day : 12/03/2007 4 results

Admiral Safeway parking smackdown update

A WSB reader with kids @ Lafayette Elementary across from the store’s south lot forwarded us this e-mail bulletin from the school, complete with handy phone number if anyone wants to call the store’s manager to ask whassup with all this. Full e-mail text, plus a photo of something interesting we spotted in that same lot this morning, after the jump:Read More

New opening date for Garlic Jim’s

Those of us still shunned by Pagliacci, even with the delivery-zone expansion, are just going to have to wait another week to exuberantly try Garlic Jim’s … a commenter left word a few days ago that the grand opening was moved back a week, and GJ proprietor Ryan just confirmed it. New GJ grand-opening date: March 27.

Road closure alert

The block of 47th just south of Admiral is blocked off this morning because of road work (possibly related to the “pedestrian improvements“? hard to tell — but they’re digging up the 47th corner pavement just north of Alki Mail & Dispatch in a big way).


Pointlessness at the Polls, T minus 1 day

-Second-to-last day to drop off your ballot (if you’re mailing it, it has to be postmarked no later than tomorrow). High Point Community Center is the WS dropoff spot, 7 am-8 pm today and tomorrow. (ALMOST as satisfying as non-mail voting.)

-The P-I drops by Diva to sample viaduct-vote opinions.

-Also from the P-I — a puffy overanalysis of what the v-vote debate truly means.

-Another voice for no/no: Will.

-Warning — The viaduct closes March 24-25 for its twice-yearly inspection. But you can sign up now to take a walking tour during the shutdown!