Update: Candlelight vigil for Red Cup Espresso owner

As we first reported this morning, a car crash on I-5 early Monday killed Red Cup Espresso owner Angelia Paulsen, and her memorial service is this Friday. Now there’s word of a tribute Saturday night outside her shop – this just in from Patty:

There will be a candlelight vigil to celebrate the life of Angi outside of Red Cup espresso on Sat at 7 p.m. All are welcome to join us. Angi was a very dear friend to us all. She will be truly missed.

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  • Jodee walker January 12, 2008 (2:20 pm)

    To all who were blessed to know angie, it is everybodys loss and I will miss her….Joann, Bob, Nikki, Mike, Sean, Julian, you are all so very strong, Angies spirit and warmth lives on through you, all of the happy memories just continue to fill my head, much love to all of you. Rene, thankyou for making me feel so welcome and you are truly wonderful.

  • Donna Gauldin January 13, 2008 (8:07 am)

    Angelia, my friend, my neighbor and my cheerleader. The little things in life that you made bigger, the big smile that you made brighter the good that you always found in the bad will be missed. I’m looking out my window and remember you outside, climing the trees, cutting down limbs and giving us the biggest bon fire ever. Each time I look at your bamboo, I’ll think of the peace and traquility that it brought when I first saw it. I love you Angie, I think about your many compliments on everything about me, my family and my home, who will be my cheerleader? Each time I see the sunshine, rain fall, trees or snow, I’ll think about you, now I’ll be your cheerleader forever. Keep the bon fire blazing for when we meet again. I fell that my meeting you was a complete circle of life. Angie you will not be forgotten on 16th Street. Please give my mother that big smile of your’s and share a hug for me. I love you Angie.

    Donna Gauldin

  • Deena Stevens January 13, 2008 (2:00 pm)

    Joann, Bob, Nicole and Mike,

    Since learning of Angie’s passing I’ve been anguishing over what to say and how to say it. I recently lost my step father so I know the pain associated with the loss of someone close to you. I recall people sharing stories about my step father that were very helpful during our grieving process…Even though Angie and I havent been in contact over the years I’m amazed at how many memories I have of her, with her. The start of our friendship was in 4th grade at St. Anthony’s. I was new to the school and Angie was my first friend there. Angie immediately made me feel welcome and accepted, making it easier to transition into a new school. It was the start of a long friendship; slumber parties, feeding her horses, taking public transportation for the first time, soccer, drinking slurpees at my dad’s 7-11, the baby chickens that she had in her bedroom, her St. Bernard, roller skating, watching Johhny Carson for the first time at her parents house, kickball, Mr. and Mrs. Lazor’s classes, sitting out in the hall because we talked too much during class, rainy day recess, she and Nicole battling over clothes, Joann trying to get her to stop burping out complete sentences, locker partners in high school…. The last time I saw Angie was at Lincoln Park in 1999. I was there on a pic-nic with my nephew, we were in line to get popsicles when I heard “Deena, is that you?” I turned and it was Angie! Her hand was holding her son’s (whom I had never met), she proudly introduced her beautiful young son to me. I’ll never forget her face, the memories and the impact she had on my life. To me Angie embodies the words unconditional love.
    Thanks Ang for being you and accepting me.

    Deena Stevens

  • Richard & Christina Figgins January 17, 2008 (1:53 am)

    We will miss seeing Angie’s smiling face greet us at the Red Cup.

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