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Interview with Arbor Heights kidnap-attack victim

August 4, 2007 11:54 pm
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Story and video clip here. Meantime, this story says suspect Alfred Layton Jr. made a court appearance today, bail set at $250,000. King County Jail Lookup says he is still in jail; state court cases search says he has a record, three criminal “non-traffic” cases in 1999, one “civil harassment” case in 2001.

On the fence

We’ve mentioned that our favorite place to experience Blue Angels mania during Seafair weekend is on the fence by their parking spot at Museum of Flight/Boeing Field. After bringing the camera along today, we can show you what that’s really like:


That’s the fence crowd by the jets (not to be confused with the fence on the BF runway) around 1 pm, just before the pilots show up. We got there a lot earlier to be on the front line, inspected by the bomb-sniffing dog, whose photo you will see (and more) after the click:Read More

Free to a good home, from West Seattle’s Only Moviehouse

Hot out of the inbox. If you are interested in the free marquee but having trouble reaching Steve, e-mail us and we’ll send you his cell #; just didn’t want to put it out in front of thousands.

Hello from the Admiral Theater,
We are currently going through a restoration phase here at the Admiral and coming across items that may be of use to someone out there.
The first Item that we have come across is a:
12 foot long by 3 foot high double sided lighted marquee sign. It comes with more letter tiles than I care to count.
This sign is free to a good home, just come pick it up. I would hate to see it just be dismantled and thrown away.

Contact: Steve Garrett at 206-938-0360 (theater)

WTG, West Seattle

August 4, 2007 5:04 pm
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The folks who help local families through WestSide Baby say they received 50,000 diapers for last weekend’s “Stuff the Bus” drive, more than 10% above last year. You can still help them any time with $ (donate online) or time.

Bulletin: Statue of Liberty reportedly moving to Alki Bathhouse

August 4, 2007 2:52 pm
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nwartsstatuephoto.jpgAt the computer briefly between Blue Angels and the rest of Saturday afternoon fun — we want to make sure everyone saw the “breaking news” posted by Paul Carr this morning in the comments on this thread (and comments from the leader of the Bring Miss Liberty Home Now group as well): Paul says the city will move the recast statue to the Alki Bathhouse “shortly.” No further info on what “shortly” means, he says; we won’t be able to check with city sources till Monday (unless any of our city-affiliated lurkers care to e-mail us with details).

WS bridge safety

Noteworthy tidbit in this P-I article about inspectors checking area bridges after the Minneapolis collapse: The Admiral Way bridge is one of five in the city with special electronic detectors that monitor it for signs of trouble. (Side note for historic-photo geeks like us, the city archives have lots of shots of its 1949-50 construction, such as this and this.)


Just spotted on the slope beneath the Sealth/SWAC field, north of Westwood Village, people in protective suits attacking the weediness, Scotch Broom and all … gee, you would think it would have been safer to call in the goats instead.


Reader request for your recommendations: Cat boarding

cat.jpgEvery so often, we get a request to ask everybody in WSB-land for suggestions about something. (Recent examples: Toddler-friendly WS coffee shops and tasty WS takeout.) This week, we’ve been awaiting a slow moment to post the latest such request, and that moment is here: Any recommendations you would care to share for best WS-area place to board your cat(s)?