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Reader e-mail:

I’ve noticed a couple of well dressed guys driving around in a new Ford Explorer, blue. They’re trying to pull the age old scam of saying that they were out on an install for ‘home theater equipment’ and that they accidentally picked up a double order and they’re willing to sell it to you for dirt cheap. This is a scam … also when I turned down their offer to buy this home theater system they got upset and hostile.

One of the comments on our last door-to-door alert thread mentioned, ask to see a “residential sales license” before buying anything at your door from anyone.

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  • Chet August 22, 2007 (3:50 pm)

    This reminds me of the Tools that used to drive around fast in a parking lot in a white van (it was always a white van regardless of which coast I was on) trying to sell speakers. These guys were always acting like they we hyped up, like they just came from a Tony Robbins seminar. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Jan August 22, 2007 (6:58 pm)

    I sometimes sit and wonder what these people think about as they’re brushing their teeth, looking in the mirrir, getting ready for bed at night. We all have things going through our minds at those times…is theirs just planning the next scam? or wondering what a lowlife they truly are? don’t you just wish you could read minds sometimes?

  • Chet August 23, 2007 (7:17 am)

    Amen Jan.

  • s August 23, 2007 (12:30 pm)

    it wasnt west seattle, but yesterday my boss got a call from his wife (at their home in maple valley). a large man came to the door claiming to be from FEMA telling her that due to an approaching storm they needed to evacuate. she would only talk to him through the window; which seemed to upset him. he was adamant that she open the door to talk to him. (luckily she didnt- she called 911 instead).

    it is scary how bold people are these days.

  • Tan on 34th August 23, 2007 (2:28 pm)

    Many months ago two men came up to my door during the middle of the day. They rode in a commercial delivery vehicle with their logo on it. They looked legitimate but they also said that they had deliveries that could not be accepted and that they would sell their seafood and meat packages to me as a samplers for really cheap. They kept going down on the price and finally left disgruntled. Why are scammers always hostile?

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