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West Seattle Gas Price Watch: Another WS-wide survey

exxonfourless.jpgAh, remember the good ol’ days when the stations were running out of “3” for their signs, not “4” (photo @ left taken at Delridge Exxon) … 12 weeks ago, we checked and reported the posted regular and premium prices from all West Seattle gas stations (sorry, we haven’t been able to include biodiesel as their prices are not posted on signage that’s easy to spot during a drive-by survey), as it looked like prices were about to start a steep rise. Five weeks ago, we repeated the survey; tonight, while out working on another project that was taking us to every corner of WS anyway, we did it again. Here’s what we found, with the 12- and 5-weeks-earlier prices listed too:Read More

Liquor-license suspension for Westwood Village restaurant


We were just over at Westwood Village and noticed passersby squinting at those two big orange posters (photo above) in the window of Vatsana’s Thai Restaurant, so we had to check it out too: Liquor license suspended till 10 am Wednesday (five-day suspension, for “furnishing alcohol to a minor”; the restaurant’s regularly closed Sundays anyway, so no one was there tonight).

Two changes for Capers

Just realized we never wrote about Capers‘ announcement earlier this week that it’s closed its Fremont store and consolidated operations in West Seattle. In the announcement, Capers owner Lisa Myers said, “We want to refocus on one location and go back to our roots,” and added that her store’s about to celebrate its 23rd anniversary with a sale starting June 6th. Since we got that news release, multiple tips (thank you!) have noted a sign is up in Capers in The Junction saying food service is ending in the store as of next Saturday, but coffee/beverage availability will continue.

Cottage Grove “little kid” playground proposals: Your turn!

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A new feature is in the works for Cottage Grove Park in Delridge — a playground where the littlest of children can safely play. Organizers now have three options, and they’re hoping you will help them choose – just one of the ways you can help – read on to see the options and find out more:Read More

Reminder – tomorrow’s closures and changes …

May 25, 2008 12:23 pm
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… are in the latest West Seattle Weekend Lineup (including transit-schedule info). P.S. In the WSB Forums, Chris is looking for tips on Memorial Day breakfast/brunch options; join the discussion here.

Learn about the Koran — from a Lutheran pastor

(video no longer available due to shutdown)

That’s Pastor Ron Marshall, longtime leader of First Lutheran Church of West Seattle, getting ready for the next session of his Koran course (starting in early June). He’s been teaching a course about the Koran for several years, but a recent note from him is the first time it’s come to our attention since we started WSB, so we thought it would be interesting to talk with him about the admittedly unusual circumstance of a Christian leader teaching about the Muslims’ holy book:Read More

West Seattle Farmers’ Market “fresh list” for today

May 25, 2008 6:43 am
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Every Sunday morning, we publish the West Seattle Farmers’ Market list spotlighting what’s new as well as what’s regularly available. Note that this list covers several affiliated farmers’ markets, so you may see others mentioned, but we edit out anything that’s listed as NOT offered in WS. 10 am-2 pm, 44th/Alaska, here’s the lineup:Read More