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West Seattle Crime Watch: Car-prowl alert

Out of the WSB inbox, from Peter:

I just wanted to inform the WSB and my neighbors that early this morning (around 2:30,) my car alarm went off. We turned it off and must have scared away a possible thief, as my rear “vent” window was broken when I went to leave for work this morning. Nothing in the car was disturbed (radio, car seat base) so it looks like the thief ran off without stealing anything. The car was parked in the lot below our apartment building at 41st and Admiral. This is the second time in 6 years that a vehicle of mine was vandalized without any theft occurring in the lot. The really annoying thing is that the cost of replacing the small vent window was more expensive than replacing a whole windshield. While I generally feel safe in the Admiral District, the alley on Walnut Ave. on the other side of the building is often host to late night drug deals, vandals who have smashed windows to the dentist office located there, and is also a popular spot for teens to hang out under the aforementioned office to smoke pot. I’ve heard Dr. Naden confronting the teens before, but they still hang out vandalizing dumpsters and being a nuisance. It is not a stretch to think that they may have been involved in some way.

Crunch numbers for a good cause – West Seattle history!

March 14, 2008 10:03 pm
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From the Southwest Seattle Historical Society/Log House Museum:

Are you a retired Accountant or CPA? Are you looking for some meaningful work that will benefit you and your community?

The Southwest Seattle Historical Society and the Log House Museum are in need of a volunteer like you to be our Board Treasurer. We need a skilled individual who has the time to maintain the accounts of the Historical Society which operates the Log House Museum, Birthplace of Seattle on Alki. Let’s talk! We have a Board of Trustees, a Museum Director and staff that you would work with to keep us “in balance.” Please contact Marcy Johnsen at 206-909-9366 right away!

Thanks for your vote – WSB won!

We’re here at Skylark for the Metroblogging Seattle party (till 8:30, with luminaries such as Monica Guzman from the P-I’s Big Blog, tatertots.jpgMona from Kirida, Shawn from Slightly North, plus the Metblogs team, including Alki’s CeRo) … seems we won … thanks for the votes! Also thanks to Jessie at Skylark for mentioning WSB on the menu (somebody pointed this out to us; we haven’t been here in a while) — the Tater Tots (photo left, from the famous “Dishes to die for” discussion) are billed as “As seen on the West Seattle Blog.” 9:42 PM ADDENDUM: One more West Seattle blogging luminary was there too – didn’t see her till after we’d posted – Pam from Nerd’s Eye View. Re: the menus, Jessie told Patrick they are brand-new, so look for the Tater Tot nod next time you’re at Skylark. As for the question about what we won – this year, actual prizes! A night at Hotel Max downtown, a bag of CDs from Sub Pop, potential future tickets to events at Neumo’s and Northwest Film Forum. Plus a repurposed trophy that is from a 1971 event in Burien but we’ll cherish it always. Thanks again to the Metblogs team for putting on a fun bash!

West Seattle Crime Watch: Burglary suspects nabbed

This just in at day’s end from Southwest Precinct Lt. Steve Paulsen:

Given the recent string of residential burglaries in West Seattle….Just wanted you to know we caught some today … Detectives are gleaning info from them in order to tie them to other burglaries. We have one very pleased victim at our precinct right now identifying his property! We also developed some good leads on the Beach Drive/Alki burglaries (different suspect(s))

No further details yet; we’ll let you know anything else we find out.

