Alki building for sale – next door to the Shoremont


Just spotted the listing for 2514 57th SW (map), 9 units, $3,200,000. Here’s the official listing page. If the address doesn’t sound familiar, it’s the condo-conversion building (with failed inspections listed on this city page), right next door to the Shoremont and the adjacent “Mediterranean home” that just changed hands to a different construction company (latest WSB update here). APRIL 7 UPDATE: The owner of The Sidney e-mailed WSB to point out that, as per the same city page in the original report, the building has since passed its inspections. Mackenzie Pinch says one unit in the building has just been purchased, and has a second sale pending, after doing a lot of work on the building: “It was once owned by my late great Uncle Sidney Pinch in the ’70s, bought by my father; now I have purchased it with a business partner. It is with pride and history that I have chosen to keep the name the Sidney there, and I have kept him in mind when making this property hugely improved than the way it was when he passed. I believe he would be proud to see how I have entirely remodeled the building.”

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  • Hills February 16, 2008 (11:14 pm)

    Maybe it’s just late and I’m not getting it…but is the building for sale again b/c the ‘new’ condos aren’t selling? So the whole bldg may sell and just become apartments again? If that’s the case, maybe these conversions will slow down – NO INTEREST in a crappy apt w/ new countertops!

  • WSB February 17, 2008 (12:21 am)

    Just checked the real-estate listings and found at least five of these units listed for sale. Wouldn’t seem like they could sell the whole building if any of the units had already sold, but we’re not real-estate experts … Promotional website is:

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