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Reader report: Alki teardown


(photo added 1:08 pm)
Patricia says demolition crews are taking down the house at 6307 Wilton Court (near the corner of 63rd; map). In case you went by and were wondering – city website says it’s being replaced with a new single-family home.

Happening later this week: Next meeting on Junction project

connerparcels.jpgAs you gear back up into post-holiday-weekend mode, a reminder that Thursday night is the next public meeting about a development that will literally change the face of the heart of The Junction: the Conner Homes buildings proposed for California/Alaska/42nd (city map at left). The first “early design guidance” (EDG) meeting last month (WSB coverage here; developer presentation from that meeting available online here) resulted in Southwest Design Review Board members requesting significant changes and a second EDG meeting. That’s what’s happening Thursday night (official notice here), 6:30 pm, Southwest Precinct meeting room, which is where you’ll see the developers’ latest proposals for what this project could look like.

More details on Friday night Admiral incident

Apparently there’s been at least one tv report on this tonight, though we can’t find anything online; it reportedly further confirms the info we shared Friday night that an assault was the reason for the air and ground search in the Admiral area – and according to two other unofficial reports we have, the victim, who was out walking her dog, did not know her attacker. She’s recovering; we will add any links we can find on tonight’s coverage if they’re posted, and we’re hoping to get the police report on this in the morning. 11:07 PM ADDENDUM: According to the channel 5 report (still not online), the victim says the attacker was trying to steal her purebred Siberian Husky; she told the station that police may have a suspect in custody after a “similar attack,” and more info should definitely be available tomorrow.

Summer fun notes: Browse the community centers’ brochure

May 26, 2008 9:32 pm
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If you didn’t get the “combined summer brochure” for all West Seattle city-run community centers and pools by mail, you can download it here (44-page PDF). One thing that caught our eye while browsing the brochure: If you too have ever rued being too old for “American Idol” — there’s an “Over-40 Talent Showcase” in August, described as follows:

Discover the unique talent of West Seattle residents in a fantastic talent showcase. The performance will feature song, dance, and instrumentals that will surely have you up on your feet. For audition information and sign-ups to perform call Sheree
Seretse at 684-7438.
Location: Southwest Community Center 8/23 Sat. 8 pm

One other community-center note – the sign outside Delridge CC says it’s closed tomorrow through June 15th. (And don’t forget the Southwest Pool closure for major work, 6/14 through late September.)

West Seattle’s Memorial Day service at Forest Lawn


Midway through this afternoon’s Memorial Day service at Forest Lawn Cemetery, the sun emerged, having battled its way through a morning and midday of murky gray. This was the 81st Memorial Day commemoration at the only burial ground of its kind in West Seattle, which sprawls over rolling little grassy hills east of High Point. West Seattle’s American Legion Post 160 organizes the service each year, nothing fancy, just simple and dignified to honor what – and who – Memorial Day is about. More ahead, including video highlights:Read More

Dance and Donate: Fitness fundraiser for China quake relief

May 26, 2008 1:27 pm
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Next weekend, West Seattle’s “NiaDivas” plan dancedonate.jpgtwo special classes at Youngstown Arts Center with all proceeds going to China earthquake relief. Their announcement includes the latest sobering numbers from Northwest-based MercyCorps: More than 62,500 deaths, more than 32,000 people missing, more than 430,000 homes destroyed. Read more about Nia at the NiaDivas’ website; the hour-long classes are at 10 am each day next Saturday-Sunday at Youngstown Arts Center, $14 donation, with 100% going to MercyCorps’ relief work in China. (Right after the Saturday class, you can segue into the Delridge Day events that will be happening at Youngstown 11 am-4 pm that day.)

Community Safety Partnership report #3: Potential new names

We mentioned last week that one of the agenda items at the monthly meeting of the West Seattle Community Safety Partnership (previous report here) was an update on the proposal to rename the group. Some have wondered if its current name is a clear-enough reflection of the group’s mission; once upon a time, it was the West Seattle Anti-Crime Council. We thought we’d share the potential new names here to see what you think:Read More

Memorial Day 2008 in West Seattle


(photo by WSB contributor Matt Durham; prints of his work are available at
That’s American Legion Post 160 in The Junction, which sponsors today’s Memorial Day service at Forest Lawn Cemetery, 2 pm (a map’s linked in our Saturday preview featuring local Scouts putting flags and crosses at gravesites). Here’s some of what else you might want to know about on this holiday:

CLOSURES: Government offices, Seattle city libraries, schools, most banks


FREE PARKING: No charge in Seattle metered-parking zones

BUS SCHEDULES: Operating on a Sunday schedule (more here)

WATER TAXI SCHEDULE: The Elliott Bay Water Taxi and land shuttle both operate on the Saturday schedule (more here)

FERRY SCHEDULES: Normal Monday schedule for Fauntleroy-Vashon-Southworth, no Seattle-Vashon foot ferry; check this page for updates

Wild traffic-stoppers on the 1st Avenue South bridge


(Click photo to see a much-larger version)
That photo and the following backstory are courtesy of Shannon and Jason, best known in the WSB Forums as Shibaguyz:

As we were on our way to the Ballard Farmers Market this morning, we
were stopped at the 1st Ave S bridge by the usual red traffic light accompanied by the drawbridge gate lowering in front of us. Thinking the bridge was about to go up, we turned off the car and prepared to listen to NPR while we waited patiently. Much to our surprise, it wasn’t a boat crossing that held up traffic but a flock of Canada Geese.

