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Be on the lookout – another “egg attack” report

Just a few days ago, we published a WSB Reader Report about a car hit with eggs, and 2 other people added in the comments that they’d seen or experienced something similar. We’re listening to the police/fire scanner as usual during late-night watch right now, and just heard police responding to another report of “those eggers,” this time at California and Fauntleroy. If you see anything going on, remember, call 911. Vandalism is a crime.

Late-night followup: Criminal case status for ex-Huling trio

January 3, 2008 10:45 pm
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Tonight’s WSB late-night followup — where things stand for three ex-Huling Bros. dealership employees arrested a year ago gavel.jpgand accused of stealing from a mentally unstable customer in 2006. The trial date for two of them, Adrian Dillard and Ted Coxwell, has been postponed several times; the most recent date on record was today, so we dropped by the King County Courthouse downtown, only to find out their lawyers were filing a motion to postpone it again. We’ll let you know when a new date is set. (Dillard bailed out of jail last January, but Coxwell is still listed in custody on the King County Jail Register.) Meanwhile, sentencing is scheduled tomorrow — provided no last-minute postponement happens here too — for Paul Rimbey, the first of the suspects to go to trial; a King County Superior Court jury found him guilty of theft in mid-November, and he is expected to face at least three months in jail.

Reader report: Another 35th/Juneau car crash


Thanks to LyndaB for the photo and for word of this crash that blocked the right northbound lane of 35th at Juneau for a while earlier tonight (a second car was involved too; SFD callout on the 911 log does not appear to have been too big). She told us about this one at the same intersection a month ago; clearly “I-35,” forthcoming red-light cameras and all, is worth watching even more closely in ’08.

Never mind Iowa – OUR caucuses are just weeks away

donkey5.jpgelephant.jpgWe’ll have plenty to talk about regarding local and state election issues in the months to come, but with the Iowa caucuses tonight, the presidential race is front and center – so we’re seizing the moment to remind you again that caucuses in our state are just weeks away, on February 9. We took a closer look in this report just before the holidays, with a lot of help from the 34th District Democrats. Since then, the King County Republicans have finally put some information online — their site now has a caucus locator for local Republicans. Local Democrats can locate their caucus site from the 34th DD caucus-info page — which lists all district Democratic caucus sites (here) next to the names of the sites’ PCOs (precinct committee officers) — ADDED FRIDAY, THANKS TO WSB-ERS: to get your precinct number, go here. When we checked today with 34th DD chair Ivan Weiss for any additional advice for would-be participants, he suggested, “They should contact their PCOs if they want to volunteer to help. For example, each precinct will need, in addition to the PCO or convener, a tally clerk (top priority) and a secretary to take the caucus minutes. Also we will need volunteers to move tables and chairs around, and to staff the sign-in tables. Any voter in the 34th District can contact me any time by e-mail or phone if they need to find what precinct they are in, or for any other thing, no matter how trivial. I mean that seriously. I am set up to help them, and usually can answer their questions within minutes.” Ivan’s contact info is here; 34th District Republican contact info is here.

And speaking of someone with a story to tell …

… West Seattle’s 95-year-old discus champion Leon Joslin is featured in the Times today. Inexplicably, the article doesn’t name the “West Seattle retirement complex” where he lives, but we just got a note from Jerald (thank you!) adding some context:

He lives at The Kenney in assisted living. He’s a long-time WS resident and retired from real estate. The triangular office building across from the Original Bakery (Fauntleroy) used to be his and is still named after him.

The USA Masters Track & Field Rankings site has a longer list of his accomplishments.

Help West Seattle seniors tell their stories

West Seattle author Lisa Haneberg is looking for a little help as she gets ready to lead a group of local seniors in writing their life stories for family, friends, and posterity. Here’s her request:Read More

Fauntleroy ferry wi-fi still not connected

January 3, 2008 9:31 am
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According to the official website for the Washington State Ferries wi-fi Internet service, Fauntleroy-Vashon-Southworth is still the next route scheduled to get it … and still no date set; after various delays last year, the site switched its public projection to “fourth quarter 2007,” and now that’s moved to “first quarter 2008.” However, if you have any reason to use WSF wi-fi on a route where it’s up and running (listed here), you can get a free week of service by taking a relatively quick (we tried it) survey.

West Seattle’s future RapidRide buses: Online questionnaire

In advance of the West Seattle open houses later this month (listed on the WSB Events page and here) about RapidRide bus service starting in 2011, Metro has now posted more West Seattle-specific info on this page, including an online questionnaire for you to fill out before February 1st, asking which route alternative (map here) you’d prefer. (Hat tip to Seattle Transit Blog for pointing out the updated Metro page.)