It’s gonna be a zoo

Wanted to make sure you’ve all heard about an event that’s still a few weeks away, but likely to be the West Seattle smash of the spring. Posters are up all over town; tickets are on sale; Husky Deli even has a clever little Beanie Baby animal display promoting it. Three weeks from today @ Hiawatha — the first-ever “West Seattle Pet Rodeo and Snooty Walk.” (We plead guilty to not having a clue about what a “snooty walk” is supposed to be.) Besides the critters, WS-dwelling human celebrities are promised too, including Hizzoner’s spouse Sharon Nickels and former “Almost Live!” (love those 1:05 am Saturday night reruns) star Tracey Conway.

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  • Jiggers March 31, 2007 (6:56 pm)

    Not a stink one I hope….lol

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  • Melissa Huelsman April 3, 2007 (6:39 pm)

    Not that I am EVER opposed to participating in a “Snooty Walk” – no matter what the cost – but I have to ask what I consider the obvious – what exactly is our entry fee going towards? Some sort of cultural event for the high school kids? A donation to assist in the care of some horribly injured cheerleader? Does the school need pencils? Or is it just for a big kegger that Saturday night? (for which I would donate large sums of money in remembrance of my own high school years!) but still….. what’s it all about Alfie? Where does the cash go?

  • Jan April 6, 2007 (3:48 pm)

    Melissa…according to the WSHS website, it’s a “class fundraiser”…and since it’s an officially sanctioned event, I doubt that the powers that be will let the proceeds go to a kegger, as much as the kids might love it – lol. It’s probably going to go to things like paying the rent for a nice place to have prom…graduation activities, etc…and much healthier than a bakesale :)

  • Sumeet April 15, 2007 (7:13 pm)

    Everyone, I am the Class President of Class of 2009 and I am very sorry that We did not mention what the money will go towards. So, Our hope is to have a $5.00 prom. Proms can be very expenisive and our hope is that every single student who wants to attend has the chance to no matter what their financial issues are. Hope to see everyone at the WSHS PET RODEO AND SNOOTY WALK ($15 to enter pet)

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