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Two art fairs to look forward to

July 27, 2007 9:13 pm
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The Alki Art Fair, of course, is now just hours away … you can’t miss the signs all over WS …


Then in a couple weeks, there’s a second Art Fair in West Seattle — this one on August 11th at C & P Coffee south of The Junction. It’s their first one ever, and they’re looking for more participants; e-mail the C & P folks to find out more.

The other shoe, er, trashcan, has dropped

recyclebucket.gifTen days ago, we were all talking about the city plan intended to lead us all further into the world of recycling, while, by the way, reaching further into our wallets, to pay for upgrading city refuse/recycling facilities. Tonight we know how MUCH more West Seattle’s Most Famous Politician wants us to pay for trash service, for starters: A buck a month for the “average” house (?), $15 more per month for the average commercial Dumpster, among other things. City press release here; Times story here. Not final till the City Council says yes.

Admiral paving update: Prepare for complete closure

Hot out of the inbox, a city update on the Admiral Way paving project, including a total shutdown between 41st & Olga, week after next — here’s hoping it’s finished on time, before colliding with Freeway Fright ’07 — click ahead for the full text of the city update:Read More

Gone fishing or just gone?

Sign on Rick’s Barber Shop along Cali south of The Junction says “barber shop closed until further notice.” Voice-mail greeting says the same thing. Don’t know how long it’s been there; we just happened to be walking through the between-junctions (TweenJun? nah, let’s not go there) area for the first time in a while & saw it.

More information on Delridge shooting

July 27, 2007 12:30 pm
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The Times says the victim is a student at SSCC; both the Times and P-I updates say the gunshots may have followed some kind of squabble over a ring. No particular description of who they’re looking for, just that a red minivan might have been involved.

From two corners of California/Charlestown

CHARLESTOWN CAFE CORNER: Our Town West Seattle is inviting those concerned about the cafe site’s future to gather at 7 pm next Thursday (August 2) to get the newest information one week before the next city Design Review meeting on the proposed project.

BURNED-OUT EX-SCHUCK’S CORNER (below): Finally, finally, finally the demolition permit application is in, two months after the land-use permit was OKd for the 2-story commercial building planned there (this page about that project has a small sketch of what it might look like).


WS weekend lineup: No rain! No rain! No rain!

July 27, 2007 7:11 am
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The weather looks relatively good, knock wood. This is the weekend that Alki is awash in art, Shakespeare in the Park holds court at Camp Long, and we WSers are “Stuffing the Bus” at the Farmers’ Market for WestSide Baby‘s biggest annual diaper drive, among many other things (including a few events outside WS that might interest you) — click ahead!Read More

Spooky kitty

Honestly, we are huge fans of felines, but this WS cat sounds a little creepy.

Delridge shooting

We saw the fire call online for “assault with weapons” at 5626 Delridge; the P-I’s Big Blog has a few details (near the bottom of this post) — one man shot, taken to Harborview Medical Center. FRIDAY 9 AM UPDATE: P-I has a few more details; so does KIRO tv, with a pic.