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Sunshine scenes, end-of-three-day-weekend edition

February 18, 2008 10:30 pm
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If you didn’t have to go to work today – you probably missed the rising sun reflecting off the downtown buildings, as photographed by Steve (thanks for sharing) … Here are some other photos shared by folks in WSB-land:Read More

Dates announced for this year’s Alki Art Fair

February 18, 2008 9:16 pm
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Another reminder that summer (not to mention spring) is getting closer: Just got a note asking us to tell you that the dates are set for this year’s Alki Art Fair (photo above is from last summer’s event) — July 26-27 — and organizers have set up a website too (check it out here) with info on how to register to participate this year as an artist or craftsperson vendor.

Teens & tech: 2 West Seattle events

February 18, 2008 8:10 pm
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FOR TEENS: Think you can find anything online? Delridge Library invites you to test your skills – and win prizes! – at the Teen Internet Scavenger Hunt this Wednesday, 4 pm. Find out more here, including how to preregister.

FOR ADULTS: The Madison Middle School PTSA is extending an open invitation to anyone interested in attending its next meeting featuring two UW researchers who are looking into how teens use tech — specifically, instant messaging and blogging, and video games. After the presentations, Madison PTSA co-president Adrian Lee tells WSB, “the researchers will lead a discussion of youth and emergent digital technologies.” That meeting is 7 pm March 12 @ the Madison library; more info here.

If you lose track of either of these events, just keep an eye on the WSB Events page, where they’re listed along with dozens of other West Seattle events for the days, weeks, months ahead.

Soon to be seen at Westwood Village, apparently


(Photo from PR Newswire)
Target has just bought a fleet of Segways to patrol parking lots of its stores in several cities including ours. Gotta wonder if they will be deployed indoors too; per the police reports we read 2 or 3 times per week, their security team is pretty busy chasing – and often catching – shoplifters. (We’d call to ask but they might not take our call.)

Reader report: Road-raging on an otherwise lovely day

Crazy from the sun? We just noted a big white pickup nearly take out a small sedan in The Junction by turning right onto northbound California from the INSIDE lane on westbound Alaska. And upon our return, this was in the inbox from watchful Admiral resident Meredith:

Just called in to PD:

Two men pulled into the neighborhood to ‘discuss’ an incident of poor driving along Admiral Way. Driver of small silver passenger car stayed in car but brandished a box cutter, driver of black Lexus sedan (license ending in VKA) got out of car and, once he pulled his baggy pants up so he could walk, started threatening the other drivers. While pacing around the silver car, the angered man demanded to know if first driver had a gun, wanted to shoot him (’cause he ain’t afraid of that s**t’), and calling the silver-cared driver a p***y for driving ‘like that’ in a family neighborhood.

Some VERY FOUL language went down between the two, but most frigtening was the Lexus driver who got out of his car: about 6’2″ caucasian, dark brown hair and eyes, light skin, very big pants.

Witness called this and the license plate of silver car into 911 as the guys sped off, likely back onto Admiral Way.

No crime committed but you never know what someone that agitated might go on to do next (or might have done previously), so we note, in the spirit of watchfulness.

Another Alki building for sale


The latest listing: 2112 Alki (map), a newly built 6-unit apartment building, offered for $4,200,000 with a description that uses the word “condominium” twice. (We reported the listing of another Alki building just last Friday.) 5:14 PM ADDITION: While taking the above photo to add to this post, we noticed prominent signs out front, CONDOS FOR LEASE.

Search update: Nicholas Francisco’s car has been found

February 18, 2008 1:42 pm
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missingmanfoto.jpgFive days into the search for Nicholas Francisco, the South King County man (and former West Seattle church member) who’s been missing since Wednesday (his photo’s at left; the full poster with other pix is in our post here), his car has been found at an apartment complex in Federal Way. Thanks to everybody who e-mailed to let us know. Details are on various citywide news sites including here; the searchers’ official website is here.

What you need to know about tomorrow’s primary

February 18, 2008 12:42 pm
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donkey5.jpgelephant.jpgFor our state’s Democrats, the February 9 caucuses (final West Seattle results linked here) were the main event in the presidential-nominee-choosing process, because those are the only results used to choose delegates. (Next step in the process, delegates from precinct caucuses go to legislative-district caucuses April 5.) But tomorrow’s vote (7 am-8 pm at your polling place if you don’t vote by mail) will likely get some national-media attention regardless, particularly on the Democratic side, since things aren’t quite settled yet. And for Republicans, the vote does count toward delegates – roughly half will be chosen from the Feb. 9 caucus results (here), half from tomorrow’s primary results. More primary info here.

Right up their alley: West Seattle Bowl rolls ahead

westseattlebowl.jpgWhen we stopped by West Seattle Bowl a month ago to ask about a reader-e-mailed rumor that it might close, not only did co-owner Andrew Carl say it wasn’t true, he implored us to write about it — which we usually don’t do when rumors don’t pan out (here’s what we ended up writing). At the time, we also told him we’d love to talk with him more about his business sometime, with high-profile closures elsewhere in the city leaving WS Bowl as one of the last pins standing. Last week – as Carl also got a spotlight in the latest Seattle Weekly – he finally had time for that chat:Read More

Happy Presidents Day! A few West Seattle (& beyond) notes

TRASH/RECYCLING: Regular schedule.
GOVERNMENT OFFICES: Generally closed.
SCHOOLS: Closed (and if it’s a Seattle public school, it’s closed all week).
METRO BUSES: Most are on Sunday service.
SOUND TRANSIT: Some service changes.
STATE FERRIES: Regular schedule.
BANKS: Depends (WaMu at Thriftway, for example, is open till 1 pm).
LIBRARIES: Closed, both city and county.