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West Seattle Crime Watch: 84-year-old woman saved

Topping our latest review of reports from the Southwest Precinct, quick-thinking workers and fast-responding officers saved the life of an 84-year-old woman at the Daystar center across from Westwood Village. It happened at 2:44 am Thursday morning; the woman’s 46-year-old granddaughter showed up to see her, and things took a terrifying turn very fast. Daystar employees heard screams and called 911. handcuffs_2.jpgOfficers say they found the granddaughter holding her grandmother down on a bed with one hand while the other was raised high above her head, holding a claw hammer. They demanded – at gunpoint – that the woman drop the hammer; she didn’t, but she did lower it to her side. They told her again to drop it; though she still didn’t, they managed to get it away from her and arrest her without having to use potentially deadly force. The victim is quoted as telling police afterward, “She was going to kill me — I begged her not to do it — I could tell she wanted to kill me … I thought I was going to die, I didn’t think anyone would help me, I didn’t think you could get here in time.” The suspect has a history of mental illness and drug abuse, and admitted to police she had imbibed a “large quantity of Everclear” that night. She also has a heart problem and had to be taken to the hospital; she was booked into jail later that morning and is still there at this writing, facing possible charges of assault and harassment. Next: Yet another car prowl …Read More

More art from West Seattle students

February 15, 2008 8:30 pm
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Last night we showed you two of the West Seattle High School students with work on display during the monthly Art Walk. Tonight – thanks to the folks at Schmitz Park Elementary for inviting WSB to drop by and photograph some of the work displayed during the school’s Diversity Fair this afternoon:




Schmitz Park, by the way, is one of many local schools with fundraising auctions coming up in the next few months. All the events we know about are listed on our Events page (along with dozens of other West Seattle, and WS-related, happenings); if you know of one that’s not there, or any other school event of public interest, please send us a note. Last school-related note: Seattle Public Schools are closed all next week for midwinter break; private schools don’t all take the whole week, though everyone’s off next Monday (Presidents Day).

Reader report: Dog bites man, owner bolts scene

This one came in just before our Friday afternoon visit to the Southwest Precinct, where we verified a police report is filed in the case. Here’s the e-mail from Chris:

I was attacked by a German Shepherd dog yesterday while taking my walk at Lincoln Park (West Seattle) at about 5:45 pm. It happened at the South Side near the Gas station. The dog was not leashed and it came attacking me from my left.

Man, it sure was a powerful dog and brought me down. I am 5ft 9in and 170 lb. I was lying on the sidewalk and could see his white teeth coming at me again and finally the owner came and pulled his dog away.

I got punctured bites on my left calf and thank God the doc said I have my shots updated.

What pisses me off is this:

I asked the owner for help and asking him for his name/info and he said he was getting the dog to his car and promised to come back. He did not come back. I wanted to take his picture on my cell but he ran away and drove off. He is a White (dark skin), crew cut, 5 ft 10’, quite built, no glasses, drove an older Honda or Toyota hatchback.

The police said chances that he lives nearby and not many people own a German Shepherd.

A lady saw him driving away too.

If I had not worn a thick sweat pants, my left calf would be gone!!!

Anyway, you dog lovers, I know most of you are responsible but this one got away!!

The police have an open case on this so if you have any tips, call the non-emergency line @ 625-5011.

West Seattle Weekend Lineup: Rockin’ time ahead

February 15, 2008 3:46 pm
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Not just rock ‘n’ roll (which you can see at several venues), but the West Seattle Rock Club‘s annual Rock & Gem Show (Saturday & Sunday; WSB sponsor) is also among 29 listings ahead:Read More

2 suspects reported to be in custody in school assault


Details are few but in case you saw the police/fire/ambulance activity at Chief Sealth HS in the past half-hour — police confirm there was an assault there and 2 suspects were taken into custody. Injuries NOT reported to be major. Police also note they’ve had a stepped-up presence at all area middle/high-school campuses today in the wake of what happened yesterday in Illinois.

Alki building for sale – next door to the Shoremont


Just spotted the listing for 2514 57th SW (map), 9 units, $3,200,000. Here’s the official listing page. If the address doesn’t sound familiar, it’s the condo-conversion building (with failed inspections listed on this city page), right next door to the Shoremont and the adjacent “Mediterranean home” that just changed hands to a different construction company (latest WSB update here). APRIL 7 UPDATE: The owner of The Sidney e-mailed WSB to point out that, as per the same city page in the original report, the building has since passed its inspections. Mackenzie Pinch says one unit in the building has just been purchased, and has a second sale pending, after doing a lot of work on the building: “It was once owned by my late great Uncle Sidney Pinch in the ’70s, bought by my father; now I have purchased it with a business partner. It is with pride and history that I have chosen to keep the name the Sidney there, and I have kept him in mind when making this property hugely improved than the way it was when he passed. I believe he would be proud to see how I have entirely remodeled the building.”