In all, we counted 5 adults and twenty youngsters. Not in the picture, was the falcon that kept diving at the flock, trying to grab one of the youngsters that was lagging behind off to one side of the road. It took about fifteen minutes to encourage them to leave the bridge and, as we drove past, they were all walking along the sidewalk on their way back down toward the water. One can only imagine the thoughts going through the minds of this flock of geese as they found themselves in the middle of this foreign place.

Just thought we’d share this with the WSB readers. We are not alone on this planet… and it is we who are the aliens. Just a thought…

West Seattle Gas Price Watch: Another WS-wide survey

exxonfourless.jpgAh, remember the good ol’ days when the stations were running out of “3” for their signs, not “4” (photo @ left taken at Delridge Exxon) … 12 weeks ago, we checked and reported the posted regular and premium prices from all West Seattle gas stations (sorry, we haven’t been able to include biodiesel as their prices are not posted on signage that’s easy to spot during a drive-by survey), as it looked like prices were about to start a steep rise. Five weeks ago, we repeated the survey; tonight, while out working on another project that was taking us to every corner of WS anyway, we did it again. Here’s what we found, with the 12- and 5-weeks-earlier prices listed too:Read More

Liquor-license suspension for Westwood Village restaurant


We were just over at Westwood Village and noticed passersby squinting at those two big orange posters (photo above) in the window of Vatsana’s Thai Restaurant, so we had to check it out too: Liquor license suspended till 10 am Wednesday (five-day suspension, for “furnishing alcohol to a minor”; the restaurant’s regularly closed Sundays anyway, so no one was there tonight).

Two changes for Capers

Just realized we never wrote about Capers‘ announcement earlier this week that it’s closed its Fremont store and consolidated operations in West Seattle. In the announcement, Capers owner Lisa Myers said, “We want to refocus on one location and go back to our roots,” and added that her store’s about to celebrate its 23rd anniversary with a sale starting June 6th. Since we got that news release, multiple tips (thank you!) have noted a sign is up in Capers in The Junction saying food service is ending in the store as of next Saturday, but coffee/beverage availability will continue.

Cottage Grove “little kid” playground proposals: Your turn!

View Larger Map

A new feature is in the works for Cottage Grove Park in Delridge — a playground where the littlest of children can safely play. Organizers now have three options, and they’re hoping you will help them choose – just one of the ways you can help – read on to see the options and find out more:Read More

Reminder – tomorrow’s closures and changes …

May 25, 2008 12:23 pm
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… are in the latest West Seattle Weekend Lineup (including transit-schedule info). P.S. In the WSB Forums, Chris is looking for tips on Memorial Day breakfast/brunch options; join the discussion here.

Learn about the Koran — from a Lutheran pastor

(video no longer available due to shutdown)

That’s Pastor Ron Marshall, longtime leader of First Lutheran Church of West Seattle, getting ready for the next session of his Koran course (starting in early June). He’s been teaching a course about the Koran for several years, but a recent note from him is the first time it’s come to our attention since we started WSB, so we thought it would be interesting to talk with him about the admittedly unusual circumstance of a Christian leader teaching about the Muslims’ holy book:Read More

West Seattle Farmers’ Market “fresh list” for today

May 25, 2008 6:43 am
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Every Sunday morning, we publish the West Seattle Farmers’ Market list spotlighting what’s new as well as what’s regularly available. Note that this list covers several affiliated farmers’ markets, so you may see others mentioned, but we edit out anything that’s listed as NOT offered in WS. 10 am-2 pm, 44th/Alaska, here’s the lineup:Read More

Saturday sunset’s afterglow, from Fauntleroy


Thanks to Amy for sharing that photo (she says that’s an Argosy boat near Blake Island). Tomorrow’s forecast is still described as “mostly cloudy” – but today turned out to be nicer than predicted, so we’ll just wait ‘n’ see. 12:35 AM NOTE: Hmm, didn’t have to wait long. It’s raining now.

