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We saw the signs

-On the door at La Rustica tonight: “Closed For Remodel/thanks for your patience.” (Interesting way to put it.)

-On the gate at Hotwire tonight: Sidewalk Cinema rained out one more time. This was supposed to be the reschedule of last month’s “Monty Python & the Holy Grail” rainout. When the raindrops started smacking the windshield just as we entered The Junction, we were mega-bummed, to say the least.

-On the window at Chuck & Sally’s tonight: The same “closed for several days” sign that’s been up for several weeks. City records show that someone filed a “land use code” complaint a few days after our early September report, but no indication exactly what they’re alleged to have violated, and no resolution of the complaint yet.

Dig in

September 21, 2007 9:00 pm
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Even as we prepare to step into fall, one of the most beautiful events of every WS summer needs you – and asked us to share this one more time:Read More

City help for Harbor Ave truck trouble


This morning, the Budget rental trucks on Harbor Ave, which on occasion cause a bottleneck we first mentioned last December, were behind their fence and in their lot (photo above). Perhaps the business got the message conveyed at last night’s Alki Community Council meeting — much of the problems reported by area residents involve activity that, if true, would be against the law, according to the city Transportation Department reps at the meeting — they say citations would be warranted for such things as parking with wheels up on the sidewalk and detaching trailers. They said they had messages out to the business owners responsible for the rental-truck business and that they also planned to alert their “commercial compliance” squad, as well as Seattle Police parking enforcement. So keep your eyes out and if you don’t think things are getting better — let the city know.

New information: La Rustica closed at least one night

We just called to check; the person who answered the phone at La Rustica said they’re closed tonight for sure and not sure how many more nights beyond that, because of today’s fire. More pictures, courtesy of reader David Schneider (thank you!!!).


Fire at La Rustica

Big fire/rescue callout so we rolled down to check. Fire crews are still there; heavy smell of smoke in the air, no external damage visible. No details yet about what happened; will be checking later how this affects business for tonight — let us know if you hear sooner.



Making the connection: Alki Point sidewalk proposal


Not far past the spot shown above (west end of the public Alki waterfront), the sidewalk on the north side of Alki Avenue mostly stops, and to keep walking west to Alki Point, you have to cross the street and stay on that side till you get south of Alki Point. But for the first time in years, there’s hope that might change, according to what we heard at last night’s Alki Community Council meeting. After years of trying, Alki community leaders have gotten the sidewalk proposal onto the list of potential Neighborhood Street Fund projects, and the more “votes” it gets, the better its chances of happening. The sidewalk project is one of the Bridging the Gap projects shown at the WS meeting this past Wednesday night, but if you didn’t attend the meeting to “vote” in person, you can do it online: Go to this site, choose South Sector, then rank projects on the list (which includes other WS proposals). This project is sixth from the bottom of the list. Deadline to “vote” in this survey: Next Thursday (September 27).

WS Weekend Lineup: Summer ends in mega-busy style

Fall officially arrives early Sunday morning. Before and after that, there’s a massive amount of things to do in WS — from Holy Rosary’s annual WestFest tonight and tomorrow, to the North Delridge Adopt-a-Street cleanup, to tonight’s rescheduled outdoor movie (weather looks better), to the last Children of the Revolution appearance (they’re fabulous) of the season at Cafe Rozella tonight, and tons more: 37 events ahead!Read More

Closing the books on The Good Book

thegoodbook2.jpgMore news from the east edge of The Junction: In a little brown house kitty-corner from the 42nd/Oregon development plan we posted about yesterday, The Good Book is closing after five years in business. Co-owner Shirley Geller sent us the photo at left and asked us to let you all know this:

West Seattle’s only Christian store is going out of business. Everything is on sale – including the fixtures. We need to sell everything by October 15th. Our hours are 10 to 4 everyday except Sundays. Telephone 206-935-1722. Address: corner of 42nd SW and SW Oregon St.

Shirley says a chiropractor moving from another WS location will be taking over the space.