A peek into the pits

Perfect caption from WSB contributing photojournalist Christopher Boffoli for these photos looking into the excavations for the two crane-equipped megaprojects under way right now in The Junction:


That’s from Capco Plaza, aka the QFC project, and this one is from Mural, aka the ex-parking lot behind Petco:


Satterlee House development dispute: Owner testifies


Today’s proceedings in the case of Satterlee House (Beach Drive’s “Painted Lady”) owner William Conner vs. the city Landmarks Preservation Board only ran three and a half hours in the morning, but that span included testimony from Conner himself:Read More

“American Idol” finalist to appear at Roxbury Safeway

chrisrichardson.jpgYou know we don’t do much celebrity or semicelebrity news here, but in case somebody out there’s an “American Idol” fan, as soon as we saw this poster at the Roxbury Safeway, we thought we’d better mention it: One of last year’s finalists, Chris Richardson, will be at the store 3:30-5:30 pm next Wednesday (3/19) — sponsored by an ice-cream company. Doesn’t say if he’ll be scooping, signing, singing, or what. (Footnote, looks like Big Blog had this two days ago and since it didn’t include our magic watchphrase “West Seattle,” we missed it.)

Northbound Viaduct closed Sunday morning

March 14, 2008 12:28 pm
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Saw the sign this morning – now here’s the full alert from the city Transportation Department, plus a few other downtown changes for the weekend that you might want to know about:Read More

West Seattle Crime Watch: 1 more break-in report

Also from Upper Fauntleroy – thanks to Steve for the note:

There was also a burglary reported in the 8800 block of 38th SW, occurred around 9AM Thursday 3/13. Apparently a glass door was broken to gain entry.

A year ago a local locksmith told me it was highly unusual for burglars to break glass to gain entry, seems like that is changing.

We are just back from today’s half-day-only testimony in the Satterlee House case (that writeup to come) and will be checking with the Southwest Precinct shortly for more on what’s going on – stand by for updates.

West Seattle Weekend Lineup: Last weekend of winter


Spring starts in a few days — truly a reason to celebrate with events like Halau Hula ‘O Lono Hawaiian music and dance (photo above) tonight at SSCC, and/or two big church rummage/garage sales today/tomorrow – then there’s the WSB Forum members’ “Handbags for Hunger” bash, the final weekend of two theater productions, video games for grownups at a local library, and more — 43 events ahead:Read More

High Point updates: Building community as well as homes

Lots more than just construction going on in High Point, judging by what we heard at the High Point Neighborhood Association meeting last night @ High Point Library, highpointlogo.jpgwith trustees presiding including HPNA president Andrew Mead: The Commons Park is a big source of excitement right now — the new park at 31st and Graham is now scheduled to open Memorial Day weekend. A P-Patch is in the works for the park, too, and work parties will start in late April; residents are also being invited to design, carve, and paint the columns to be featured in the “amphitheater” area of the park, with workshops starting April 10. Meantime, neighbors are still hoping to campaign for some type of grocery store in the retail space that will be developed along with a 200-unit multifamily building along 35th south of the library; the developer who recently signed to work on the site is Lowe Enterprise. And a new HPNA website is about to be developed, with expert help from neighbors who work in the industry. The last segment of the meeting was scheduled as a Block Watch-organizing presentation, with Southwest Precinct crime-prevention coordinator Benjamin Kinlow on hand for that — but first, Community Police Team officer Kevin McDaniel talked about what he’s been focusing on lately, saying, “There’s not a whole lot going on,” aside from a continuing problem with graffiti vandalism. Action’s been taken against one known repeat offender and McDaniel says he’s working to identify others. Interesting aside that came up during his presentation: He’s also keeping an eye out for problems with aggressive dogs. One last aside from the HPNA meeting: We thought it was a little quirky when treasurer Steve Barham mentioned in a discussion of the meeting-refreshments budget that they wouldn’t be buying bottled water any more — till we caught up on city news releases late last night and read about the mayor’s order.

West Seattle Art Walk adds the catwalk

March 14, 2008 1:42 am
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We told you all about it ahead of time – so of course we had to go see for ourselves. Here are two clips – short and long – raw video, as we used to call it in teevee – of the West Seattle Second Thursday Art Walk fashion show at Twilight Art in The Junction last night, featuring creations from Clementine, Sweetie, and Carmilia’s boutiques:

The fashion showcase was part of the biggest West Seattle Second Thursday Art Walk yet — 23 participants from Admiral to south of The Junction and beyond!