Honoring heroes: Scouts’ work at Forest Lawn today


As noted on our Events page, Forest Lawn (east of High Point) will hold its annual Memorial Day service at 2 pm Monday. What we almost missed (until a note from Creighton, who mentioned it on his site) was the preparatory work that local Scouts do, marking the graves with crosses and flags each Memorial Day weekend. At Forest Lawn a few hours ago, we caught up with this group — including 8 Boy Scouts from Troop 284, 1 Boy Scout from Troop 398, and I Cub Scout from Pack 381:


They had hours of work left when we stopped by. But the results will all be in view if you attend Monday’s service, which one WSB’er noted last year is presented by American Legion Post 160, and is one of the city’s longest-running Memorial Day services. If you haven’t been to Forest Lawn before, here’s where to find it.


A side note from the folks at Forest Lawn: They told us today that after the Monday service, the Senior Center of West Seattle‘s Ukulele Band will perform.

2 Replies to "Honoring heroes: Scouts' work at Forest Lawn today"

  • CO Transplant May 24, 2008 (6:11 pm)

    WSB, thank you for covering the real meaning of Memorial Day.

  • rockergirl May 24, 2008 (10:23 pm)

    Way to go Scouts! Thanks for your hard work and dedication to those who have lost there lives serving us.

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