West Seattle Christmas tree price check 2007


treesgraphic.jpgJust back from making the rounds of every West Seattle Christmas tree seller we know of. (If we missed one – we’ll admit to not checking arterials east of Delridge to look for indies – please let us know and we’ll get out to scout it.) We chose a couple representative tree sizes for comparison’s sake – 5-6′ Noble Fir, 6-7′ Noble Fir, 5-6′ Douglas Fir. Here’s what we found, north to south, including any special notes – caveat, this is from an in-person survey conducted today; pricing changes certainly could happen before you make your tree-shopping trip:

Location: West side of Harbor Ave directly across from 7-11
Pricing? Tag on each tree
Pricing we sampled:
5-6′ Douglas Fir, $24.50
6′ Noble Fir, $42.50
6-7′ Noble Fir, $52.50
7′ Noble Fir, $62.50
Notes: Some surprises sprinkled in (like a much-discounted Noble Fir with a tag that said “Hi, My Name is Charlie Brown” per of course the famous TV cartoon tree) … also note that this lot is bigger than it looks, it stretches north from its little corner of this entrance to a Harbor Ave industrial area … 12/16 ADDENDUM: Lot operators e-mailed WSB to say they have 40+ trees left and are pricing all at $20 each …

Location: behind Admiral Safeway, corner of California/Lander (map)
Pricing? Tagged by size, and price lists are posted
Pricing we sampled:
5-6′ Douglas Fir, $25
5-6′ Noble Fir, $55
6-7′ Noble Fir, $65
Notes: The lot is primarily a fundraiser for Holy Rosary School but also donates 15% of proceeds to local charities. Wide selection of varieties, including many Grand Firs.

Location: Delridge & Orchard (map)
Pricing? Tagged by size, price signs are posted
Pricing we sampled:
5-7′ Douglas Fir, $19.97
5-6′ Noble Fir, $29.97
6-7′ Noble Fir, $39.97
Notes: A special promotion is under way offering $30 off future purchases to people who buy LIVE Christmas trees through next Wednesday (12/5/07).

Location: 44th & Edmunds (map)
Pricing? Tagged by size, price signs are posted
Pricing we sampled:
5-6′ Douglas Fir, $25.95
5-6′ Noble Fir, $45.95
6-7′ Noble Fir, $55.95
Note: Abundance of Fraser firs as well (not as widely sold as others)

Location: 5217 California (map)
Pricing? Priced and tagged by size
Pricing we sampled:
5-6′ Douglas Fir, $19.99
5-6′ Noble Fir, $39.99
6-7′ Noble Fir, $49.99
12/18 UPDATE: No more trees.

Location: 5275 California (map)
Pricing? Per tree, each tree tagged
Pricing we sampled:
***not a direct comparison with others because of the per-tree pricing***
Many good-sized Douglas Firs at least 6′, $19.98
Noble Fir that looked to be about 7′, $56.98
Noble Fir that looked to be about 6′, $46.98
***saw other Noble-type trees priced lower and higher***
12/18 UPDATE: Some Douglas firs discounted – we saw trees priced as low as $11.

Note: Wide variety of trees and varieties, distributed all over the premises

Location: Southeast side of Westwood Village
Pricing: Priced & tagged by size
Pricing we sampled:
5-6′ Douglas Fir, $28.99
5-6′ Noble Fir, $44.99
6-7′ Noble Fir, $49.99

Location: Far southeast corner of Westwood Village
Pricing? Priced and tagged by size
Pricing we sampled (same as RA on California):
5-6′ Douglas Fir, $19.99
5-6′ Noble Fir, $39.99
6-7′ Noble Fir, $49.99
12/18 UPDATE: No more trees.

Location: 35th/Roxbury (map)
Pricing: Per tree, not tagged (except for flocked trees inside)
Note: No prices are marked; the cashier says you just need to ask the
attendants about a specific tree, so we don’t have any specifics for you, except for the flocked trees indoors, which appeared to start (judging by a tiny one in front) around $34.99

For last-minute tree shoppers, we will probably update this during the last week before Christmas. If you run a tree lot and you dramatically change your prices or plan a special promotion, we’d love to hear from you. For shoppers – we saw some beautiful trees out there at most of the places we visited, so at least right now, there’s a great variety of choices before you settle on just the perfect tree – we hope your shopping weather is better than the sleety downpour we slogged through today!

9 Replies to "West Seattle Christmas tree price check 2007"

  • Jan December 2, 2007 (4:01 pm)

    Dear WSB….has anyone told you lately how amazing you are? No? Well, I am….this is a terrific list. Time for a hot toddy now :)

  • shan December 4, 2007 (2:02 pm)

    I am worried that the trees have been cut for so long they will dry out. Do any places have shipments regularly sent in so that we can get fresh ones?

  • Angela December 5, 2007 (3:48 pm)

    Thank you for posting this helpful information about where to purchase trees! We are new to West Seattle and are planning to go tree hunting tonight and want to purchase from a local business. Thanks!

  • Lori Briggs-Canning December 9, 2007 (4:56 am)

    First of Happy Holidays to everyone! 2nd maybe more people will think maybe to buy living x-mas trees. They are wonderful and best of all you can plant them and watch them grow year after year with you and your family. They will help with global warming, provide homes for birds, provide shade, save on waste, help stop land erosion. This is my newest favorite holday tradition that my family has done. We now have 4 planted trees, 2 Douglas firs, 1 Noble fir, 1 Blue Sprue that is very pretty and has a nice color. So please give it a thought and have Nice holiday season. :)

  • scott meyer December 13, 2007 (12:04 pm)

    happy holidays and merry christmas everyone. I am the happy owner of “Charlie Brown”. He spoke to me when I saw him. I was actually looking for a charlie brown tree this year, but was surprised and excited to find him– literally. If you have not gotten your tree yet, stop by the lot across from 7-11 on harbor ave. the people there are great–very friendly. Oh, and you can ask them to see a picture of “charle Brown” all decorated and happy.

  • Chris December 15, 2007 (9:52 pm)

    I have to tell you – I had the best experence today from the lot by the 7-11 on Harbor. When the owner saw our car, he offered to deliver the tree. He didn’t just drop the tree off – he set it up too – he was so much fun we all laughed and had a great time. The tree was a great price and looks wonderful. When he was done, I offered him a tip and he refused – he said to give it to charity. Wonderful lot – wonderful people – check it out if you are looking for a tree.

  • :D December 20, 2007 (11:15 pm)

    Wondering if you have any updates on this fantastic list. I’m one of those who likes the tree to be plenty fresh on Christmas, so I’ll be looking to buy a tree on Friday evening (12.21) thanks much for any info you have.

  • Kristina November 28, 2008 (12:03 pm)

    Hello, WSB! I am searching for this year’s tree prices, and hoping that you will offer the same service again. If I don’t hear from you, I’ll use this post, and it looks like I’d head to the Alki tree lot. :-)
    Thanksgiving is over – Merry Christmas Season!

  • WSB November 28, 2008 (12:08 pm)

    We will once they are all open by tomorrow afternoon (Holy Rosary is not open yet). The Alki lot may not open – or might not open immediately, anyway – it’s hit a bit of a permit snag, but they may yet work it out.

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