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This time it’s not fireworks OR gunshots …


(thanks to Brian Pickart for that photo taken from west of The Junction; next one is from MargL)


… it’s lightning/thunder off to the south/southeast. The forecast mentioned there was a chance; if you have a view in that direction, you should get a pretty good show in the hours to come. We were just driving home from downtown (six thumbs up for “Wall-E”) and saw it quite clearly. 10:31 PM UPDATE: Added photographic proof – thanks so much to MargL in Arbor Heights for the pic! P.S. Here’s a pic of clouds moving in earlier tonight, before they got to lightning territory … thanks to Dan E for the sunset shot:


12:11 AM UPDATE: Looks like this has moved out of range … we were just out driving around for the weekly gas price survey and didn’t see any more flashes. Did get some more photos, though; will add them to this post shortly.

Parade updates: Admiral 4th Kids’ Parade, WS Grand Parade

June 29, 2008 9:04 pm
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That’s a scene from a past Admiral 4th of July Kids’ Parade – and as mentioned previously, the next one is coming up on Friday, and you’re invited to participate/watch – 10:30 am, 44th/Sunset, with picnic and games at Hamilton Viewpoint afterward. One of the organizers, Sherri Chun, also says some help is still needed: “We’re still looking for games helpers. If you or someone you know can help out, please send me an email. The concession stand is also taking donations of baked goods.” (TUESDAY UPDATE: Sherri advises they have all the baked goods they need now; thanks!) Click to send her a note. (More West Seattle 4th of July info here.) Meantime, the West Seattle Grand Parade on July 19th (want to be in it? check out this post) needs some help – you may have the advice Jim Edwards is looking for – to help out a band (the Calgary Round-Up Band) that’s coming here all the way from Calgary for the West Seattle Grand Parade and the Torchlight Parade. And the problem is, according to Jim, they have two 55-passenger coaches that’ll have full sewage tanks by then and they need someplace to offload – got any ideas where?

Not much out there in this part of town. I have not had success calling Grayline, can’t get past the automated messages, to see if they could hit their service station on West Marginal. The idea is to offload during the short period between dropping off at the assembly area (10:00 or so) and picking up at dispersal (11:30 or so). Short of an Aurora station up north and Salt Water State Park to the south I just can’t find anything.

Any suggestions from your readers would be appreciated.

Please leave a comment if you have a suggestion!

Holiday updates: Alki 4th of July traffic reminder; the forecast

We reported the Alki traffic restrictions here first, back on June 14, and they are linked from our West Seattle 4th of July page (along with everything from parades to practical info like bus/Water Taxi/ferry schedules) – but Seattle Police asked us to be sure to remind you a few more times, so here’s what Lt. Norm James originally laid out in our first report:

Over the past several years, the volume of spectators using the Alki community to watch the fireworks over Elliott Bay has grown past the ability to safely handle. The increased vehicle traffic along Alki and Harbor Ave has become a hazard for responding emergency resources. While most spectators are well-behaved, the increase in large crowd disturbances has also been noted.

To alleviate most of these issues, vehicle traffic to the Alki community will be limited on the day of the event. This will commence at 6 pm and remain in effect until the fireworks commence. Vehicle access to the Alki community will be limited to residents living within the restricted area and their guests. The basic area affected will be north of Harbor Ave at Spokane Street, north of Hamilton Viewpoint on California Ave, north of Admiral from Lander to 63rd and all of the little side streets which have access to Alki Ave. Spectators are still welcome to park their vehicles outside of the restricted area and walk to the viewing sites.

Those specific points are noted on a map you’ll see on the 4th of July page, but keep in mind that the police will be wherever they need to be to implement this, so precise turnaround points may vary – we will be checking back in the next few days to see if the plan has changed at all. As for the forecast — the short version updated by the National Weather Service this afternoon is “partly cloudy”; the detailed “forecast discussion” says it’s too soon to tell whether there’s any chance of showers on the 4th but as the meteorologists write, “hard to have a 4th without stratus most of the day and a threat of showers in the forecast … it’s almost tradition.”

