day : 31/03/2007 2 results

It’s gonna be a zoo

Wanted to make sure you’ve all heard about an event that’s still a few weeks away, but likely to be the West Seattle smash of the spring. Posters are up all over town; tickets are on sale; Husky Deli even has a clever little Beanie Baby animal display promoting it. Three weeks from today @ Hiawatha — the first-ever “West Seattle Pet Rodeo and Snooty Walk.” (We plead guilty to not having a clue about what a “snooty walk” is supposed to be.) Besides the critters, WS-dwelling human celebrities are promised too, including Hizzoner’s spouse Sharon Nickels and former “Almost Live!” (love those 1:05 am Saturday night reruns) star Tracey Conway.

On the verge of more construction

Just a bit north of Verge Condos on Harbor Ave, two more big buildings (six stories) just got permits, with plans for condos over retail: 3257 Harbor and 3303 Harbor.