Junction development updates: New crane; new townhomes


When West Seattle’s first big construction crane in years started taking shape on New Year’s Eve at Capco Plaza (along Alaska between 41st and 42nd), it was a big deal with reader photos and all sorts of hoopla. Today (photo above), we happened onto West Seattle’s SECOND big construction crane in years taking shape one block south at Mural (aka “the former Petco parking lot”) and while there were a few spectators, pretty much zero hoopla. (Although now we do recall a Harbor Properties exec saying at the West Seattle Chamber lunch the other day that excavation at the Mural site had almost “bottomed out.”) Anyway, for crane fans, we’re making note of the occasion; here’s another pic:


We were actually in The Junction to take a look at this site on the SW corner of 41st and Edmunds (kitty-corner from the south side of Jefferson Square):


An application’s just been filed this week to tear down that house and build a 5-unit townhouse project.

Scam alert: Warning from City Light

February 15, 2008 11:16 am
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Just out of the inbox from Seattle City Light, a warning about a new scam – somebody who might try to make an appointment to get into your house:Read More

Reader report: Car break-in with a potentially telling clue

Just out of the WSB inbox from Jeremy M, who’s on 51st in the Charlestown Hill/Schmitz Park area (map), and offers a clue that might lead to the culprit(s):

My Land Cruiser was broken into early this morning. Silly really. The “thieves” traded my car stereo faceplate and some really crappy speakers for a “Bombay Gin” swiss army style knife and a small flashlight. While I believe I got the better end of the deal, it was a bit of a bummer that they left my door open and the dome light on. I’ll have to jump my truck to get it going now and that’s always a pain in the butt. Seems that we were the last of three on our street (51st SW near Avalon) to get broken into. You’ll notice that I mentioned that they stole the faceplate of the stereo. The funny thing is that I did such a crappy job installing my stereo (there was cardboard wedging it into the dash!) that when they tried to steal the body of the stereo, they managed to push it further into the dash and couldn’t get it out! I can just imagine a couple of big kneed, baggy pant kids sitting in my front seats laughing nervously while getting more and more frustrated as they try to retrieve the stereo from deep inside the dash. Something must have spooked them as they left in a hurry, leaving the above-mentioned “Bombay Gin” Swiss army style knife and a little red flashlight (the flashlight might have actually been mine, I really can’t remember).

So, if your son/daughter/cousin/neighbor or other person you might know had a silver “Bombay Gin” Swiss army knife, or maybe you had one and you’re missing it, ask a few questions. I’m not looking to get my stuff back but in the interest of safety it might be a good idea to nip this in the bud as the police aren’t as understanding as I am and these “thieves” aren’t all that slick. They will eventually get caught.

You know our pitch – be sure you report everything to the police – if it’s not happening right this moment or a matter of safety, 625-5011 is the non-emergency number. Here’s a page with the official Seattle Police advice on preventing “car prowls” (the term for break-ins like this).

Getting greener on the blacktop


Thanks to Jerry from JetCityOrange for that photo of the Luna Park Cafe-branded Smart car he just spotted yesterday. They get about 40 mpg, according to this page on the Smart website. One more note about driving with a bit more environmental sensibility – biodiesel users will want to check out some local-availability updates in this topic on the WSB Forums.

2 months before Tax Day, H&R Block is our newest sponsor

April 15 is exactly two months away, and if you’ve got a refund coming this year, you’re probably gathering your paperwork already. blocklogo.jpgThis morning we welcome a new WSB sponsor from the tax-preparation business — the local H&R Block offices on California, on Delridge, and in White Center, owned by Christopher Price, CFP. Christopher tells us the West Seattle office was the first H&R Block in the state of Washington, opened in 1963, and also one of the first in the country. Its founder, Harold Orr, lived over the office at 4828 California SW and according to Christopher, eventually opened more than 100 Block offices in the state. When he decided to sell off some of his offices, Christopher bought the ones in West Seattle and White Center in 1991. Before that, Christopher founded and operated the H&R Block in West Berlin. The hours and phone numbers of his three offices here are in the H&R Block ad on the right sidebar, and you’ll be able to find them there all the way through Tax Day in 2 months. Thanks to Christopher for supporting WSB, and thanks to our other sponsors, all listed on this page along with info on how you can find out about joining them.