Admiral Theater website’s back up

For those who e-mailed us, worried because it had gone to a “parking page” for a few days – the Admiral’s site is back, with current movies (plus details on the upcoming John Keawe concert), at

Colman Pool, Day 1: Margaritaville without the margaritas


With the bright sunshine, sapphire sky, and warm turquoise salt water, the season’s first public swim at Colman Pool this afternoon really did feel almost tropical. And even with the summery weather, the crowd wasn’t overwhelming. Colman will be open tomorrow and Monday, then the following two Saturday-Sunday weekends before beginning 7-day summertime operations on 6/14. Do note (this one almost tripped us up) that the “preseason” weekend/holiday days through 6/8 have a different schedule (NOT reflected in this online schedule, but it IS in the brochure), with public swim 3-4:45 (instead of the “regular” 1:45-4:45) and another late-afternoon lap swim 5-7 (during the “regular” season, that’s half lap swim, half family swim). Colman is one of only two outdoor pools in the city system; it’s a few blocks’ walk from either side of the Lincoln Park waterfront. Here’s a good map of the park; if you don’t live close enough to walk from home, park in the Lowman Beach area and walk southwest down the end of Beach Drive (map) and onto the Lincoln Park beach walkway; park in the central Lincoln Park lot and walk through the wooded area to the trail down to Colman; or park near Lincoln Park’s south end and follow the paved waterfront walkway north to the pool. Note that the Lincoln Park parking lots fill up fast on sunny days, and neighborhood parking near the park’s south end (closest to the ferry dock) has new rules because of RPZ restrictions.

Crime Watch reader report: Car vandalism

E-mailed by “j”:

Last night around 1130 we were awakened by some banging that sounded like fireworks. I went out on the front porch and saw nothing …. all was quiet. About 15 min later there were a couple of police cars in front of our house. Someone got ALL of the windows smashed out of their car and apparently other cars on the block were hit. We’re on 44th and Findlay [map].

(P.S. Crime Watch side note for those in north West Seattle — sorry, still no further details on last night’s search.)

Honoring heroes: Scouts’ work at Forest Lawn today


As noted on our Events page, Forest Lawn (east of High Point) will hold its annual Memorial Day service at 2 pm Monday. What we almost missed (until a note from Creighton, who mentioned it on his site) was the preparatory work that local Scouts do, marking the graves with crosses and flags each Memorial Day weekend. At Forest Lawn a few hours ago, we caught up with this group — including 8 Boy Scouts from Troop 284, 1 Boy Scout from Troop 398, and I Cub Scout from Pack 381:


They had hours of work left when we stopped by. But the results will all be in view if you attend Monday’s service, which one WSB’er noted last year is presented by American Legion Post 160, and is one of the city’s longest-running Memorial Day services. If you haven’t been to Forest Lawn before, here’s where to find it.


A side note from the folks at Forest Lawn: They told us today that after the Monday service, the Senior Center of West Seattle‘s Ukulele Band will perform.

Reader report: Charlestown Cafe work-crew sighting


Thanks to PS for snagging and sending that photo this morning. As we reported last weekend, the Charlestown Cafe finally has its permit to proceed with the work needed to get the restaurant back in shape after fire damage closed it in February, and then co-owner Larry Mellum told us a few days later that we wouldn’t see a lot of site activity immediately because the new hood is being built offsite. He’s hoping to reopen next month sometime; a lot of CC fans are anxiously awaiting that, like PS, whose e-mail accompanying the photo included: “… activity this morning at Webster’s! At last! Mmmmmmmm. French toast!” (Reminder, you can find out the latest on the CC situation any time by going to the WSB Categories list down the right sidebar and clicking Charlestown Cafe; WSB Categories archive all coverage that we filed under those categories, in newest-first order – you can also use the links next to their titles to add specific categories to your RSS reader, if you read WSB that way.)

Door-to-door alert: If anyone says they’re with the Dems …

Just sent to us by 34th District Democrats chair Ivan Weiss, his response to a note he received about solicitor concerns in the Fairmount Springs area — someone reportedly asking for $100 contributions to the Democratic Party:

From the e-mails forwarded to me, I would say this is *not* legitimate.
NO one should be canvassing in our District claiming to represent the Democratic Party who is not working with the 34th District Democrats or with a specific candidate’s campaign — ESPECIALLY if they are asking for $100 donations!!!

There is at least some precedent for this. The Democratic National Committee, under its (thank goodness) former chairman, Terry McAuliffe, did send solicitors door-to-door for contributions to the DNC in 2004. I thought Howard Dean had stopped this practice.

Even so, neighbors should refer any such solicitors to me. If they are, in fact, sent here by the DNC, I will get to the bottom of this but FAST! This is NOT the face of the Democratic Party that *I* want represented in our communities. When we canvass door to door, I want our volunteers to be able to say “We are your neighbors!”

Bottom line, if anybody shows up on your doorstep saying they’re soliciting for the Dems, contact Ivan. You can e-mail him at In the same area, someone had written us pointing out a lot of recent concern about security-system soliciting, which one neighbor reportedly checked out and discovered to be legitimate.