystery; colors


That’s the start of the Ataxia Awareness “Walk ‘n’ Roll” along Alki this morning. (Here’s more about ataxia, a nervous-system disorder; here’s how to reach the local support group.) P.S. The Alki Beach Run for Northwest Hope and Healing is tomorrow (online registration is closed, but race-day registration starts 8 am tomorrow @ the bathhouse). Second note – on the way to Alki this morning, we MAY HAVE solved part of a mystery:


That tent is on the industrial site just east of the Bronson street end, which in turn is just east of Salty’s. Between the tent, the nearby rental trucks, and the lights (photo below – one of at least two such setups on the site), we think it MIGHT be … we emphasize, MIGHT … be part of the answer to the movie-site mystery we reported two days ago. Maybe.


Of course, whatever’s happening there might have happened yesterday .. might be happening tonight … or who knows when. But we’ll keep an eye out. (SATURDAY NIGHT UPDATE: Karen says now that more setup has happened, it looks like a wedding. Oh well.) Meantime, close by, a quick pic of one of our favorite pockets of West Seattle fall colors:


That’s at Duwamish Head Greenspace. As for what else is up this weekend – check the West Seattle Weekend Lineup! Which is missing one activity we just were reminded of, in e-mail from West Seattle naturalist Stewart Wechsler, who says a few spots are still left:

Owl Hoot at Camp Long
Tonight, Sat September 27 7-9 p.m.
Ages 5 and older

A family friendly program. All ages and levels are welcome. Barred Owls
are likely (they’re usually around at Camp Long, but not always vocal or
visible) We will at least be able to see remnants of old pellets under old
perches. We’ll also keep an ear and a number of eyes out for Screech Owls,
which are possible, but not very likely anymore, since Camp Long was taken
over by Barred Owls. Great Horned sometimes show up in late October, but
we’ll try hooting for them just in case. After a short presentation with our
mounted owls of several species, we’ll look for owls. Remind me to bring
the Bat Dectector, as there are likely still some bats around. We’ll poke
around for pellets to pull apart and hear how to hoot. Please call (206)
684-7434 to register.

One week left to register to vote – and you can do it online!

September 27, 2008 11:11 am
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We’re about to enter maximum campaign intensity mode — Presidential debate last night, a campaign stop for the Parks Levy (Seattle Proposition 2) in Delridge this morning (report on that later), checkbox.jpgjust a few examples — but it’s all a moot point if you can’t/don’t vote. The deadline is October 4th, one week from today (which will be exactly one month before Election Day). You are likely to see a LOT of voter-registration drives at busy public places and at major events all weekend as a result (even some door-to-door drives in some areas) — but if you don’t, you can register online right now. (If you need other options/more information, here’s the registration-info page on the county website.)

“Nickelsville”: What’s next, and what the sweep was like

We haven’t been back yet tonight, but by all accounts, some of those who were camping on city land till police swept the site this afternoon are now on adjacent state land – this is still all part of the potential city jail site at Highland Park Way/West Marginal – and have a few days grace period there. At the end of this afternoon’s sweep, the city said 13 campers had taken them up on their offer of a shelter bed, and insisted they had room for everyone who wanted one. And tonight, there’s a new call from local legislators for the mayor to negotiate with advocates for the homeless. This afternoon, we reported on the sweep as it happened, and finally tonight have finished going through our video and photos to create a diary of sorts, in case you are interested in seeing more of what it was like:Read More

Dropping by post-debate?

Sure, there are a million places you can talk about it. If you want to talk about it here, the 2008 Elections section of the WSB Forums is seldom quiet. (We were following the #debate08 Twitter “channel”; basically the peanut gallery, onscreen, scrolling by, with Twitter users free at any time to join the stream. It’s still going here.) Looks like a lot of Seattleites quietly watched; the live 911 log is much quieter than usual for this point on a Friday night.

Triangle tidbits: Barbecue followup; teriyaki name change

sandwichboard.jpgFollowup to our Thursday report about the “Sammich Slingers” sign sighting in the former Seattle Teriyaki/Burger storefront in the 4400 block of Fauntleroy: Called the number on the sign again today, and this time somebody answered: Otis, who runs the Greenwood barbecue joint OK Corral. He confirms this is a second location, not just a move. He didn’t want to say too much more till a key milestone in his preparations is past – probably next week. The West Seattle restaurant’s not open yet, by the way, but hopefully won’t take too long. More next week! Meantime, a short distance away, say goodbye to a familiar sign:


We were at Yasuko’s this afternoon for the occasional half-chicken which is demanded by a really rough week. Noticed the cards on the counter said “Beni Hoshi Teriyaki, The Best in Seattle.” Just a new name, an employee explained, not new owners; is the sign changing? we asked – maybe Sunday, he replied. The cards, by the way, have the Yasuko, er, Beni Hoshi menu on the flip side – very efficient use of dead trees for a takeout menu.

Need a laugh? Comedy tonight and tomorrow at The Admiral

September 26, 2008 5:20 pm
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When we ran a quick clip of last week’s “Ladies of Laughter” headliner a few hours before she performed at the Admiral Theater, we prefaced it with something like, it’s been a week with a lot of gloomy news, so maybe you could use a laugh. And here we are a week later, and things really didn’t get much cheerier. So we hopped over to the Admiral this afternoon to talk for a moment with Susan Rice, who’s the last “Ladies of Laughter” performer, tonight and tomorrow at 10 pm at the Admiral ($25 with $5 going to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer fund). We asked her how can you … or do you … come up with humor at a time like this; she answered wryly, but also thoughtfully. Read more about her here (by the way, she’s a native of Longview); tickets are available here.

Orchard Street Ravine updates: Celebration on, but work not done


We told you two weeks ago that the city had scheduled a celebration for the Orchard Street Ravine, a greenspace in Gatewood that neighbors and other volunteers have been working for years to restore. One key piece of the project isn’t done, though, so the city has just announced an open-house meeting to talk about that, one week before the celebration:

The construction of the through-trail, part of the Orchard Street Ravine project at 38th Ave. SW has been delayed due to design and project budget issues. Seattle Parks and Recreation remains committed to completing a through-trail from the street end at 38th Ave. SW to the existing lower loop trail at Orchard Street Ravine. To keep the project within its budget, Parks is proposing a new design for completing the through-trail, and would like to discuss the trail option with you at an open house at the lower loop trail site from 11 a.m. to noon on Saturday, October 4. This trail follows work done in the Pedestrian Connection Trail Feasibility Study and will link the upper and lower neighborhoods.

Here’s a map to Orchard Street Ravine.