Bulletin: Missing man found safe

That info’s just in from Seattle Police dispatch (original story below). Thanks to everyone who helped keep an eye out and asked how they could help. 6:08 PM UPDATE: At Camp Long, officers tell us the man was found “in the far back reaches” of CL – they think he may be suffering some dehydration so medics have just arrived to check him out. Before leaving CL, we got these pics, starting with two of the searchers who helped:



Update: Camp Long search for developmentally disabled man

June 29, 2008 3:06 pm
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(photo added 4:40 pm; newest info at end of the post – info on the man’s age has changed)
ORIGINAL REPORT: Just out of the WSB inbox – from a Seattle Police dispatcher, first time we’ve ever received word quite that way but it’s important to get it out immediately:

Since 1215 we have been searching for a man missing from Camp Long. He is developmentally disabled and is prone to seizures in hot weather. His name is Melvin Jones, white, wearing a yellow baseball cap silver tank top and shorts. He walks stooped over and his tongue hangs out. Please if anyone sees him, hang on to him and call 911.

If we obtain a photo, we will add it here. 4:30 PM UPDATE: We just went down to Camp Long to see what’s up – the King County Sheriff’s Office search-and-rescue team is coming in shortly to help with the active search. Also note that the front gates to Camp Long are temporarily closed because of the search — the park remains open, but the gates are closed, so you can’t drive in. We also were told at the scene that the missing man is actually 54 years old. The photo added above isn’t entirely new but it’s the only one searchers have to work with. 6 PM UPDATE: Just got word (as reported in newest post) that he has been found safe.

West Seattle sports: Little League champs; recordsetting lifter


Thanks to Cami for those photos and the news that the West Seattle Little League All-Stars teams shown in them are now the district champs:

West Seattle Little League’s 9-10 and 10-11 All-Star teams both beat South Highline Nationals teams in championship games on Saturday! The 9-10 All-Stars will advance to the state tournament in Vancouver, WA on July 19th and the 10-11 All-Stars will be playing in Auburn, WA, also on July 19th. Both teams were undefeated in play in the District 7 Tournament.

Currently, WSLL is hosting the District 7 Majors (11-12) tournament at Bar-S Field. West Seattle beat PacWest 3-1 Saturday and plays again (today).

For full bracket information for the 11-12 tournament and more information on upcoming state tournaments, visit

Another West Seattle sports note – thanks to Brian from Aus der Traum Photography for pix from the bench press/deadlift championships at Alki on Saturday:


winifred2.jpgThat’s recordholder Winifred Pristell, 69 years old, deadlifting 270 pounds, reports Brian, who says that since he was only able to shoot her lift from that angle, he asked her to pose afterward, and that led to the photo you see at left. Results from the meet aren’t posted yet but should eventually turn up here; you can see Pristell’s previous record listed in her age class on this page. According to this article from last year, she’s a great-grandmother who’s only been lifting for a few years!

35th/Raymond signal upgrade now set for next month


While exchanging e-mail with SDOT to follow up on last week’s 35th/Morgan signal upgrade and other things, department spokesperson Peg Nielsen told us that another signal change is about to happen, ahead of schedule because the equipment came in sooner: 35th/Raymond (photo above) will be upgraded next month to a full signal. The city reiterated two months ago that this was a priority (WSB coverage here); if you want to see what that spot can be like, check this video from our report last November, when neighborhood activists and visiting City Councilmember Nick Licata stopped a young bicyclist from jumping the current pedestrian light:

doordoor.jpgNews of the impending signal work has just been delivered to area residents via doorhangers like the one at left (thanks to LyndaB for getting us that picture); Nielsen told us they were delivered on Friday, and that work on the signal will start “next month, probably the week after the holiday … The work will take about a month. There is also a possibility that we may need to remove some of the parking spaces on 35th and Raymond to improve visibility for drivers turning at the corners of the intersection.” Nielsen said 35th/Raymond was originally set for September, but the equipment is available now, so up it goes. One other signal note: North Delridge Neighborhood Council‘s Mike Dady confirms something else we were checking on – there’s a new turn signal at Delridge/Orchard (by Home Depot/Arco).

West Seattle food: Farmers’ Market fresh sheet; ice cream/gelato

Two food items to mention first thing this morning: First, if you’re going to the West Seattle Farmers’ Market (10 am-2 pm, southeast corner of 44th/Alaska), here’s the latest fresh sheet — standard disclaimer, it’s the citywide list, so some items are marked as only available at other markets. Second, since we’re looking at another 90-ish day, we made an ice cream/gelato map for West Seattle and slightly beyond (click the snowflakes for name/address, and click-grab the map to pan around to make it easier to read if needed; note the 4 Alki locations are so close to each other, the snowflakes overlap till you zoom in):

View Larger Map

Wouldn’t be surprised if we’ve missed somebody, though, so if we did, please leave a comment or e-mail us.