City help for Harbor Ave truck trouble


This morning, the Budget rental trucks on Harbor Ave, which on occasion cause a bottleneck we first mentioned last December, were behind their fence and in their lot (photo above). Perhaps the business got the message conveyed at last night’s Alki Community Council meeting — much of the problems reported by area residents involve activity that, if true, would be against the law, according to the city Transportation Department reps at the meeting — they say citations would be warranted for such things as parking with wheels up on the sidewalk and detaching trailers. They said they had messages out to the business owners responsible for the rental-truck business and that they also planned to alert their “commercial compliance” squad, as well as Seattle Police parking enforcement. So keep your eyes out and if you don’t think things are getting better — let the city know.

2 Replies to "City help for Harbor Ave truck trouble"

  • cleat September 21, 2007 (6:52 pm)

    Hi .. I had a pretty successful rental from these folks … they were VERY clear I was to park with the curb-side wheels up on the curb when returning the truck. On Saturdays, any how, they are open till the reserved trucks are out the gate then lockup and go home… it’s a very small business seemingly running on a shoestring and they were OK to deal with .. I hope something can be worked out so they can stay in business w/o problems… The City CAN be a bit pushy and I’d hate to see them pushed out of business…

  • MargL September 21, 2007 (8:25 pm)

    Not just bottlenecks – a few weeks ago we passed by an accident investigation scene where someone had plowed into the back corner of one of those trucks going around a slight curve.

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