West Seattle Crime Watch: 11-year-old robbed; tree hit-run

From the files at the Southwest Precinct: handcuffs_2.jpgWe start with a robbery yesterday afternoon that targeted a very young victim — an 11-year-old boy. He told police he was at the 16th SW/SW Holden bus stop after 3 pm yesterday when three men walked up to him and began “throwing him around,” demanding his iPod Shuffle, then finally knocking him to the ground, pulling it out of his pocket, and taking off. He tried to chase them but stopped when he found a crossing guard at 16th/Myrtle; she called 911 after he told her what happened. The robbers are still on the loose at last report, described as 3 “very dark-skinned” men 18-20 years old, all about 6’tall, all wearing blue jeans. (11 PM UPDATE: A reader tells WSB a note went home today to parents at the victim’s school, telling them what happened and suggesting they remind kids to keep a low profile with valuable items and to walk to and from school in pairs or groups.) Several more notable incidents ahead:

This one’s also from 16th SW, the 6700 block to be specific. Around 4:30 am yesterday, emergency crews rushed to check out a ’96 Toyota Camry that had crashed into a tree, flattening one tire and setting off both airbags. Nobody was in the car. A quick check of its registration revealed its owner lived a couple blocks away. Officers went to the house, where the owner’s mother let them in to check on him. They reported that the man, 40, had bloodshot, watery eyes, and a chin abrasion. He finally admitted he’d been driving but insisted he hadn’t been drinking. He continued to repeat that insistence as they took him for a blood-alcohol test; he explained the crash by saying, “I dropped my phone and I reached down to pick it up.” He faces charges including hit and run and driving with a suspended license.

OFFICER NABS WANTED 18-YEAR-OLD: An officer with background information about an 18-year-old wanted on a $50,000-bail felony warrant for attempted burglary — extraditable in all 50 states — knew he had changed cars and had a new girlfriend in Burien. He went by her house to see if his car was there. It was. So was the wanted 18-year-old. Now he’s in jail (as of this writing).

DRUGS IN THE CAR SHE SHOULDN’T HAVE BEEN DRIVING: 10 o’clock last night, a 22-year-old woman was seen speeding southbound on Delridge from Juneau. The police who pulled her over had discovered she was driving with a suspended license. She also had a past drug conviction. They asked if she had drugs in the car; she said she had marijuana in her backpack, and they noted three-plus grams. She faces a possible misdemeanor charge for that.

MAYBE THE ALARM WOULD HAVE HELPED: Sometime between Monday evening and Tuesday morning, someone got into a garage in the 8700 block of Fauntlee Crest SW. The burglar(s) went through two cars in the garage and stole a $250 black tote bag from one. The report says one of the residents told police they do have a security system installed but had deactivated the alarm sensor on the garage door.

As we always remind you – don’t hesitate to call police when you see or hear something suspicious, and of course when you believe a crime has been (or is being) committed. In addition to 911, there’s a non-emergency line at 206/625-5011. A big collection of Seattle Police crime-prevention resources is available online here. And previous WSB police-report coverage is archived on our Crime Watch page.

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  • Tim Turner January 13, 2008 (4:23 pm)

    Brave men. It takes 3 to rob an 11 YO? I doubt if the courts would do all that much to these guys, being no weapon and all, but they do need to be identified for future info.

    Also, great job on this site, I wish we had something like it here on Whidbey Island.

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